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    Hi Brian, There are two different forms systems in the world of PDF: AcroForms are forms that you can create and edit in PDFelement or any PDF editor, and XFA forms - or LiveCycle Designer - forms, which are created in LiveCycle Designer. XFA indicates that the content will be defined later after binding to a template. This also means that the following is possible: Form fields may be moved or resized. Form fields automatically grow or shrink according to the amount of text added or removed. As a form field grows, it can span multiple pages. Repeating subforms may be spawned as needed, and page contents shifted accordingly. Elements on the page are shown or hidden as needed. The document you have shared is an XFA form created using Adobe Lifecycle. Unfortunately, there is no way to edit XFA forms directly in PDFelement or any other PDF software. You can only fill, sign and submit an XFA form using PDFelement. Important Notes – 1. Creating or editing XFA form requires Adobe LiveCycle Forms Designer. 2. XFA Forms are not part of the PDF/A (Archiving) standard. 3. PDFelement supports only reading and filling of existing XFA-based PDF forms.
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    Hi, Ok I understand now, create stamps doesn't exist in Mac version, I use "signature" instead. Thank you it's help me best regards
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    As you see from the guide of the previous poster, double click on the box you drew and all your options will be there to choose from alternatively, right click and click on properties. Same result.
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    Hi Guys ! I purchased pdfelement to automate part of my day to day work. I am a mac user. I am working as an ED physician and i have a ton of printed radiologic reports from patients i saw in the past weeks. I scan those reports and i am easily able extract data to a .csv file. The data i am extracting is pretty simple : Addresses, phone number, dates... My goal is to then mailmerge those data in a standardized pdf letter to the patient. I am having a lot of difficulty to import those data into a pdf form fields. I can "Import Data" in a form field but it must be a FDF file. I look a lot on the net and it seems that you need acrobat reader to create and manage FDF file... The only way i see is to scan the printed report, parse the data with PDFelement to .csv and then mail merge via template letter in microsoft word on mac. It's quite annoying because i would love to be able to use PDFelement to create my letter template. It would be SUPER useful if we could mailmerge directly in PDFelement.. it's a feature included in acrobat DC for quite a long time. It's there something i am missing ? Are you planning on adding this ? Thank you for your time Frederic
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    Hi Heidi, thank you for your great help. Unfortunately this will be a kick out argument not introduce PDF Element Pro company wide...very sad. Hope this feature will come soon - I´ll have an eye on it.
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    Sorry, I just noticed on closer inspection that it's the STD version that I paid for through the Mac App Store and then there is the Pro & OCR version. I've emailed Apple Support and hopefully they can refund the STD version purchase so I can then purchase the Pro & OCR version. I must say that I do really love PDFelement. It's so powerful, fast and lightweight unlike Acrobat DC Pro and it's far more intuitive as well and doesn't have all the Adobe CC bloatware running in the background.
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    Thank You... Please send me an alert when upgrade is ready!
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    Thank you Heidi I now understand
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    Hi Bill, I am afraid that currently our program does not support deskew feature. Thanks for your suggestion. It will be collected into our feature request pool. Best, Heidi
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