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  2. Earl J Webb

    PDF Won't Print in Adobe

    Fillable PDF created in PDFPro 7 won't print in Adobe Acrobat even with Acrobat is system selected for opening and printing PDFs.
  3. Heiko Hentsch

    Custom Stamps

    i have the same problem 😞
  4. Guten Tag zusammen, Ich arbeite mit der Version Wenn ich einen benutzerdefinierten Stempel erstelle, so wird dieser nicht im Programm gespeichert. Nach einem Neustart ist er wieder verschwunden. Dies betrifft auch die Angaben zur Identität Was kann ich tun? Danke und Gruß H.
  5. Have there been any resolutions to this issue?Im getting this on every folder I select
  6. Last week
  7. Dominique MATHIS

    recadrage PDF

    Bonjour, Lors que je combine plusieurs pages PDF que j'ai recadrées dans PDFelements... elles sont combinées SANS le recadrage : cadre d'origine ???
  8. I need to change the type of license, help, wrong buying the PDF ELEMENT, I need it for MAC, what can you do to change the type of license, Thank you. ixa951205@hotmail.com
  9. Guest

    Multiple Files: Display as tabs?

    Hello everyone I was searching for a good PDF-Tool on MacOS. After finding PDFElement I downloaded the Pro version from https://pdf.wondershare.com/de/download.html and started my free trial. I work a lot with PDFs and multiple PDF-files at the same time. But upon opening files in PDFElement, the files are only displayed in a new window. Is it somehow possible to display them as tabs in the program, kind of Safari-Tabs or document-tabs in Apple's Preview? I changed my options in the dock-settings to "open documents always in tabs". However, PDFElement still opens documents in a new window. Is there a way to enable / open files as tabs? Kind regards
  10. ❗Want to test how much you know about pdf? 📎Come and join our Bootcamp--Only 5 fun games helps you learn more about PDFs! Reach level 5 for your chance to win an exciting prize--A MacBook! Click here now: http://bit.ly/2pfmbs9
  11. Guest

    Inserting text in pdf

    This is not possible unless you convert the document to, e.g., a Microsoft Word file. PDFs work different from a word processor, so changes such as inserting text will not affect (push down) lines on the following pages. The best way to achieve this would be conversion to MS word (a word processor) and then export as PDF again if desired.
  12. Guest

    Inserting text in pdf

    I am in the process of editing a 100+ page text document using the software. I would like to know how I might insert a paragraph and shift the entire document down the page.
  13. Guest

    PDF Element - New computer - licence

    Did you find out how to do this?
  14. Guest

    OSX10.15, 64bit?

    Is the latest version of PDF converter Catalina OSX10.15 computable (e.g., 64bit)? I'm upgrading my iMac OS and would like to work with the latest version of Converter Pro.
  15. Guest

    Registering on a new computer

    I currently have PDF Element 6 on a computer but I recently bought a new computer and I want to register it on the new computer. How do I do that? Thank you in advance,
  16. Guest

    Auto-Calculate Field

    Need a VBA code to multiply two fields and display the result in the current field automatically. Anyone ?
  17. ciao Tia i have the same problem of last time..2page in 1 electronic sheet and in function Ocr this is a problem because the sentences go out mixet from left to right obviously! there is a trix can i do for to apply..? example..divide every sheet in2 sheet automatically?or other? example my sheett https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kZ2qG_5bYgWM1S34Y9C1Bw10AkwcHsYm thanks a lot (and sorry if my englesh is no clear 🙂
  18. laurent raifort

    reorganize pdf scan recto verso

    Hello, I have to scan a recto-verso document but my scanner has only the recto mode. Is it possible to scan all odd pages then all even pages and automatically reorganize the document in order to have the page in the right order ? Thanks
  19. Lưu Thanh Tùng

    Why don't have OCR Vietnamese ?

    Here, you guys said there is OCR support for Vietnamese. http://support.wondershare.com/#/article?id=1404 But when I downloaded the software, it did not appear Vietnamese in the language setting when using OCR .

    Capture a specific part of some document is unavailable !

    Yes ! Ella took care of this, successfully ! (see the instructions) 1.Uninstall the program from the computer, restart the computer, delete the folder where you install the program and download the program again from this link: Download URL: https://ssl-download.wondershare.com/pdfelement-pro_full5239.exe 2. Close the anti-virus program when downloading. 3. Install the program in other local disks instead of the default local disk C. Tks
  21. Lauren Ham

    get rid of watermark

    Did you receive a response? I don't think the company is answering messages, perhaps they closed down! I'm having the same issue.
  22. Lauren Ham

    Capture a specific part of some document is unavailable !

    Do any PDFelement technicians actually monitor these sites?
  23. When I try to use OCR, PDF Converter Pro closes
  24. Please help? Where do I find the main menu for PDF Elements Version 7 (see the attached files below)? When I open the app on my Mac it only shows a small screen that say "open file". That's all. No main menu that seems user-friendly as seen on youtube promos? Where do I find the ready-made templates custom made for PDF Elements Pro? How do I create a new PDF from the Version 7 ready-made template?
  25. Unfortunately it's great reviews like this that made me purchase this program, only to find out it lacks some of the necessary functions of Adobe. Not everyone will need the ability to measure and scale, however many in my industry will find this program useless without it. Unfortunately I made the assumption, after seeing multiple reviews saying "Adobe Replacement", that this program would be an all in one replacement and never even thought to verify it had the necessary features. It was my oversight, therefore no refund, but now I'm forced to find another actual adobe alternative.
  26. Guest

    Measurement Tools?

    I see the program was recently updated, however measurement tools still haven't been added? Can you please tell me why? I see this question was originally asked in January of 2018. The measurement capability is crucial if this program is to be taken seriously. I can't imagine I'm the only person that purchased this "Adobe Alternative" only to realize it lacks the functionality of Adobe. I commented on the previous post, which somehow is marked as closed. Making the layout attractive is all fine and good, but making the program useful should be the focus. I look forward to an update.
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