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    Since the last update 2019/03/04, why can't I open more than 1 file at the time? Version
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    Hi there, Thank you Ellen and James for your precious suggestion. I will collect your feedback as a demand request and report to our manager to carry that manual guide as soon as we can if convenience. Thank you again for your contribution! All best, Tia
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    I have purchased the PDF element for $90. Now how can I upgrade to the pro version without paying the full fee again? This is in mac app store
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    About every 2nd or 3rd time I try to save my progress the software freezes up. Very frustrating as you lose your progress and have to use task manager to close it. Also using Windows 10
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    I also get this same message when checking for updates. It has happened over a period of two weeks since purchasing the program.
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    When I updated to version my ability to double click to open PDF's isn't working. Additionally, opening from outlook isn't working either.
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    Has anyone actually spoke with a staff member? I can't seem to connect with anyone and I would like to purchase the product.
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    Checking other comments I can see that this in an ongoing problem. I emailed Wondershare 3 times before I got this response. I purchased 3 licenses but still cannot get answers to my questions. It's a shame. The product is good but the support is lacking
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    Today I wanted to activate my PDFelement Pro 6 license on my new computer, but I get the following message from the program after a successful registration: "The number of authenticated installations has been exceeded. It appears that the allowable number of program activations is exceeded. Please contact customer support for assistance. " What do I have to do to enable PDFelement Pro 6 on my machine? Yours sincerely Jörg Troharsch
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    And they answer me: Dear Customer:Thanks for reaching us! This is Bella, a customer/sales support specialist from Wondershare. I am so sorry about the inconvenience that brought to you.We have launched a new update to fix this problem, please go>"Help">"Check for Update" to fetch one. V6.9.8 4193Hope this helps. If you have any question, feel free to get back to me.Cheers,Bella BUT its say that im in the last version... I really want my money back
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    I recently purchased PDFelement Pro and have the latest version. I often scan to PDF as I use this to archive important documents. I was using Nitro Pro version 7.5 and it works perfectly with my two scanners. When I tried scanning with PDFelement I found that the scanned images were fuzzy using the default (built-in) interface to both my scanners. Therefore I tried selecting the box for "Use Scanner Interface". This does bring up my scanners' interfaces (one is a CanoScan 8800f flatbed scanner and the other is a newer Epson all in one printer/scanner/copier/fax) however after each page scanned, the interface closes and I am returned to the PDFelement rather than letting me determine if more pages are to be scanned. The worst is with my Epson because it has an automatic document feeder (ADF) for scanning multiple pages. PDFelement only scans and returns the first page of the multipage document!!! This is a poor handling of scanning capability! The program (either with the native interface or with the scanner interface) should be able to work with an ADF! This is NOT a professional program without this ability! When I select the scanner interface, it should remain in that interface until I am done scanning as many pages as I like, and THEN when I choose to exit the interface, go back to PDFelement to create the PDF document. Without this capability, the program is NOT suited for professional use - as advertised. That's unfortunate as the rest of the program works fairly well - especially with editing existing PDFs. That was the main reason for me upgrading from Nitro Pro. As it stands, I am forced to use Nitro Pro for all my scanning needs. This is perhaps the greatest usage I have for this program! The only other thing I use it for is to print webpages to PDF for safe keeping. This is only about 20% of my use with 80% use is for scanning to PDF. I rarely use the conversion from Office programs to PDF and never use the conversion back to Office! I just have no need for this. Fix the broken scanning capability!
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    Same problem as well... The first PDF opens correctly. But once PDFelement is open, the only way to open a second PDF at the same time as the first, is to go through the File-->Open menu. This started happening with update to I run Window 10 (version 1089 build 17763.379) fully patched. Please fix ASAP, very annoying!
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    I have been using PDF element for over a year now. I happened upon a bill from Adobe, I was paying by the month. It is shocking to me looking back upon it how much it cost me to be enslaved by a computer program that is treated as a profession by many of its users. I saw it time and again: that caused Adobe's software to be a functional silo and bottleneck. Sometimes, the imagined complexity of .pdf was used by the worker in attempts to gain special treatment. I am so very happy...delighted...with my PDF Element purchase that cost me just a few months of 'brand x'. Even if you or your organization use Adobe... buy PDF Element also. It is so nice to know you can easily and in an instant create or edit .pdf.... it is a sense of relief and power all in one. Be aware: there is a lot of free and paid .pdf software. None of the free stuff is very functional and a lot of the paid stuff is weak. PDF Element is robust and complete...a joy to use. As a note: PDF Element has OCR but regardless of software I find it easier to use a free online OCR. This is not spam paid for by Wondershare. I am a real purchaser who actually used the software frequently for over a year now.
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    please support high resolution screen like 4k monitor. The current version of pdf element pro is blur in the 4k monitor.
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