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  2. Mona Nüssli


    How I can change the tab-numbers in PDFelement7?
  3. deeppal

    Write a Review to Get PDFelement for Free!(Ended)

    The PDF editor software is extremely critical for individuals and organizations dealing with digital documents. PDFs are images of physical documents, as opposed to editable text files. A PDFElement software solution can be used to transform a PDF document into an editable document. PDFs can be developed within or uploaded into, these efficient PDF editor software platforms. However, these solutions must not be confused with document development software. The PDF editor software is entirely different from document creation software solutions. Rising inclination of organizations towards document digitization and ongoing advancements and improvement in PDF editor software by leading software vendors are expected to drive the market growth. Visit: https://www.stillbonsoftware.com/pdfelement/
  4. deeppal

    wondershare video converter

    Use Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is a very capable app for converting video files from one format to another. With it, you are also able to download, watch, transfer, edit and create all manner of video files from nearly any source you choose. https://www.stillbonsoftware.com/video-converter-ultimate/
  5. deeppal

    Convert PDF to Excel

    However, if you want to convert some confidential PDF files to Excel, it isn't an ideal choice without a doubt. In that situation, my suggestion is to get an efficient PDF to Excel converter.
  6. Shen

    PDF merge is not possible

    Hello, Sorry for all the inconvenience caused to you. The PDFelement 6 Pro does support combine PDF. Please follow the image and try again. If you still can't use this function, please contact our Support Center for more help. http://support.wondershare.com/#/contact
  7. Shen

    Change Email address on licence

    Hello, Please contact our support certer for more help since there is privacy information of yours. http://support.wondershare.com/#/contact
  8. Shen

    Add image in a form

    Hello, Please check the screenshot to add image.
  9. Shen

    Printing problem

    Hello, Sorry for all the inconvenience caused to you. In order to better help you, please send us screenshot of the problem page to our support center for more help. http://support.wondershare.com/#/contact
  10. Shen

    PDF Zeichnungen

    Hello, Sorry for all the inconvenience caused to you. Can you show us the screenshot so that we better know what's happening here and figure it out.
  11. Shen

    Cannot unlock the program

    Hello, Sorry for all the inconvenience caused to you. We just send your license and password to your email via pdfelement@wondershare.com. Please check it.
  12. uglyWonders

    PDF Zeichnungen

    leer gedruckt. Weiß jemand ob man das Programm eigentlich (zuverlässig) nutzen kann?

    Cannot unlock the program

    Hi we purchased the program, then we got order number and everything, but no registration code because the platform say it's not necessary. When we use the program it asks to: PURCHASE or ACCESS. We already paied then we go on "access" it shows our email, license and asks for our passwd. We input it and nothing happens. Just one blue popup "update" and "exit" button. "Update" does not works so the only choice is to exit. When we use the program again, it still shows to us the purchase or access buttons; Seems we cannot unlock the program
  14. Guest

    Add image in a form

    How can i add an image in the form option, how does works the new icon of image in a form?
  15. Guest

    Add image in a form

    How can i add an image in the form option, how does works the new icon of image in a form?
  16. Last week
  17. Stephan

    Problems with marking PDF-Text

    Same Issue here with 7.5.1. With the Version I had before (7.3.1) it worked.
  18. Guest

    Printing problem

    I have Wondershare PDFelement version 7. It does not print some mathematical symbols, but I can see them in screen. Alsofont used for printing is different from what I see on screen. How can I fix it? I use Mac OS 10.14
  19. It is not possible to merge pdf files. But I can open every file separate with PDFelement. Version
  20. Guest

    Create the Ultimate Travel Checklist

    Through your writing, I have prepared my luggage for what I need to travel and I cannot do without: thue wifi du lich uc, It is a necessary condition to connect everything in this 4.0 technology era to find faster and support faster.
  21. When I install PDFelement 7 Pro and log in this should revert from trial to full version for perpetual license. In my case it reverts back to the trial version. I have tried for 3 weeks to get this corrected. Support keeps giving me some link with a password that will make my version perpetual. Every time the password is entered and still will not work. Even worse, after trying this new password I have to change my password each time. I have enjoyed most of the applications with WonderShare but this latest update for PDFelement 7 Pro is a piece of crap. Version 6 is much more stable than 7. I would like to use version 7 but in it's present state I will just stick with version 6. A nice rebate would be nice if version 7 can't be fixed.
  22. I saved an important file, which is around 2.5MB , and when i tried to open it later, it said that the file is damaged and can't be opened. Please help :( Nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses 2019-......pdf
  23. I'm on Macos - When scrolling pages they blank to a checker pattern - can that be turned off? PDFelement is awesome, but I find this extremely annoying.
  24. deeppal

    Batch Conversion

    The best PDF to Word Converter to batch export PDF to Word. Just go through the entire article to know the best solution to migrate PDF to Microsoft Word file.it can convert all types of pdf to ms word document. all the content and font will keep the original format and style, all the images in the pdf will keep the original size and location in the converted word document.
  25. ap90033

    Scanner not listed

    Same issue here, however tried running as administrator still doesnt list my scanner. I have a M6635 Kyocera network MFP...
  26. ap90033

    Scanner not selectable

    Same issue, I have a network scanner (Kyocera MFP).. Help?
  27. What a wonderful program! I OCRed a letter, and had only 3 minor typos. Summary/Short version: selecting a single graphic near the top of a 1 page PDF selected all the (graphic?) boxes around text further down. What was it doing? trying to select the small graphic I got a vertical dotted line down the middle of the page as if it were a border of a HUGE selection "or something". The top of the letter contains a graphic, say "&", and text "Smith Jones" with the graphic "&" in the middle. The OCR process placed the graphic "&" in the middle of "Jones" so I wanted to select it and move it. I was unable to select and move the "&", so spent time on the internet searching, and through the forums, the only tip I got was the obvious thing I'd tried - selecting the arrow icon at the top left to use it to select the graphic. However, as soon as I moved the cursor into the document, it became a "+", rather than arrow. "OK, I thought, that's a cursor to draw a box around what I want", but no. Eventually by selecting the "Smith Jones" text out of the way -- for I thought it was interfering with selecting the graphic, I "somehow" got the 4-headed move arrow, and moved the graphic. Yay! No, "Boo!" it had - invisibly because it was below the bottom of the screen -- it moved the boxes around some text, partially off screen, and had vertical bars in the wrong place. I painstakingly moved the text back into the boxes, and "gave up", saving the document with a nice header "Smith <graphic &> Jones" but parts of the text boxing missing.
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