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    Hi Adrian and Mdavis, I am so sorry about the inconvenience that brought to you. We will release Version 7 at the end of this month, please wait then to upgrade. Have a nice day, Tia
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    Password protected pdf (require password to view + require password to edit) can be bypassed using combine PDF feature, if you have view permission (open password). a) Create a pdf, encrypt with different password. Here Open Password is the password required to open pdf file. It can view, but not edit. whereas Permission password, can view and edit pdf file. b) Close the pdf document, on the main page, click [Combine PDF]. c) Drag the password protected file to the window. PDFelement prompted out window, key in Open password "1234", (view only, not editable). d) document added successfully. e) click [Next], a combine PDF was generated, with password removed. f) for comparison, an password encrypted pdf, if Open password ("1234") was used, it will prompted said it is restricted document. I personally like this feature, I have several password encrypted pdf, with read-only password protected. I can view, but cannot modify the pdf file. Using this method I can remove the password and edit the pdf :). PDFelement version : Version Operating System : Win10Pro Password protected pdf was attached as well for verification das.pdf is the original pdf das-PasswordProtected.pdf encrypted with open password "1234" and permission password "abcd" das.pdf das-PasswordProtected.pdf
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    Hi there, Thank you for your feedback. We will have it fixed right away. Thank you again, Tia
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    Hi there, Thank you so much for your screenshots and files, I will hand this to our programmers for a further check and hope we will have a solution to this as soon as possible. Thank you again for your effort, we highly appreciated that! Have a nice day, Tia
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    Hi there, Thank you so much for your suggestion. It inspire us a great lot in designing "Page", we will have a further discuss on that issue. Then for a rulers, I will collect your feedback as a demand request and report to our programmer to carry that feature in our feature updates. Thank you so much for your support and patience. Tia
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    Hi there, Thank you for your e-mail. We have will a further check on this issue, and hope they will have a solution as soon as possible. Have a nice day. Tia
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    Hi there, Thank you so much for your feedback. I have tested that our end and found that might be some buggy toward this feature, I will issue this to our program to have a further check. Thank you again, Tia
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    Hi Dsirius, Thank you so much for your feedback, I have tested that on our end and found that it true a bug, then I will issue this to our programmer to have it fixed within days. We highly appreciated your efforts. Have a nice day, Tia
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    Hi Rookie, Thank you so much for your feedback and suggestion, I will have a discuss with our programmer about the Tab display and maximum file its about open. We highly appreciated your efforts. Have a nice day, Tia
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    Thank you all for your efforts in our Beta Test Program and share your great ideas, suggestions, feedback, bug of program. Any thought you can come up with, please free feel to tell us directly, we desperately want to hear your voice. What’ NEW in PDFelement 7: New UI - Redesigned UI and icons to reflect the simple and powerful experiences of PDFelement. Optimized Reading Mode - Maximize your screen for the optimal reading of PDF files with the new UI. Wondershare ID - Get the flexibility to provision, track, and manage to license across groups and teams. Improved Speed - Open large documents faster with an improved rendering and processing technology. Batch Processing - Extended batch processing with support for compression, OCR, and encryption. Better Compression - Select from multiple file size and quality settings to optimize PDF output. Powerful Conversion - Convert PDFs to a wide range of office formats without losing font and formatting. AutoSave - Save your file automatically, every few seconds, as you work. Cloud Connection - Open PDF document from cloud storage directly. Import and Export Comments - Import comments from existing PDFs or export them to share with others. Tab Rename - Added option to assign a user-friendly name to any selected tab. Shortcut Keys - Added support for new keyboard shortcuts to perform common actions quickly. Quick Add - Drag and drop PDF document into an open document. Other feature enhancements, improved stability, and bug fixes included.
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    Hi there, For we are using the test version, the official guide, community, You tube channel haven't set to our web. Honor you understanding. Thank you for your feedback. Tia
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    pdfelement is very slow by opening a file or saving a file. At this moment I start using PDF Expert again because that works at a normal speed.
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    Was this ever resolved? I have this exact same issue. It only happens after I edit the pdf in PdfElement
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    Folks, I have created 16 slides using "keynotes' in Mojave, and export this presentation into PDF using "export to PDF" in Keynote. i can open the PDF using Preview app or PDF Element Pro 6 app and see the data was completed, then i edit the last 3 pages using cropping feature to make those pages into 50% of the original PDF files and save the PDF. issue: However, when i tried to extract all the pages in this saved PDF into separate individual PDF for each extracted page, PDF Element Pro 6 generated 16 individual PDF files that contains only ( the same) 1st page of the original PDF file, and created 16 individual PDF files with each page in it. what i do: i pressed command+A keys in my Mac to select all pages, then hit "Extract' button after selecting "Extract pages as separate files" value in the dropdown menu above the button, which gave me this wrong results. questions: anyone have similar issue like this? is there any bugfix for this error, or share the trick to avoid this issue? Mojave 10.14.4 PDFelement 6 Pro Keynote 9.0.1 (6196) Macbook Retina 12 Early 2015 Dwg and Docs Compiled_Optimize_extract.zip Dwg and Docs Compiled_Optimize.pdf
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