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  2. Koos Le Grange

    Highlighters from other PDF's

    Hi - I'm a newbie and I couldn't find or I have missed answers in the forum. When I open files from Pdf's edited and annotated with other editors (one example from Drawboard), the actual highlighted colors do not show. (Not in the Windows nor Android PDF Element App, while it does reflect in many other pdf readers.) I would like to see it in both, but my main priority is to see it in the Android app. There are literally hundreds of pdf reader/editors out there, but I would prefer to stick with PDF Element on both platforms for cross compatibility. Interestingly, if I click on the Windows version of PDF Element "Annotation" icon on the left - it does actually list all the items in the document that I know was highlighted with an "H", so I know there must be some "meta"data" ? somewhere? And yes - I have tried the "Hide/Unhide " Annotations Option under the Comment tab - makes no difference. Something else - freehand text inserted from other editors does reflect.... I also don't want to flatten the annotations in the original doc to make them visible (even if that would work) in PDF element - because I have VOLUMES and VOLUMES of study material that I keep editing. Lastly - I don't think it could be because these files are accessed and synced via a Dropbox folder - as I've said, other PDF readers do pick up the highlighting across platforms as well as different PDF editors. If someone could "highlight" the problem, excuse the pun, I would be sincerely grateful !!! thx Koos
  3. nathalie a

    Fail to register

    I can not seem to register PDFelement6. I have used the download link in the e-mail (pdfelement6_setup_full3025). The message appears that I should have downloaden the Professional version (de registratie info die je hent ingevoerd is voor PDFelement 6 Professioneel versie, download a.u.b. PDFelement 6 Professioneel en opnieuw registreer.) + link I have also tried that (pdfelement6-pro_setup_full2990), it seems to pass one level of registration, but the watermark stays. Everytime I want to save the document I get the message that I need to buy the product (with both the standard and the pro version). I have tried to restart the pc, delete previous versions starting again, etc etc. Very frustrating! Please help, the work I needed to do today with your program is already lost .... Hope to hear back from you soon!!
  4. Yesterday
  5. vabeach1

    OCR Download Problem

    I'm a new user of PDFelements Pro 6.8 and I have two questions: 1.) Editing a scanned document: I find that I am unable to Edit some scanned files. I open the file using the Edit command, drag select some type and try to delete. Nothing happens... no change at all. Does it have something to do with the scanned file, or am I doing something incorrectly? 2.) OCR: I open a file in Edit and select OCR from the Edit tab. A window open allowing me to select a search or edit option. After selecting the edit option the screen changes to show the download progress along with a message that long file may take a few minutes, and then... after a moment or two I see that PDFelement is "not responding". Any suggestions? Thanks for any assistance you may be able to provide.
  6. Gus Campuzano


    I'm an Architect and I do my drafting with AutoCAD. When drawings are ready I create pdf's of the plans to send to clients, contractors, etc. The problem is that the program crashes at every second or third sheet. Your program actually crashes my AutoCAD program so I have to re-start the CAD program and then continue to create pdf's. Any suggestions for a cure? Thank you.
  7. After today's update 1-18-19 the default program for pdf is no long pdfelement pro 6 but adobe. I checked in control panel to reset and this is not an option to select it. It was working fine before update. However the actual program is available in the windows program start selection. Can I uninstall and reinstall and if so - HOW?
  8. Yann Pierrot

    Outlook and windows intégration

    Hello, when will it be possible to have a prevue of the PDF in outlook and the windows file explorer?
  9. Johnny Harris

    Installing PDFElement 5

    Thank you Heidi!
  10. Aiximmo

    Update and registration

    Hello I buyed this application directly from your website and I just have a simple question for it. I saw it first on the App Store from apple and when I want to buy it they send me directly to your website. Now when I look in the App Store it is not marked as buyed. I try to use the in app registration but they want me to buy it again. Is there a mistake or is it just something I have to wait until it is in the database from iTunes? If not is it possible to fix? Also update to the new Version is not possible. I always get an error message and that I should try it later. Any solution? Thx Guido
  11. Hi all, Please believe that our team have been keeping trying to find out a possible solution since this program was way too old and its initial developers have all left this company, which making this issue a little bit tricky. But we will not stop from this.. Thanks for your understanding.
  12. Hey there, I am sorry for the crash issue. Maybe it is occupying too much space, causing the program reach its possible maximum storage locally. I wonder whether it will help if you split this 2000 pages file into two 1000 pages files then do the search again? Cheers,
  13. Ok, will keep an eye on this for you.
  14. Heidi Chan

    OCR plugin installation

    Hi Rui, I am sorry for the inconvenience that caused to you. For your case, please try reinstall the OCR from the separate link below to try again: http://download.wondershare.com/pdfelement6-ocrv11.exe Hope this helps.
  15. Heidi Chan

    PDF Element Pro 6 in Outlook as viewer

    Hi Thomas, Preview in Outlook is in our development schedule this year or next year. Our team has done the pre-research and worked a solution out. Currently for your case, it is advised to install free Adobe Reader to enable this feature. Thanks for your feedback.
  16. Good day, let me explain: I create a new pdf (1 page) with my scanner and save it correctly. Later on I would like to add more pages on that sved document. In ACROBAT Pro easy going but in PDF Ellement 6 Professional MAC Mojave who can help me? Is the only way to create tons of single scans and merge them later ob, or .....? Many thanks for your help
  17. Heidi Chan

    Installing PDFElement 5

    Hi Jharris, Here is the download link for the program PDFelement: http://download.wondershare.com/pdfelement5_full1042.exe Best,
  18. Heidi Chan

    20% discount

    Hi Maggie, I wonder whether you register in the app or not? Is it iOS version or Android version? More details are appreciated. If we don't sort it out, we will share you a coupon via email directly. Best,
  19. rui geraldes

    OCR plugin installation

    All the downloads I made, present errors during the installation... Do I have any option to Donwload a file from other way without errors ?
  20. Heidi Chan


    Hi Astonman, Maybe you want a multiple line fillable form field? As far as I know, for text box, there is no underlines can be pre-setted for others to insert text in. While fillable form field can allow users to fill in multiple line texts. You are welcomed to check this thread which is applicable to both Windows and Mac: Best,
  21. I got the PDFelement Pro 6 just a few days. System:macOS majave 10.14.2 PDFelement Pro 6 for mac: Latest Hardware: MacBook pro 13' 2018 CPU i7 RAM 16G Compared with PDF Expert and macOS previewer, 1. there is no trackpad zoom function in this app and zooming is not convenient; 2. the page can easily be dragged elsewhere by mouse operation; (In general, mouse drag operation only intends to turn page downwards or upwards instead of else) 3. there is no dictionary function. (Other apps can call the macOS dictionary to look up a word when I read a pdf document.) 4. open or quit a pdf document not as quickly and fluently as others especially bigger pdf including mass pictures, and there often is no response or slow response in quitting a pdf. Please test this pdf. (download link as bellow) http://lib1.org/_ads/656F69404FD9B75F7DBA735A11F7E101
  22. pgdiver

    Currency Sign is Behind the number

    I can't seem to figure out why the currency sign appears behind the number when a coworker opens one of my PDFs created with pfdelement 6 Pro. What is the solution??
  23. bram

    How to Retain the Bookmark after Combining PDFs

    Hi Heidi, Thanks for the answer. Hopefully the bug's problem will be solved soon, cause I intend to upgrade to pro. For the crash issue, I am sorry I can't share the pdf because of the sensitivity of data. I will send the recording of it when I experience it again. (Fortunately, during the bookmark rearrangement process recently, all processes are successful/no crash issue ) Meanwhile the process is successful, the problem of the bookmark become messed up is still appear. Please see this video for the detail: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rjw9ov7khqm82nk/Bookmarks are messed up after rearranging them.mp4?dl=0 Thank you.
  24. Last week
  25. hi i have many crane charts that are around 2000 pages long. if i search the word "wind", it starts searching then crashes. please stop it crashing, id like to find the page/s that have wind typed on them cheers
  26. Johnny Harris

    Installing PDFElement 5

    Hi Everyone, My company purchased 5 lifetime licenses for PDFElement 5 in 2015. I've tried to install the software from the installer we download in 2015. While installing the software is upgraded to version 6 and won't take my license key. If I disconnect the network cable during the install, the installer just sits at 0%. How do I install version 5 without upgrading to 6? Any help would be much appreciated. Best Regards, Jharris
  27. Maggie Foege

    20% discount

    I just downloaded the mobile app and it offered a 20% discount. There is no code and when I add it to my cart, it is not discounted. Any thoughts?
  28. thomas foley

    PDF Element Pro 6 in Outlook as viewer

    I'm trying to view a PDF in Outlook 2019. I've already made PDF Document Pro 6 the default to view PDFs buy using "Choose default apps by file type", however, when I click on a PDF in Outlook, Element Pro 6 doesn't open. I have done some looking and Microsoft wants you to install Acrobat Reader. If Element 6 can open PDFs, why not in Outlook? Is Element 6 not compatible with Outlook or is there something I'm not doing right? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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