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  2. Not even with Version 7, Wondershare is addressing this bug that have being reported by many people. I have the same issue - this software only read the first page scanned - although it looks like is scanning all pages - but it shows only the first page. So frustrating - It looks a good product - but it does not work with the more critical function - scanning from a brother MFC 9340cdw
  3. twarren42

    Remember Me in Windows 10

    Is there a way to have the Windows 10 pro version remember my login? It's a little irritating having to log in every time I open the application.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Daniel Montoya

    Learn, Work, and Travel: How to Live Life on Your Own Terms

    Thank you very much, very interesting post. I advise to use the site for the fullness of life and for a large number of emotions. I hope it will be useful.
  6. Unfortunately, there is no direct way to drag and drop single pages of large PDF documents onto the desktop. This method only works with Adobe Acrobat. But there is a workaround: First, open the document to be edited in pdfelement Pro. Then you have to switch to the "page menu". There you can now select the pages to be copied. After doing this, click on the menu item "Extract". Here you can choose the page area to copy. Then you can save the selected page area under "File" "Save as" on the desktop. Have a nice day. 😎
  7. Daniel Wagner

    Missing feature: click and select (start to end)

    Hi, at the thumbail-sidebar, is it not possible to select a start and an end-page with the shift-key. In grid-thumbnail-view is it possible. brg Daniel
  8. Daniel Wagner

    Missing feature: scrollbar (thumbnails-sidebar)

    Hi, in version 7.x there are no scroll-bar at the side-menu with the thumbnails. You have to scroll by mouse. brg Daniel
  9. Daniel Wagner

    Missing feature: pinch-zoom

    Hi, zoom a document with pinch to zoom. brg Daniel Wagner
  10. Daniel Wagner

    Missing feature: blackening

    Hi, I miss a feature to blackening a text. The function exists in version 6. brg Daniel
  11. Hi, someone know how to create at PDFe 7 some personal Stamp like it was possible at PDFe 6 pro ? Thank you
  12. Cody Allmin

    Missing Text Fields

    Has anybody else come across an issue where text fields don't save? I've tried creating a PDF form several times now and every time I save it and open it in Adobe to check it works 4-5 of the text fields I created will have not saved to the document. When I reopen it in PDFelement, the fields are now missing. I've tried to correct the problem by creating the Text Fields again but when saved again, a different 4-5 text fields will be missing. I can't wrap my head around what is causing this, are there limitations on how many text fields you can add to a document?
  13. Peter Fullerton

    Mac Review of PDFelement7

    Review of PDFelement7: Having used PDFelement6 Pro for some time, the first thing that strikes a user when opening PDFelement7, and this is a very welcome difference to strike this user, is a much "cleaner", more intuitive user interface. The familiar main menus are there, but when it comes to actually working on an open pdf document, ie., editing text or manipulating an image, the requisite tools in PDFelement7 are available through discrete buttons. These are located in the top, and right and left hand margins around the active document. These buttons are labelled but also have pop-up tool tips which amplify the function which that button activates. Getting used to the position of these buttons is likely to take a little practice -- moving from right margin, to top margin to left margin requires thinking, but this is part of the change a user of the new PDFelement7 needs to navigate. Not being a fan of having to go the long way around, I have been relieved/reassured by the (so far) faultless way PDFelement7 has efficiently opened every document or image I have tried, from whatever origin -- web, local network, thumb drive or folder. This is something I definitely could not say about PDFelement6, whihc ultimately led me to return to the Mac OSX app Preview, as my preferred "Open (all) wilt..." selection in the Get Info window associated with a PDF file. Such was the frustration of having to open many documents from within the File menu of the PDFelement6 version. Using the document icon <double click> method, PDFelement6 Pro often failed to open PDF documents. In my view, being apparently free of this limitation, PDFelement7 promises to now be a genuine alternative to the Mac OSX Preview; an alternative with a bit of editing muscle. In the rest of this review, I will focus primarily on two of the functions of the new version, and hope this provides a representative of my experience of engaging with it. Plainly there are many more features to explore in PDFelement7, and no doubt others will comment. These two caught my attention. Whilst the range of text editing/image manipulation tools is good/sufficient for most circumstances, there does appear to be one tool not available in PDFelement7. This may not be critical for every user of course, but I know of a number of art students for whom the function I have in mind is a regular "go to". The apparent "omision" is this: PDFelement7seems to have eft off the option to flip an image; there is a button to effect a rotation of an image, and even though the online tutorial video (admittedly this is PDFelement6) does "promise" -- it is in the title of the video: "Flip Images in PDF on Mac with PDFelement" -- to demonstrate how to "flip" an image, what is shown is the dexterity of the rotate image function. The flip option would reverse the image, not just change the orientation by a succession of degrees. To be able to flip/reverse an image is a very useful function/option, especially when a user is working with an image and is experimenting with it graphically. Students who scan their work and save it as a PDF, to either email to others, or as part of the process of preparing the image for linocut work, would find the inability to actually flip/reverse the image a real limitation. The form filling function in PDFelement7 works, although it requires care to begin with, particularly with complicated forms. Once a form is opened, and the "Add or Edit PDF Form" button is clicked (left hand margin button menu) there are basically two choices available. First, the actual form can be modified -- actually there is scope to effectively create a new form -- eg., the text/enter boxes can be renamed on the form. This is achieved by highlighting/double clicking each text box in the form -- then using the pop-up window, which appears from the right side of the form to make the various edits available, and there are a number of these. It is also possible to add features to the form, like check boxes, radio button sets, drop down menus etc. The second option, ie to fill in the form, is accessed by clicking a button called "Preview" at the top right hand corner of the form window (I wonder if "Preview" is a little unclear; maybe something like "Enter" or "Enter Details"). Once in this layout, it is easy to move from text box to text box, entering the required data. The check boxes included in many forms can be easily selected by a mouse click. Printing the form, once filled out, is from the File menu, with a preview available. The form remains consistent and the entered text is well placed in the text boxes. Overall PDFelement7 marks a step forward in sophistication, and i am expecting to learn much more about its other functions, as I continue to use it. I would certainly recommend PDFelement7.
  14. Last week
  15. Guest


    Dear all, I would like to know how can I put in my pdf documents a button used to scrolling pages (previous/next page with arrows button). And how to replicate on all pages of document.
  16. Jurgen Tuttens

    How to register PDF Element 7? Frustrated

    Sorry I can't help either. This worked for me.
  17. Jurgen Tuttens

    Buy or Login Ver. 7 Pro

    +1 same problem, I have to login every morning
  18. Peter Fullerton

    Mac Review for PDFelement7

    Review of PDFelement7.docx
  19. I am just trying out Pdfelements 7 . Unfortunately in the "Create" menu listdoesn't contain "Pdf from scanner". This is one the most crucial functions for me. Thanks for your help
  20. Guest

    Buy or Login Ver. 7 Pro

    Hello, anybody there to care about customer???
  21. Chia Tze Ann


    Hi, I am using PDFelement 7 and I am unable to upload Microsoft file to PDF. I am able to choose the file I want to create to PDF and once I click it nothing happens. Anyone has solutions to it?
  22. Hello, This morning, PDFElelment 7 wanted to do an update. In doing so it naturally wanted to shut down the currently open .PDFs. It stopped responding while shutting down the open .PDF and crashed, so I tried to open it several times and it wouldn't open. I rebooted my system thinking surely this would fix it not opening, but after rebooting PDFElement 7 will still not open. What do I need to do to get 7 working correctly on my system and operating again? I still have 6.x on my system and it seems to still be working fine. Thanks, Chuck
  23. Guest

    How to register PDF Element 7? Frustrated

    The lack of any sort of support for PDFelement is ridiculous. Their webmaster must have quit because the online web site has many problems. Terrible service trying to upgrade to PDFelement 7 Pro. No responses from Sales or Customer Support. Paid through PayPay for an upgrade to PDFelement 7 Pro. Received no confirmation from Sales or Customer Support. Tried to login and forgot password. Impossible to obtain reset password since WonderShare has never sent confirmation code back to me. Awful support or rather no support at all.
  24. Guest

    Write Review, Get Free License

    Absolutely terrible service trying to upgrade to PDFelement 7 Pro. No responses from Sales or Customer Support. Paid through PayPay for an upgrade to PDFelement 7 Pro. Received no confirmation from Sales or Customer Support. Tried to login and forgot password. Impossible to obtain reset password since WonderShare has never sent confirmation code back to me. Awful support or rather no support at all.
  25. BGS

    Giveaway 1-Year PDFelement 7

    Hello Tia And after the 1year free, what's happining? 1- We must paid a new licence 2- we will not have the futur upgrade 3---- Thanks for your precisions
  26. Guest

    Clear Menu

    New User: This must be obvious...how do I clear or delete individual PDFs from the menu of previous PDFs that comes up when I open the program?
  27. BGS

    How to register PDF Element 7? Frustrated

    Hello Jurgen Unfortunatly it seems that that don't work .. I have uninstall pdf6, erase the folder on my disc, re install pdf 7, and I can't register..
  28. Tia

    Giveaway 1-Year PDFelement 7

    Hi every, New PDFelement 7 is here. We would like to thank all the users of our previous version by giving 1-year PDFelement for Free. Please click here to learn more: https://pdf.wondershare.com/contest/pdfelement-7-release.html Best Regards, Tia
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