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  2. I'm trying to create an interactive form from a non-fillable pdf form.....Not all fields text lines and boxes are selected after selecting the "Form Field Recognition" from drop down menu? It did identify some of the check boxes on one part (right side only) of pdf form. None of the blank text lines were identified? I reapplied the "Form Field Recognition" from drop down menu a second/third time and the text files were added...but several check boxes in the form are still not identified? There were a few of text fields identified that were not to be text fields to be used? Are you suppose to hit "Form Field Recognition" from drop down menu to complete transition to an interactive form? I have attached a blank non interactive pdf form before using PDElement Pro and a copy of form after applying "Form Field Recognition" I am comparing PDElementPro with an older version Adobe Acrobat Pro, because the latter will not be working on future Mac OS's. (All text fields and check boxes were correctly configured when I applied Adobe Acrobat Pro Thank you for any help with this matter.. Blank not fillable form Before.pdf Form after applying PDElementPro one time.pdf Form after applying PDElementPro two times.pdf
  3. Jinu Joseph

    Software Assurance Plan

    If i buy the perpetual license and the Software Assurance plan is it the same as the subcription/Annual plan. If not what is the difference. Also the Software assurance i am assuming i will have to renew it annually, how do i renew only Software assurance.
  4. Joerg

    Wrapping textboxes around images

    Unfortunately, pdfelement Pro does not support wrapping images with text boxes because this is a DTP feature. Features of this kind can be found, for example, in software products from Adobe (InDesign), Quark (QuarkXpress) or Microsoft (Publisher). I hope that these hints could help you. Have a nice day. 😎
  5. Marnix

    Quit Option not active

    It happened again, but it doesn't happen all the time. I haven't figured out what's in common when it does happen. It's possible for me to use the Activity Monitor to take a sampling and send the results somewhere. Also I see there is a log file of sorts in ~/Library/Application Support/com.wondershare.PDFelement6.Professional/LogReport/Log.txt . That might be useful to your programmers to figure out how/why/when the Quit option becomes greyed-out. Oh, I see that I can attach files. I'll attach the sample I took in case that's useful to you. The sample was taken while I was unable to quit because Quit was greyed-out. Sample of PDFelement 6 Pro.txt
  6. Last week
  7. Marnix

    Quit Option not active

    I have the same problem. Using PDF Element 6 Pro version I was just trying it out on a file, just kind of looking. I wanted to quit, but saw that Quit was greyed out. I closed the file in case that made a difference, but still Quit is greyed out. I'll force-kill it and try again and see if it happens every time or only under certain conditions. If I learn anything, I'll report back here.
  8. David Lashbrook

    Currency Sign is behind the number

  9. David Lashbrook

    Currency Symbol bug!

    When I create currency fields in Form Editor, the USD ($) sign shows up correctly in front of the number when opening in PDFElement. However, if someone else opens it in Acrobat Reader, the $ sign shows up behind (after) the number. For example: 123.89$ ---> This should read $123.89 I saw on a post in January that this known Windows version bug is slated to be fixed. But I just downloaded the product (free version) today to try it out before I buy it and it doesn't look like it is fixed. If this is not fixed, I may be forced to buy Acrobat Pro instead (which I don't want to do)! I am running Win10. Please advise. Thank-you
  10. Diego Chionna

    Multibox text

    Let me try and be more specific: I opened the pdf form I had to fill Software recognized all its elements (see paragraph 3.2) but the one you see under paragraph 3.1, as per screen attached I try to cover the first line of 3.1 with a te xt box but I only can get a one box only textbox instead of a multibox one I double click it to see options and none of them seem to help Any advise?
  11. PDFelement Facebook Group is created! Click here to join us and stay tuned for latest news! For years, we are looking for a way to gather all PDF users and fans together to share office knowledge and skills. That's why PDFelement Family Facebook group is here under its calling. We aim to cultivate a community where we can share latest news, exclusive special offers, and practical tips for office work, also the best song when raining, a good meal at weekend etc. Of course more topics are waiting for YOU to explore! Again, we warmly invite you to Join our PDFelement Family. Warm regards, PDFelement Team
  12. Guest

    Multibox text

    A text box can be made out of a number of boxes dedicated to each letter of the word to be entered. I couldn't find a way to create\edit it
  13. Guest

    Bold and Italic when edited

    Dear all, We have PfDF Element Pro 7. When editing an existig text in a PDF and typing new text, then the first character is written correctly. The second one is italic.... The third character is italic and bold. Why is this happening? Are we doing something wrong? Thanks for your help. Rgds, Thilo
  14. mudhoney

    PDF Preflight for Printdata

    Hello, I recently switched from Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to Wondershare PDFelement Pro and I miss an important print data verification tool, the "Preflight". Or have I overlooked the possibility? If not, is there any way to implement this feature?
  15. David Lashbrook

    Currency Sign is behind the number

    When I create currency fields in Form Editor, the USD ($) sign shows up correctly in front of the number when opening in PDFElement. However, if someone else opens it in Acrobat Reader, the $ sign shows up behind (after) the number. For example: 123.89$ ---> This should read $123.89 I saw on a post in January that this known Windows version bug is slated to be fixed. But I just downloaded the product (free version) today to try it out before I buy it and it doesn't look like it is fixed. If this is not fixed, I may be forced to buy Acrobat Pro instead (which I don't want to do)! I am running Win10. Please advise. Thank-you
  16. Kristin Dzugan

    How to rotate a PDF page a few degrees

    I don't have an answer, but I have asked the same question. Why doesn't PDF Element have a "straighten page" function as does PaperPort?
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  18. I changed the font on a particular page and some of the text is out of view now. Is there any feature that will fit the text within the dimensions of the page (so all the text can be seen) ? Thanks! Eric
  19. The program is PDF Element Pro
  20. I have a 100-page document. I need to change the font type (and size) for the entire document. How do I go about this? (I am testing the trial version). What I tried: 1) Select A - it only selected 1 page. Repeating this 300 times is not practical. 2) Tried going to Preferences and changing the Default font. I selected a new default font, clicked Ok, but this did not work either. Going back to Preferences, I discovered that is NEVER saved the new default font I selected. I changed the default font 4 times but it still kept the original default font.
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  22. Tarlane

    Wrapping textboxes around images

    Hello and thanks for any help in advance! I've imported a document that is currently large amounts of text broken up into sections and split into two columns. Every page or two, I'm going to want to be adding in an image and am trying to figure out the best ways to make this look good. When there is an empty space at the end of a section, that is easy to do, but when there isn't an obvious open space I was hoping the place the image between the columns and get the text to wrap around. The issues I'm having is because the images aren't really uniformly shaped so I can't just manually drag the whole text block. I tried switching to line mode to adjust individual lines around the images, but that adjusts the size of the text a great deal and makes it far less readable. Hopefully there is a way to insert the images to achieve this, if not do-able in this program I'd love to be pointed in the right direction! Attached is a screenshot of one of the pages of the document as is and with the image I'm hoping to add in to that page.
  23. Duane Garrett

    Writing in Arabic

    This is true for any right-to-left script. Neither Hebrew nor Arabic supported; text goes in backwards and spaced improperly.
  24. Duane Garrett

    Watermark problem

    I have the same problem. You should not add watermarks to the demo if they cannot be removed when the program is purchased.
  25. David Bowling

    Request for "Previous View" button

    When viewing multi-page PDF documents, especially users manuals with tables of contents I'm very used to [with Acrobat] being able to go back and forth between a table of contents and an information page with a "Previous View" button. I was SOooooo hoping was finally going to be included in V.7 Pro. Since it is not, we are still stuck with having to jot down longhand the page numbers to put into the page # box each time. There are many other times this button comes into play too. Please add it as an interim update to V.7 Thanks.
  26. Peter Cooper

    Book Fold option for pdfelements.

    I like to print some documents on Word in 'Book Fold' option. Word will automatically arrange the pages so the document can be printed 2 pages (Landscape) per A4 page, resulting in a nicely presented booklet, with the pages in auto corrected order through the document. It would be nice to do this with pdf files, from pdfelement.
  27. Peter Cooper

    Not able to OCR newly scanned Document

    I have recently scanned a document to edit in pdfelement's, as I have in the past. See attached sample of document. Normally the program recognizes that the pdf file needs to be OCR'ed to edit. However there is no option to do that with this pdf. When you look at the pdf, all letters/sentences have box's around them as if it had been OCR'ed, however the boxes contain no text. The original text remains as part of the background picture. There is now no-way to edit this pdf, (that I can see), or to force a OCR. I have recently changed to a canon printer and this is the first pdf I have tried to edit from its scan. A separate issue I have when pdfelement ocr's a pdf. Pdfelements also changes some of the background picture to text, making editing a problem. Is there a way to blank out pictures in a pdf so the OCR will not try to OCR where there is no text. To Make Man whole_Part.pdf
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