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  1. Yesterday
  2. ananthu

    change color of font

    how to change color of font in pdf file
  3. Guest

    Simplify HR Forms Using PDF

    Is there a way to export relevant datas from a set of pdf document such as for passport, visa, different type of certificates and extract key data such as name, passport number date of birth, issued and expiry dates? different batch may be a different set for extraction of such data may consist of different document/certificates and places in different orders? Although I said different sets, but each set will be a collection of standard document of passport and certificates, for example 5 different types national passports, 50 different type of certificates?
  4. How do I go about removing double spaces in a converted PDF to Word doc?
  5. Last week
  6. Debbie Buxton

    Form fields not showing

    Created a pretty extensive form with checkboxes. Went into edit a few and they are not showing on the screen, but show in the thumbnails. Very frustrating. Guess I am going back to paying for Adobe Acrobat. Too many frustrations so far with PDFElement.
  7. hipal@arcor.de

    File size... odd thing

    Thank you for reply. As you know I already contacted you.
  8. hipal@arcor.de

    howto... cut out?

    I tried to cut out a newspaper article from a PDF. I have no idea how to do this. There is a hint in the web, but this is definitely wrong. I think I must "paint" a frame around the article, klick on mouse and choose "CUT or COPY". But there is nothing like that to find in PDFelement. How can I manage this? It is a feature I often need... Thanks for help
  9. henengel

    Zoom in page in "Page" tab

    HI all, I would like to ask is it possible, and if it is then how to, make the pages in the pdf file bigger (zoom in), while in the "Page" tab. When going to the "Page" tab to delete, insert and generally organize the pages in the pdf file, I can't identify the pages since they are so small, hence making me unable to identify and organize them. ;os_osx_10_13 ; P.S If PDFelement staff is reading this, just so you know that it's not possible to open support tickets in the support center. When I try to open one, I get a webpage saying: The MySQL server is running with the --read-only option so it cannot execute this statement
  10. Paul R Hills

    line spacing

    Hello Heidi Thanks for your reply. I am sorry, but then I cannot use the software. I have tried to go through your website to ask for a refund, but it does not recognize the order number or my email address. I am happy to supply screenshots of the transactions publicly but I prefer that your company contacts me on my email privately: paulrichardhills@gmail.com

    PDFelement Server run as Service

    Hi, we are new to PDFelement and now own 5 Concurrent licenses. As described in the deploymentguide, we installed the PDFelement Server and now are able to use serverbased licensing. But we got a problem, when the useraccount that runs the PDFelement Server is logged off at the server. At thi moment its not possible to start the PDFelement on any of our 100 Clients. Is it possible to install/run the PDFelement Server as a service on startup on Windows 2012 R2 like with sc.exe command: PS C:\Windows\system32> sc.exe create PDFelement binpath= "C:\Program Files (x86)\Wondershare\PDFelement Server\PDFelementServer.exe" DisplayName= "PDFelement Server" start= auto
  12. bash

    Data Fields are Invisible

    I have created a PDF form by using PDFElement in Windows, but now i filled that PDF Form Pragmatically using HummusJs and saves it Issue began when i open the filled pdf form, Fields are invisible until each field clicked Thanks
  13. bash

    Form Fields are Invisible

    I have created a PDF form by using PDFElement in Windows, but now i filled that PDF Form Pragmatically using HummusJs and saves it Issue began when i open the filled pdf form, Fields are invisible until each field clicked Thanks
  14. Sobhana123

    missing icons

    hi. I am not understanding in this topic please tell me any one. ISO 9001 in Australia
  15. Hi, how do you stop the page from snapping to the top when you are scrolling through it? It is incredibly annoying, especially when I have a footer on each page that needs changing, I have to move my cursor bar so slowly then it will flip to the next page and I have to keep going back and try and get it to stay. How can I scroll through pages smoothly without it jumping around?
  16. wdt

    Date Field Disappears

    My current document contains date fields that require the date to be formatted as YYYY MMM DD (eg: 2018 AUG 16). I type in a date and then move the cursor to a new field and, whammo, the date I entered is deleted. How can I override the default date format? Thanks, Bill PS: I just purchased PDFelement Professional today after several trials with production forms. I am sure I have made a good choice and I'm also sure I have a lot to learn.
  17. Debbie Buxton

    Text Box questions

    How do I create text boxes the same size? Recently changed over from Adobe Acrobat and had the ability to set text boxes the same size with a button. Don't see that ability in PDFElement for the Mac.
  18. How are you using PDFs at school? What is your experience with documents as you’re doing your homework? Submit an original video with us and share your take on our topic: PDFs in Education. All participants will receive a free copy of PDFelement 6 Pro (valued at $99.95) and the winning student will be awarded with $1,000 USD. Check out this link for additional details! Eligibility: The 2018 PDFelement Scholarship is open to all students above 17 years of age who are enrolled in an accredited post-secondary institution in any location worldwide.
  19. sjarvis999

    Can't reduce file size

    There is no "optimize' button the file menu of the free download. How do i reduce file size of a large pdf? That is my primary interest before buying the product.
  20. Does someone have a link to download the for the pdf element std version 6.0 I keep going around in circles with only the pro version.
  21. TKL

    missing icons

    thanks Heidi - appreciate this - so how do I create a digital signature similar to what the windows version is showing - the creation tool under forms menu is not sufficient.
  22. Heidi Chan

    Text flow to next page

    Hi Paul, I am afraid that our program does not support to get text flow to the next page. As far as we know, no program out there can do this. Hope this makes sense. Heidi
  23. Heidi Chan

    missing icons

    Hi TKL, For your information, the first screenshot is for Windows version and the second screenshot is for Mac version. The interface for these two programs are different. Hope this helps. Heidi
  24. Heidi Chan

    PDF Element Freezes after printing

    Hi Lin, I forwarded that to our programmers for further check. But I am afraid that we haven't figured out this issue from the log file. Can you follow the steps shown by the screenshots below to send us the dump file for our further analysis? Thanks for your cooperation in advance. Heidi
  25. Heidi Chan

    line spacing

    Hi Paul, I am sorry that currently our Mac version does not support to set line spacing manually. Our Windows version supports to set numbers for line spacing. Thanks for your suggestion. Heidi
  26. Paul R Hills

    Text flow to next page

    How do I get added text lines on one page to flow to the next page?
  27. Paul R Hills

    line spacing

    Ive read the above.. is this right? Must I use my eye to calculate the line spacing? Surely not
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