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  2. Toni Perez

    Default Program

    Is there way to keep the Default Program from reverting to Microsoft Edge with every update?
  3. Same here, have to close and reopen in order to open another document.
  4. Toni Perez

    Recent Update

    I installed the latest update today and now I cannot open more than one pdf document at a time and have to close the program and reopen to open the next document. I tried to submit a Technical Issue submission through their website but nothing happens when I click on Submit. Very frustrating
  5. Today
  6. Dion Tucker

    Fillable form

    I created a fillable form using PDF Element, however users are unable fill in the form. When they type into the fields there're unable to see the text.
  7. I work with A LOT of court forms. I have attached a Proof of Service form. I have never had a problem previously - until Tuesday evening. I downloaded my forms, and when I pulled them up, I receive this notice: Document Restriction This document is protected. Please enter the permission password to enable editing. These forms are NOT password protected. I had to abandon PDFElement Pro and use Adobe to complete my work. I was using the previous version. After downloading the most recent version, I am still having the same issue. I have deleted my saved forms and downloaded them from the appropriate court sites. Still the same problem. All my forms have the above restriction. I use a lot of forms. This problem must have a fix. All my other work is done through Word, Excel, and PDF Element Pro. Having to switch back and forth between Adobe and PDF Element is not acceptable. I am running Windows 10 Professional, 64 bit. I have more than enough RAM, speed and hard disk space to allow PDF Element Pro to function properly. What can be done for this problem? pos020.pdf
  8. jeff chalk

    Combine Error

    I am having the same issue !
  9. Same to me That way you can not work. Correct there this bug, please
  10. Nestor Zaluzec

    Batch Optimization

    I have just downloaded and purchased pdfelement V 6 pro for the Mac. (3/21/2019) The various "advertisements" say one can batch optimize PDF files but I cannot find this functionality. How does one do this? Please point me to instruction page(s). Zaluzec@microscopy.com
  11. Christina Gatsiopoulos

    Double click to open PDF not working in latest update

    Me too. I can't even open the first file by double-clicking. This is hugely inconvenient since I open no fewer than 500 files a day. It's bad enough signing documents in this POS doesn't work properly. If I didn't need to password protect files I would ditch this viewer. Guess I'll be using Foxit today.
  12. Marc Pahud

    language and message

    Hello. I don't understand 1/ why there's no forum in french ? 2/ what is this error message I get about the number of authorizations for applications and telle me to contact the support ??? I've paied my licence PRO for PDF Element. Very strange indeed....
  13. David VIGIER

    Double click to open PDF not working in latest update

    Same problem for me... It seems this problem happens when trying to open a second PDF: opening the first PDF works fine by double-clicking, but it looks like the double-click does not allow to add any new tabs. Opening documents in new tabs from within the tool (using File / Open) works though.
  14. Guest

    The More You Know: Adding Hyperlinks to PDFs

    Thanks for your post! It's quite useful guide for me. ________________________ AOL Mail Account Hacked
  15. Yesterday
  16. I have the same exact problem. Please fix the problem and release new update.
  17. Hi there, I just got PDFelement and tried to log in to my OneDrive Business account. However, it gives the error message that my account would not exist. My personal OneDrive account works fine. Hence, I wondered if this is intended - is it not meant to work for business accounts? Is there a plan to implement this feature / fix this bug? Unfortunately, the app is basically useless for me if I can not make it work with OneDrive business. Hence, I would be very happy about any feedback. Thanks :)
  18. mbdick

    PDF to Excel Conversation

    How do I set PDFelement Professional 6 to a font that includes Unicode such as TimesNewRoman or Calibri?
  19. Salvatore Di Cione


    I purchase the product. I received an email from Wondershare with the registration code and instructions on how to sign in. None of it works as I do not get a REGISTER button on the top right, instead, I get an UNLOCK button which takes me to a window for me to Purchase the App, and then it wants to send me back to the Apple store to purchase it again. How do I register it? If I click on the Restore or Continue button, nothing happens
  20. mbdick

    Product is slow

    I am having this too. We have a high speed RICOH laser printer, I have printed on both sides 200 pages in 15 minutes or less. Now if I print a 5-page paper PDFelement Professional 6 on the RICOH, it can take 15 minutes or more! Yesterday I tried printing my credit card usage for 2018 (tax time)! It would only print the first page no matter what I tried. And yes I set the printer to PRINT ALL PAGES. Today I had to install Adobe Reader so I could print my files. I want PDF Editor to work so bad, I can't afford Adobe PDF full program. I have a HP new laptop, Windows 10.
  21. When I updated to version my ability to double click to open PDF's isn't working. Additionally, opening from outlook isn't working either.
  22. wugy4000

    Version update to 6.8.9

    I had the same bug
  23. Tia

    Cancel Subscroption

    Wondershare provides 1 month, 1 quarter, and 1 year license for most products. To ensure the service, all the license types will auto renew after 1 month, 1 quarter, or 1 year. However, you can cancel the subscription service manually if you do not want to continue the service after a certain period. ❗Click here
  24. Pete Wade

    Does PDF Element Actually Work?

    I have tried to edit PDFs using this rather expensive program, with little or no luck. I have just attempted to remove blank pages from a scan I just made, but the document clains to be read only (?), the enable editing button doesn't work, and email requests for help have been ignored. This may be a really great program, but not much good if I can't get it to work, or get any hints on how to use it. The help button isn't.... Can anyone help me, or should I just put the program in the trash and minimize my losses? Pete
  25. Tracy Mack

    Splitting Function

    Hi.. everytime I try to split a file over 100 pages the app crashes... is it just my app or is this an issue or is there a page limit?
  26. Last week
  27. Buenas tardes grupo. Para mi es novedoso el manejo de "PDFelement 6 Pro", lo adquirí para mejorar la calidad de las imágenes de baja calidad, mejorando su presentación sin perder su esencia. Por ejemplo, hay recuadros con sombreado, pero por la calidad de la copia simple, se desvanece los bordes; ¿Como puedo retocar los mismos, sin alterar el formato original? Agradeceré su apoyo a esta solicitud. Saludos cordiales.
  28. Victor Hernandez

    info about terminal/server license

    Hello someone who knows how the terminal server licensing works. how licenses are assigned in the network. thanks
  29. Guest

    The More You Know: Adding Hyperlinks to PDFs

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