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The More You Know: Batch Processes on Mac

Do you have a lot of PDFs that you need to perform the same action on repeatedly? Chances are, you’d benefit from using our batch processing function! Batch processes let you select multiple files and perform the same action on all of them in one go. This saves a lot of time and clicking. batch2.png
However, while reviewing our forum, I’ve noticed a bit of confusion when it comes to using our batch process feature. 

“Can I extract my data in an excel sheet?” 



“I have so many files! Can I convert all of them to Word at the same time?”   

The answer is Yes. Yes, you can.  

I’m aware that within every batch process, there are many nitty gritty little things that aren’t exactly intuitive. So, with this blog post, I’ll thoroughly explain each type of process. If you’re still unsure after reading this post, or if you think of other questions, always feel free to comment below! 
To use the batch process feature, you’ll need to take the following steps: 
1. Select the files you want to convert. They must be in PDF format already. Otherwise you won’t be able to select or open them in the program. 
2. Select your preferences from the right-hand side 
3. Pick a convenient location on your computer to save all the files 
4. Begin batch processing 
However, the options available for each action are varied! 
This is a good tool to use when you have a lot of PDFs that you want to convert into the same format separately. 
Within this tool, you can choose: 
  • Filetype: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Image, ePub, Text, Pages, HTML, RTF 
  • Languages 
  • OCR Range: you can pick the range of pages you would like to perform OCR on  
Data Extraction 
A doctor’s office or law firm (or any business with clients for that matter) that collects forms, contracts, or invoices would find data extraction extremely useful for gathering all the information you need into one convenient location. 
I will release a separate post on data extraction in the near future, but it’s important to note that the end document after performing data extraction will be an excel sheet where each row contains information from a different form. 
Within this tool, you can choose to: 
Extract data from PDF form fields 
  •  If your PDF form has form fields, the software will be able to easily grab the data from each field 
Extract data from scanned PDF 
  • If your form was scanned and does not have electronic form fields, you can manually mark up the areas to be extracted. 
  • Of course, for this to work, you need to make sure that all the forms have the same layout. 
If you have multiple documents that you need to perform OCR on, I would just load it all up and then go take a coffee break. The OCR process can take a few minutes! 
Within this tool, you can choose: 
  • Language 
  • How much you want to compress the file: 72 dpi, 150 dpi, 300 dpi, 600 dpi 
  • OCR Setting: 
  • Editable – The text on the PDF will be replaced with real text that can be edited tutorial3.jpg
  • Searchable – The words on the PDF will be searchable but you won’t be able to edit them. 
Bates Numbering 
This is a great tool for anyone working in the legal industry, since you have a lot of documents that need to be labelled with Bates Numbering. 
With this feature, you can choose: 
  •  A Bates numbering setting that you have saved previously 
  • Which alignment you would like the header to be in (Left, Right, Center) 
  • Option to add the Date or Bates numbering 
  • Text: select font, size, color 
  • Date format 
  • Option to shrink the document to avoid overwriting its text and graphics 
  • Option to keep the position and size of header/footer text constant when printing on different page sizes. 
  • Finetune the margins 
With this process, you have the option of removing or adding watermarks in bulk to the documents that you would like to protect. Removing is straightforward – you just select the files with watermarks that you want to remove and select the location where you want the files to be saved to. 
Adding a watermark has additional choices: 
  • Option to select a pre-saved watermark 
  • Option to create text to use as watermark or upload image or PDF from your computer. 
  • Option to rotate the watermark 
  • Adjust opacity 
  • Size in relation to page 
  •  Location 
  • Option to keep the position and size of header/footer text constant when printing on different page sizes 
  • The page is split into 9 grids and you can select which section the watermark will appear on 
  • Finetune the position of the watermark on the page 
  • Select the pages that you would like the watermark to appear on: range, even, or odd pages 
You can use this feature to protect your files and give full access to a select audience. This is good when you are emailing important forms or contracts. This way, only the sender and the receiver have access to sensitive or confidential information. 
Encryption selection: 
Document Open 
  • Dictate whether readers need a password to open your documents. If yes, set your desired password. 
  • If you choose to restrict aspects of editing and printing of the document, you can set a password so that only certain people with access to the password can print or edit the document. 
  • You can restrict the ability to: 
    •  Print in high resolution 
    • Insert, delete, and rotate pages 
    • Fill forms 
    • Sign forms 
    • Review forms 
    • Page extraction blog2.jpg
Encryption Level Options 
  • You can select your encryption level: 128-bit RC4, 128-bit AES, 256-bit AES 
  • The Windows version of the batch processing feature is more or less the same. There are some additional features here and there; feel free to click around and explore! 
  • While you can upload an unlimited number of files to the screen, a user pointed out that there seems to be a 500-file limit to what can be processed. So, we did a few tests and found this to be the case. Just something to be aware of! 
Still confused? Have more questions? We always want to hear from you – feel free to comment below or head on over to our Forums to post a thread or find out more! 


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