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    I have the same problem. You should not add watermarks to the demo if they cannot be removed when the program is purchased.
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    I am giving Wondershare a try. Say I scan a multipage doc as one pdf, and then the back pages as another. Other programs I have used (eg PDF Sam) will allow me to combine the 2 docs and will automatically alternate the pages and do the second stack in reverse order so that the final doc has all the pages in the correct order. I can't figure out a way to do this in Wondershare.
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    Hi Mattbaker, I am so sorry about the inconvenience that brought to you. I have issued this to our programmer about this problem. They will have a further check. And if we get any clue, I will inform you as soon as possible. Honor your understanding, Tia
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    Nevermind I would not like a full refund
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    I had the same problem. It is really frustrating and I find your publicity misleading as you offer to eliminate watermark after purchase when you don't.
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    Hi there, Bella has tried to contact you by e-mail but no reply, can you have a check? And I have checked your sharing, I am afraid that we are looking for a article rather than a post. Honor your understanding. Best regards, Tia
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    The UI does not look that good on a high resolution screen. Please consider to bring out an upgrade on that. Thanks.
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    Hi this feature is on our road map. Frankly speaking, we did some pre-research on this feature and realized that there is going to be some technical difficulties in developing this function. Anyway, we will try best to add the compatibility on HDS. Thanks.

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