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  2. I also need to update a similar number of fields from Text to Tick boxes.
  3. Hi I have a form which has the name and date of birth at the top of each page. How can I get the data entered on the first page to automatically fill the other relevant fields on subsequent pages? Deb
  4. Hi After the field recognition function finished I have over 90 fields which need to be edited from Text to Date and set to format mm/yy. All fields are on same page. Any help would be nice. Deb
  5. Yesterday
  6. Hi, Is the previewer being worked on or added? Both in outlook and the windows previewer. Very frustrating having to open files when i just want t have a quick glance to ensure it is the correct file before emailing or sending to people?
  7. Miss Soph

    Constant crashes since June 2018 update

    I am getting that also, it wont close without going through the task manager :/
  8. My PDflelement Pro 6 does not accept .doc nor .docx format to convert to pdf. What can I do? Michael
  9. Last week
  10. Hello, I meet constant crashes (I mean, several a day!!!) with the new update of June 2018. With no apparent Reason, the application cannot be closed, and I have to get rid of it via CTRL+ALT+SUP to be able to use it again. Has anybody met this? How did you fix it? Thanks Thierry
  11. martinj

    Page View Doubled

    Help, page view still doubled.
  12. Hi, I need to reframe and deal with OCR technology several documents. All is well, but I have two documents that I can not handle because of this error (see the attached image : It says "the OCR process must be canceled due to an unexpected error") They are the same format (PDF), smaller than others I have been able to process and have worked (10MB). I already restarted application and computer, without success. Can you help me understand why this error appears? Thanks !
  13. I opened an existing PDF and had it recognize form fields. I added tick boxes and edited fields to dates. When I save it and open it as a user it does not display the tick boxes or the fields as dates. Any help would be appreciated. Deb
  14. Our PE Rewards Program (PERP) is designed to reward active members who consistently contribute valuable content to the PDFelement Community Forum. After all, our forum would not be the same without you! How do I become a Community Leader? Every post that you make results in 1 increase in Rank This means that every time you start a new thread, thank someone for their time, or answer other questions, your Rank increases by 1. Every "like" that you receive results in 1 increase in Reputation This means that every time someone clicks the "like" button on a comment/post you made, your Reputation increases by 1. Please refrain from spamming comments. Points and/or comments will be removed at the moderators' discretion. What are the levels of Reputation? Member: 1) Poker-Face [0] 2) Low-key [1-5] 3) Helpful [6-20] Leader: 4) Reliable [21-45] 5) Credible [46-80] 6) Perspicuous [81-110] 7) Elite [111-150] What are the Ranks? Member: 1) Lurker [0-10] 2) Acquaintance [11-25] 3) Rookie [26-45] 4) Regular [46-70] Leader: 5) Geek [71-100] 6) Addict [101-140] 7) Master [141-190] Rewards and Recognition To show that we appreciate your participation, PDFelement recognizes its community participants through a rewards program. To reach a new prize tier, you must achieve a specific ranking and reputation points. Tier 1: $5 Starbucks Gift Card Achieve Helpful Rookie (6 Reputation | 26 Ranking) Tier 2: $50 Wondershare Credits Achieve Reliable Regular (21 Reputation | 46 Ranking) Tier 3: Free copy of any Wondershare software Achieve Credible Geek (46 Reputation | 71 Ranking) More prizes to be announced... Redeem your Rewards Once you are eligible to redeem your reward, please send an email to PErewards@wondershare.com with the following information: Name (First and Last). Username in Community. Which tier you are redeeming. If there is a choice in prize, please state which option you would like. Upon submission, please allow 2-3 business days for your rewards application to be reviewed. You are welcome to direct any other questions about the PE Rewards Program to community@pdfelement.io.
  15. NShadow

    Image Form Field

    I have a form that requires a user to insert an image. Is this possible with a PDF form? What type of field should I use?
  16. Rebecca Chen

    Opening a very large pdf file.

    Hi Abyssi, The size limit is 2GB. If you can split the PDF in half that should work. You can open the PDF file in Google Chrome and "Print" the document. Once the printing screen comes up, you can indicate which pages you want to "print", then save that as a separate document. Let me know if this helps! Rebecca
  17. Hi, I have one page pdf and want to extract data in excel (csv) after performing OCR. I purchased the licence yesterday to be disappointed that its not responding. It freezes I have tried restarting the application and my computer without any luck. thanks Manish
  18. Hi, I´m trying to open a pdf file of 3,3GB, but it gives me an error that the file is not compatible or is corrupted, I can open with Adobe Reader but not with pdfelement. Is there a size limitation with pdfelement? If so how can I proceed to edit this file? Is there a workaround?
  19. Sarah CUBG

    Files not coming to the forefront when openned

    Thank you very much, Heidi!
  20. Sarah CUBG

    PDF file association is lost after software update

    Thank you, Heidi!
  21. If it has been installed several times the program is because I have had problems in my pc that I have in my home and the pc that I have in my office. If you can see the computers where the program was installed, you would realize that it has only been installed in 2 PCs, and now I only had it in my house and I uninstalled it from my office PC. It's the first time this has happened to me that they tell me that I should buy it again. With windows 10, office 365, and now last power pdf, I have not had any problem since I have already formatted my equipment several times. I hope you reconsider the position you are using with a client who has trusted in your software and therefore in your company.
  22. Hi Jerry, Sure. There is a way to keep using annotation tools without selecting again and again. Double click the annotation tool you want instead of clicking it once. Hope this helps. Heidi
  23. Heidi Chan

    Files not coming to the forefront when openned

    Hi Sarah, Yeah, that really is a problem! We have just found it! Our programmers have been working on this to get a solution. Hopefully we will fix it in next update. Your feedback is highly valued. Heidi
  24. Heidi Chan

    PDF file association is lost after software update

    Hi Sarah, Yes, thanks for letting us know. It seems that we have got couple feedback from some Windows 10 users who have been experiencing this problem. I have forwarded this feedback to our programmers and they will improve it in the future updates. Best, Heidi
  25. Hi Colt12star, I am afraid that this issue might have something to do with the default PDF program. If during installation, you mark the choice of our program as the default PDF program, then opening the PDF file from Outlook can make PDFelement active. If after installation, the default PDF program changes, I am afraid that you have to set it manually. Thanks, Heidi
  26. Heidi Chan

    Scanner not listed

    Hey there, Thanks for letting us know. It could be some compatibility issue out there. I have forwarded this case to our programmers for further analysis. Hopefully we can find a solution soon. Thanks for your feedback. Heidi
  27. Heidi Chan

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    Hi there, Thanks for your suggestion. I have forwarded your feedback to our product manager. Maybe we will add those shortcut in future updates. Best, Heidi
  28. Hi Aye, According to your current mail address, I found none of your purchase record. Can you provide me with your order receipt or mail address that you used to purchase our product so that I can locate your order and therefore to provide assistance accordingly? If you have registered the program before, combining files is not supposed to ask you to purchase again or add watermark on it. Can you take couple screenshots to show us this problem? In case it is emergent, you can share your files with us and we can help combine them and send it back to you. Thanks, Heidi
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