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  2. Capture a specific part of some document is unavailable, a grey screen appears and I'm trying to fix it more than one month ! Could someone help me ? Capture a part of one document.pdf
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  4. Chris Cerrato

    How To Download OCR Plug-In?

    Hello! We recently purchased PDFelement and we are just starting. We need to download the OCR Plug-In so we can proceed. Is there a link you can send to get us started, or, how do we proceed to get the OCR feature activated? Thank you, Chris Cerrato Business Analyst Clerk of the Superior Court Maricopa County, Phoenix, Arizona
  5. Thomas ROBISSON

    Select Object

    Hi, I'm using PDF element Pro 7.2.0 under Mac OS Mojave. I print some webpages (from Safari) in PDF and I edited them to make a single 3 pages PDF. It is ExoTerrasse.pdf . I remove all to show what I can't remove in ExoTerrasseToRemove3.pdf . How can I remove those things? I can remove them using Adobe Acrobat, with the object Tool but I would like to use only PDF element. Note : When, after remove all what I can in ExoTerrasse.pdf which is 6,5 mb, I save ExoTerrasseToRemove.pdf it was 10,1 mb. I had to open it in Acrobat and save it (without doing anything else) and it is 3,6 mb . ExoTerrasse.pdf ExoTerrasseToRemove3.pdf
  6. How do you convert a PDF document to a WORD document without the WORD document having boxes around the text and/or converting it to a WORD document as a picture which can't be edited?
  7. Philip Kent


    Good afternoon: Came across this application as one to use to convert a .pdf to word document but with the trial version only three pages were generated. Is this normal? If I purchase the app, will the entire document be converted - there are over 76 pages Thanks in advance
  8. Last week
  9. Guest

    Set Default Form Properties Mac

    Hi Guys Trying to change the default form properties on Mac with PDFelements 7. On PDFelements 6 you could control click (or right click) and a menu would come up with the option. In 7 control click (or right click) doesnt bring up this menu anymore...any ideas? Thanks Heaps
  10. aniel Crathern

    How do I?

    I know how to combine multiple pdfs into one but I need to then extract certain pages to print. I want to do it as a batch and whilst I can search for the pages I need I can't figure out how to then print the searched pages. Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA
  11. Sheryl McEachern

    Date Field Calendar Dropdown

    Has a drop down calendar ever been created in pdfelement pro? my customer wants this feature in his forms. please advise .
  12. Guest

    Problems with OCR

    Hello, I paid the program for one year mainly for the OCR, I need to translate some books in german I have scanned. But when I run OCR it says; The OCR process has to be cancelled because unexpected error. Please, can you help me with this? Thank you
  13. Guest

    Form Field Text Properties

    is there a way to do the same in mac? thanks!
  14. Derek BANOCY

    set the file name

    Also hate that you cannot designate the file name when saving!
  15. Derek BANOCY

    Need tabs for multiple PDFS

    Agree with this is missing and is a nice feature on competitor applications.
  16. Derek BANOCY

    Shortcut Change and Zooming

    The zoom command to 'Fit Page' is a Mac system default shortcut (option + command). Can this be changed, or better yet, can we have the ability to change shortcuts? Most programs allow zooming with the mouse wheel too. Would love one or both of the options to improve navigation in the program. Or maybe there's some functionality I am missing. Even to have the zoom commands be similar to other programs would be helpful. I do really like it so far as an alternative to Adobe, Bluebeam, others!
  17. bram

    How to Retain the Bookmark after Combining PDFs

    Hi Heidi, Has the problem for the bookmark lost after combining PDFs been solved in PDFelement 7 Pro? I recently received email about upgrading to version 7. I might be interested if this case has been solved. Thanks
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  19. Beanie 2525

    Create PDF (Blank File)

    Hi I was wondering if any of you faces the same issue. After I purchased the license for Wondershare PDF Elements Pro 6, I selected the "create PDF option" I just need to convert an excel file to PDF but all i get were the blank pages. It didn't have the this problem before license activation. I tried uninstall and reinstall but nothing helps.
  20. Guest

    Measurement Tools

    It's kind of ridiculous that more than 18 months later, this still hasn't been addressed. I made the mistake of purchasing this without verifying it had the capability to measure, because it would be silly for a program to claim it's an Adobe alternative without this feature. as Lurker mentioned above, basically every other program offers it.
  21. Lisa Crawford

    PDF Pages appear blank

    I am having the same issue, and I have the updated version. Files opening with blank pages. If I look at the thumbnails, I can see the content. If I go back to view each page, they're blank.
  22. Cthog

    Context Menu to Combine PDFs

    Another feature which would be nice to see would be having Windows' context menu (when you right click on several files) allow you to combine the files in PDFelement--another Acrobat feature which is incredibly handy, rather than having to open up PDFElement first, and manually add the files.
  23. Cthog

    Please enable duplex mode

    I use this feature a lot, when I'm printing something out for my own reference, to save paper. Acrobat has duplex in the regular print settings--with PDF element, I have to go through Printer Settings to enable. Not a huge issue, but the ability to simply click a radio button on the print page seems easy enough to implement, and would save some time and hassle.
  24. john mario

    Quit Option not active

    There are three ways to quit option not active 1. Force Quit Using the Apple Menu 2. Force Quit with Mac Shortcut 3.Close Application from Activity Monitor (Ctrl+Alt+Del Alternative) For more assistance and tech support visit Data Recovery Dubai
  25. Earlier
  26. Guest

    Auto Close All Tabs

    How do I set the system to ask me if I want to close all tabs, or just the current tab? I have frequently lost work and had to reopen files because when I accidentally click to close the program and I really meant to only close one PDF tab, I am not warned of such. You think I would know better by now but, apparently not. Thank you for any assistance you can provide!
  27. Lisa Crawford

    Files open blank??

    New to this program. My files that are more than two pages open blank.
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