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The More You Know: Mouse Triggers

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What are mouse triggers? What do they do? Why are there six different actions? PDFelement has many minor features that are meant to support the larger editing and form tools, but are often left unknown and unused. Stay tuned for more of our “The More You Know” series to explore these useful sidekicks!
I only recently joined the PDFelement Team as the Community Manager at the beginning of the summer. My first task was to learn how to use the software. I was nervous, as it was a program I have never used before, and I wanted to be a quick learner. Our Brand Managers, Melissa and Faisal, both suggested that the best way to learn PDFelement was to click through all the tabs on the program and play with every function. They promised that I would feel like a pro in no time, since PDFelement had such a low learning curve.

And so I went through the software and built a form, extracted data, and learned what Bates Numbering was for the first time. After a few days, I felt like I had the gist of the program. There were just a few functions, such as mouse triggers, that I could not figure out. I was inspired to write this article because I am sure that there are many more minor details in the software that may be confusing but are left unquestioned…
Mouse Triggers
Admittedly, I ignored these for a time, because really, I only needed one action to get the form to do what I wanted. But my curiosity got the better of me, and I figured that many of you have wondered the same thing and wanted answers.
I got in touch with Daphne, a really experienced customer service representative (you can find her on our forum!) who has been here for a while and knows the ins and outs of the software. I could hear her chuckling as she typed, “The triggers are a little tough to explain but let me try…”
After reading her explanations (more than twice for some of them), and experimenting in the software, I have attempted to answer for you what exactly these things mean by setting up a scenario:
I am setting up checkboxes and a button on my form. I want the action to trigger the opening of a different web page.

1) Mouse up
The release after clicking/checking the box. So literally, after the mouse’s button goes up.

2) Mouse down
Mouse click in the checkbox. Literally, the mouse’s button goes down.

3) Mouse enter
Moving the pointer so that it enters the checkbox.

4) Mouse exit
When the pointer leaves the checkbox.

5) On focus:
The checkbox has been clicked and is being focused on.

6) On blur:
The button is out of focus because another place or button has been clicked.

How many of these did you already figure out? Which ones would you never have guessed? Drop your answer in the comments below, and make sure you let us know what other functions you want to learn more about!
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