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The More You Know: Setting up Collation - Windows

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Today I’ll show you how to set up collation with PDFelement! If you’re scratching your heads wondering what on earth this word means, you’re not alone! It’s a bit embarrassing to admit, but I only found out about this term very recently when a user on the forum asked how she could do this on Windows. Honestly, this feature is harder to find than it should be on PDFelement, so I thought I’d do a quick tutorial! 
Collation is useful when you need to do a print job involving multiple copies of the same multi-paged file. It will automatically group the pages together instead of printing page one twice, then page two twice, and so on. This means that the printed documents are batched in the right order and ready to use immediately instead of sorting through a big pile of paper to find them. Hopefully these images I’ve included from Formax Printing do a decent job of explaining the concept.  
collate1 .jpg
So how do you do this? After you’ve finished with the file you are working on and are ready to print, go into the File Tab on the top left. 
Here, you will be able to set your preferences for multiple aspects of PDFelement. Since we are setting up collation, select “Print” from the left-hand side. This will bring up the page where you can set-up your printing preferences. Click on “Printer properties,” which can be located under the first drop-down menu below the large Print icon. 
collate2 .jpg
There should be a pop-up with two tabs. You can ignore that, and select “Advanced.” 
collate3 .jpg
Now comes the tricky part, which was actually pointed out to me by my colleague. Most people, including myself, would never have thought to try this! Click on “Copy Count”. This will allow you to select the amount of copies you would like to make. When you adjust the number above 1, you will see that you can select or de-select the option to collate your pages. This does make sense, since you can only collate when there is more than one copy being printed.  
collate4 .jpg
And there you have it! This is how you set up collation in PDFelement for Windows. Any questions? Feel free to comment below, and I will do my best to answer them. 
Get your PDFelement questions answered directly. We also have an online forum where you can get your PDFelement questions answered. See you there! 
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