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    Thank you, Heidi. I look forward to purchasing the program when this option is available. Very good support...
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    please support high resolution screen like 4k monitor. The current version of pdf element pro is blur in the 4k monitor.
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    Hi - here is the requested file for today - am hopeful it will help. Thank you. PDFelement 6 Pro_6.8.0.3523.log
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    Yes, here it is ppmnpAG reunió 3-7-2018, comentàris.xls
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    Hi Rebecca, I have tried doing what you suggested and it still does not process and export the data in a way that is helpful to me. I'm sure the program is very useful in many ways but I have resigned to the fact that PDFelement is not for me and what I want to achieve with it. I have put in a refund request and have not got any response for it as of yet. Could you please check on this for me if you have the capability to do so. Thanks, Joseph
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    I have uninstalled and installed the version you sent me via URL. The same issue occurred so I undertook a number of tests on the PDF in question. After testing numerous file differences including re-downloading the file to a different folder and changing the PDF file name to one word I finally found the issue. The issue with the latest OCR version is that unlike the previous OCR version, this version does not like converting PDFs which contain Sticky Notes (I have only tested for Adobe Acrobat Reader Sticky Notes). I have Sticky Notes in all my PDFs so it would be good if the OCR development team could resolve this issue. For now, I can delete the Sticky Notes before using the OCR feature.
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    good day all I am new to this chat, wanted to say I am loving the program for my pdf day to day work, I wanted to know is there a way to see a preview of the pdf in this software, e;g if I change my icon setting to large would I or should I see a preview of the document ??
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    OK thanks, no need to use other product, wait until is available.
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    Ability to scan multiple pages from ah automatic document feeder (ADF) is lacking. I need to scan multiple page documents frequently and can only do it one page at a time.
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    Hello, I am new to PDFelement (and posting) Running PDF Element 6.7.1 on macOS High Sierra 10.13.6. I am attempting to create a fillable form for distribution. All works well in PDF element, once I test the form on Apple Preview Version 10.0 the formula (sum) function does not calculate. Any help will be a life saver, thank you!
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    Thanks, working now 🙂 I use it only on one computer. But I have tried many times to log on, can it be that?
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