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  2. Hello I got an issue that I can't see anything when I was typing in comment. But after I finish typing, I could see the result. It was annoying, even if I reinstall it, it still the same. I can't see anything when I was typing in picture1, but after I finished, I can see the result when I mouseover it in picture2. How could I fix this?
  3. Yesterday
  4. zenyatta80

    Pdf Element 7 - Mac

    Why are you removing features? This does not make any sense.
  5. zenyatta80

    Find and Replace

    Why has the Find and Replace feature been removed? Its crazy honestly. I am on Mac version
  6. zenyatta80

    Need tabs for multiple PDFS

    This feature used to exist in a previous version. I am completely lost as to why it was removed. Its a no brainer that the app has become less productive without it. Any idea on when this will be added.
  7. Last week
  8. Guest

    Hebrew Language

    Hello, Any news regarding Hebrew type? Thank you.

    OCR results in gibberish

    When performing OCR the results are symbols. I am using MacBook Pro 2018. macOS Catalina version 10.15.2
  10. Why aren't the combine files and edit files in Win 10 context menu? Also When in Outlook when you right click and click on "quick print" it actually doesn't quick print like Adbobe. Pdfelemnt just opens up.
  11. Jefferson

    Upgraded account but still showing "free"

    Estou com o mesmo problema e não encontro suporte!
  12. Jefferson

    Não consigo ativar PDF Element

    Comprei o PDF Element mas o mesmo não ativa, pede para comprar novamente. Tentei vários suporte (inclusive esse) mas sem sucesso. Consigo efetuar o login quanto no PDF Element como na web mas mesmo assim o programa fica pedido pra mim comprar novamente. Clico a opção atualizar não funciona. Preciso de ajuda do suporte de preferência em Português, porque só encontrei em inglês,.
  13. Gunther Herbsthofer

    PDF size ist growing

    Hello, do you think this is a professional solution? GH
  14. Guest

    The More You Know: Adding Hyperlinks to PDFs

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  15. Guest

    PDF Forms Text Field Font Size

    Is it possible to resize default text in a PDF form field? I couldn't see anything in the properties to set those sizes. Could someone please enlighten me?
  16. Hi Username support@autocode.us I upgraded the account to premium but the account status is still “free” Please advise Thanks
  17. Donna de Chabert

    Unable to create individual text boxes

    This problem went away when Wondershare responded to me, but has since returned with new updates.
  18. Kathy Barnes


    New to PDF Element and I'd like to eliminate page breaks when converting a WORD doc to a PDF. Any suggestions how to do this?
  19. Guest

    file printed incorrectly.

    Hello, I am on Mac. My form in preview and when printed looks different than original. When printed boxes from background appear with outlined borders and text is misaligned. When I preview and print this document in Macs Preview all looks good. Also, when form is filled on Macs Preview - fields which I duplicate to autofill disappear in Pdfelement.
  20. Guest

    Decimal Managment

    Hi, I have a problem with extracting information from a document, if it is a number and has a thousands separator with "," the last digit removes me, example 1,087,633 leaves me in the excel a figure of 1,087,63 or if it is 729,350 it leaves me 729, 35 so I can't use the information well, what can I do?
  21. Hans Leander

    Creating pdf file from several jpg files

    Hello: I am looking for a replacement for Acrobat XI, and I do not want to pay what Adobe charges for an upgrade. fdfelement looks good to me. However, one question: In Acrobat, you can open a window "Combine Files into PDF, drag and drop .jpg files (for instance) into it, rearrange them, and then click "Combine Files), and you had a pdf file. Does it work in the same way in pfdelements? if not, what is the difference? Note. After reinstall of Acrobat XI in Windows 10, v 1909, the drag and drop do no longer work. Thanks for info. Hans L
  22. Vincenzo Scarpinati

    printed in vertical A4

    Hello. Can a booklet that takes half of the top page be printed in vertical A4?
  23. Steve Hooper

    Default Open View

    Hi Everyone, When I open a PDF, I would like to have it open page width. Does anyone know of a setting that I can do this with? Thanks Steve
  24. Paul Duncan

    Changing default print settings to A4

    Hi, I live in a country were A4 is the default (i.e. everywhere outside America). PDFelement always sets the printer to letter size when i try to print, and each time i have to manually change to A4. The system print settings are already set to A4 paper size and the file may be native in A4, but PDFelement forces the printer to letter, each and every time. How do i change the software to stick with A4? Thanks Paul
  25. Earlier
  26. Stillbon PDFelement 7 is the perfect tool for editing PDF documents in much the same way as editing a common Microsoft Word document. All the tools in this PDF Editor are simple and intuitive to use, such as adding and deleting text, images, and links. It also works as a PDF Converter as it allows you to convert PDF files to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, images and more. With the professional version, by activating the OCR (optical character recognition technology) plugin, you can also easily edit the scanned PDF files and convert the scanned PDF documents into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Both the Standard and Pro versions support Windows 10/7/8 / Vista / XP. If you have a Mac OS X go to PDFelement. Simple & Intuitive Interface Design to Perform Editing Features in PDF File. Batch Conversion of PDF Files at Once by Keeping Entire Data Intact. Free trial version of the software is also available to download at- https://www.stillbonsoftware.com/pdfelement/
  27. Guest


    Where can I see what kind of bugs were fixed in the last update?
  28. Shen

    PDF size ist growing

    Hello, Sorry for all the inconvenience caused to you. You can just optmize you file and it will become 0.42M then. Please contact Wondershare Support by this link for further help: http://support.wondershare.com/en/contact
  29. Shen

    Black Page

    Hello, Sorry for all the inconvenience caused to you. It will be highly appreciated if you send us your original file and we will test on our side. Please contact Wondershare Support by this link for more help: http://support.wondershare.com/en/contact
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