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  2. jose carlos gisbert

    Size of the pages

    Hi !! When you open a pdf with several pages, the size of these pages is very small by default, it would be interesting if they opened larger to 140%. Also, the zoom button could be more visible by applying a colos or a different form, being on the right margin and below, you have to look for it, so it stops being intuitive and the icon is very thin
  3. Dear Bugfixers, please fix the constant crashing of pdfelement while using the function blacking. Most of the time it happens when using this function on multiple phrases. Thanks and regards, vittorio
  4. Hi Just want to add that Shift Command C for Colours Command T for Fonts are currently not supported in the sticky and text box option. Enabling those will open a really wide spectrum of usage/ options to users. Attached a screenshot for your understanding. Also want to know if we can import the sticky and text boxes alone from the pdf into a separate text file. Regards
  5. Yesterday
  6. Guest

    Merging files

    Hello all, I have probably an unusual request, basically I have manual I use to work but I get frequent updates of it, monthly or so, which replaces every highlights or underline I do. So basically I need a program that allows me to compare the two and only keep the pages of the new review (every page has the review number at the bottom of it). Ultimately it's just matter of replacing only the pages with the specific content "REVIEW X" to the old manual, so to keep all my notes. Thanks for your time Asdurgico
  7. Hi, i'm italian student and ask help for OCR on double pages from pdf book. the question is to succeed in obtaining the order of the sentences on the right page and on the left page as a result. thank you people.
  8. mohan setiawan

    Screenshot feature in View menu bugged

    FYI Tia, this is the link for my problem : Video for the screenshot problem Regards, Mohan s
  9. PDF is not created from Excel, Word, PowerPoint, or TXT. At the initial stage, the virtual printer scans the document successfully. At the stage of PDF creation there is a hang. PDF creation from Images is successful.
  10. wwwong617

    OCR problem

    Please see the attached, esp after I inverted one of the page. All the OCR will turn garbled. Williams on Bankruptcy 19edn 403-404_OCR copy.pdf
  11. Last week
  12. Create new Blank Page has measurements unit only in inch even I chose millimeters in Preferences. I press Ctrl+N Shortcut and I get New menu option for create a new Blank page. The size of the Page are in inch instead of millimeters even I chose millimeters in Preferences. Metric option deserve a special topic. In Europe and I think for a lot of European and almost the rest of the world (without US and partially UK) we use metric system not imperial system which is an outdated (obsolete) system. International metric system is Meter with it's sub-multiple cm, mm. I don't use inch, feet, and so on, and I don't need to have to. So these are inconsistencies which can be annoying. If I choose from Size menu - Custom my only option for Width and Weight are in inches - so is not helping me anymore. For printshop - Typofraphy I need millimeters, cm not inches. Perhaps is not so easy to make these changes in metric but is worthing.
  13. About Saving with Shortcut keys I used Combine Files option to merge more pdf files. I can save New pdf files with Ctrl+S but if I want to - Save as - with shortcut Keys Ctrl+Shift+S I can not. The shortcut is not working. Instead I receive a message in a box in the right upper corner - Instant Replay Off. I'll check and other shortcuts keys to see if they are working. For the other beta testers, if you like to help please check and other shortcuts keys to see if they are working because there are a lot to check.
  14. Converting a PDF document to Word (with or without OCR) breaks the block structure of the letter and the overall structure of the document. When converting a PDF document to EPUB, images are not displayed. All files are attached to the post in the archive. Convert PDF.rar
  15. I am sorry I accidentally pressed [Enter] and the post was submitted. 3) Continue with point 3. Apply [Bold], [Italic], [Underline] and [Strikethrough], [Subscript], [Superscript], the effect are shown below. 4) Can see that all action, except action 3 (underline) and action 4 (strikethrough), are correctly displayed. 5) Zoom out the document, select the what I called "OCR dirt layer", delete the layer. 6) The text effect appear. 7) This is why I feel the [underline] and [strikethrough] are not at the same layer as other effect. it will be good to set it to same "layer". PDFElement version : V7.0.0.4222 OS Version : Win 10 Pro Attached file for verification - das.pdf : Original, screen captured pdf - das_OCR.pdf : after OCR conversion das.pdf das_OCR.pdf
  16. On some pdf document, apply [underline] and [strike-through] function ([Edit] --> [properties]) have no effect. Actually it is working, but it give me a feeling they are not applied on the same layer, instead, look like the picture showed below. and it happened on most of the OCR converted documents or document with watermark. 1) Open a PDF, here I used "das.pdf", click the [Perform OCR] button 2) After conversion, a das_OCR tab is opened, and PDFelement switch to Edit tab. 3) Apply the [Bold], [Italic], [Underline], [Strike through] PDFelement version : Version Operating System : Win10Pro Password protected pdf was attached as well for verification das.pdf is the original pdf
  17. Andrea Booth

    Problem with filling in a line in a column

    Ok got it - it wasn't intuitive to me but now it makes sense. Hopefully this will all be covered in a manual. Thx.
  18. Daniel Zen

    Registration Failure

    I just purchased your product today, and cannot register it. I have never registered the product, and have failed every time I have tried with the same experience It reads: "Note: Connection timeout, please try again." Despite getting the webpage saying 'registration successful' the product is not registered. I have downloaded the most recent version for Mac, v6.7.12.3422 (20181210): mac-pdfelement6_full2991.dmg I am extremely frustrated to have finally decided to buy your product only to find that it does not work at all. My Order Ref#AG96643514 Heidi, can you help?
  19. eadhbhard mulligan

    OCR download

    I can't download ocr.It says I don't have enough memory- on a newish Mac. please help
  20. Hello Ok I successfully converted documents to both word and powerpoint. What a difference between PDF Element Pro 6 and PDF Element 7. The documents covert so much better in 7. The Powerpoint in 7 looked just like the PDF file and was easy to navigate; the powerpoint in Pro 6 did not convert well - even the colors were totally off. I converted a basic document to word in both and 7 duplicated it perfectly; 6 put a box around it. Then I converted a pdf file that had text within boxes. 6 did not convert well (see attached); 7 was fine except for one case where I needed to move up a line to fit everything in the box (see attached as it converted and my fix.) I am a fan of PDF Element 7! FYI I think that a manual that is very clear and easy to follow will be very helpful. Element 7 is much easier to use and navigate once you know how - it's not all intuitive without some instructions. Sample Word 6.docx Sample 7.docx sample 7 fixed.docx
  21. Невозможно отправить PDF-файл в Dropbox (протестировано в Google Chrome и Microsoft Edge) WonderShare PDFelement 7 не может получить доступ к файлам и папкам в Dropbox. Кнопка «Разрешить» не активна. WonderShare PDFelement 7 уже имеет разрешение на файлы Dropbox.
  22. heather lea

    Hyperlink to Local file

    I am having the same issue and getting the same error message using version 6.8.0. My hyperlinks are all to pdfs and none will open.
  23. Guest

    Print about Adobe Reader

    Hey peep´s, just a humble question. I create and bounce an PDF sheet about "pdf element". Just open it on another server with Adobe Reader and try to print it, but it´s not working. so what can i do? would be nice to get a replay. max
  24. Tia

    Re-installation on New Computer

    Hi there, I have send an e-mail to this e-mail: antonius.mak@gmail.com, then you can reply me the detailed information. Thank you for your cooperation in advance. Tia
  25. Hi Mohan, I am sorry for the inconvenience that caused to you. To help us find the reason and fix the problem, can you send us your PDF file where you encounter this problem? Can you also take a screenshot to show us the error so that we can have a test on our side? With more details then we can do best to help with that. Thank you for your cooperation in advance. Have a nice day, Tia
  26. Tia

    Images not working

    Hi Lan, I am so sorry about the inconvenience that brought to you. I have tested your file on our end and I am afraid that our program does not support to display a QR code. I have issued this to our programmer for a further check and we will get back as soon as possible when we have a clue. Have a nice day, Tia
  27. Tia


    Hi Hafiz, I wonder what issue you were found? Can you tell me more then I can help accordingly? Have a nice day, Tia
  28. Tia

    Images failing to show anything but white

    Hi Peter, I am sorry for the inconvenience that caused to you. To help us find the reason and fix the problem, can you send us your PDF file where you encounter this problem? Can you also take a screenshot to show us the error so that we can have a test on our side? With more details then we can do best to help with that. Thank you for your cooperation in advance. Have a nice day, Tia
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