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5 Reasons Why Your Resume Should Be in PDF Format

Give yourself a competitive edge over other applicants with a great looking resume that appears the same, no matter what device you’re viewing it on. 
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As most of us are aware, when you’re trying to land your dream job, you need a resume that will make you stand out above the crowd. One of the best ways to do this is by sending out your resume in PDF format. By using PDF, you can make your job application pop by ensuring the formatting looks flawless across the board. 
After all, your resume is the very first glimpse your future employer will have of you. When the interviewer is impressed with your resume, they are more likely to remember you and associate something good with your name. Skills and experience aside, your first impression will make or break you, and a great looking resume will facilitate that first interaction. 
Below are just a few of the benefits you can get from sending out your resume in PDF format. 
1. First impressions are important: Retain formatting So it always looks professional 
You spend a lot of time working on your resume to ensure that it turns out just right. And a big part of this is ensuring that the format looks professional and visually appealing. Especially for certain industries. Perhaps the job involves design, or analytics, in which case it can be a good idea to show off your graphics skills. You may even want to include infographics that can show your information visually in a way that is well organized and easier to read. This shows employers that you are familiar with multimedia design and can give you an edge over other applicants. 
2. Anyone Can Eaglasses1.jpgsily Review It 
PDF is one of the most widely used formats within the business world. It’s likely the hiring manager is extremely familiar with the format, and has used it to create and review many other types of documents. In fact, recruiters often package your resume and other details into one PDF package to send to clients. Plus, PDFs can be opened by many different types of programs, including web browsers and PDF readers. This makes it just as easy for the hiring manager to deal with as Microsoft Word, if not even more so. 
3. You can still make edits if you need to with the right tools 
A lot of people create their resumes in Microsoft Word because they want to be able to easily edit it throughout every step of the process. It’s often the view that once a document has been converted to PDF, it’s next to impossible to make edits to it after that. But this isn’t the case. There are many PDF editors on the market like PDFelement that let you easily make simple edits to your PDF file – and often for free! For instance, PDFelement has a free trial that lets you edit PDFs exactly like you would a Word doc – edit text, change font, change formatting, etc. – you can do it all. 
4. Ensure your Resume Can’t Be Edited by Others 
Designing your own resume from scratch can be a very time consuming process. Especially when you are applying for multiple jobs. You want to make sure that once you have it just right, no one else can make changes to it. This can be easily accomplished using a PDF editor like PDFelement, which lets you set password restrictions so that only those who know the password can edit or print the document. This ensures that no one tampers with your information, and that you are presented in the best light possible. 
5. Convert your PDF Resume to Other Formats if Required 
Sometimes, a recruiter or hiring manager may ask for your resume in a particular format. Using a PDF reader or editor, you can easily convert your PDF resume to other Office file formats in just the click of a button. From there, it’s ready to be sent on its way, so that the hiring manager receives it quickly and easily, and in the format they desire! 
As you can see, with the right PDF editing tool, it’s easy to create your resume in PDF format so that you make the right impression from the get go. Let your potential new colleagues see the best version of you – consider sending out that next resume in PDF format! 
Do you agree that PDF is the best resume format? Leave a comment below! 
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