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    Yeah great, it works very good 10x Rebecca
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    Dear Heidi Problem solved! Thank you. Peter
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    I agree MS is trying to keep their market share. Idiots as usual. Nothing new here. But, there is always a workaround if you re searching for https://www.winhelponline.com/blog/edge-hijack-pdf-htm-associations/
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    I had the same problem for months. I upgraded from 4 GB RAM to 8 GB RAM and PDF Element loads very fast now. Recommend 8 GB RAM minimum for this program.
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    Hey Trev! For multi-line fields, just create the field, then double click or right click/text field properties. Then under "Options" put a checkmark in the "Multi-line" box!
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    So glad you say "not yet" and "at this point"...
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    Second bug with printing: I can't reproduce it anymore. The only idea I have it is the Windows update done last night or the printer not being PDF Element by default. When this happens the PDF element wasn't my default printer. I have put PDF Element as my default printer and it is opening the Ctrl+P command on Chrome and open the PDF Element. Everything looks fine now. I have no idea how this has been fixed but now it's working fine.
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    First bug: It looks like it is fixed by itself. It can be my computer being very slow in some cases or just the Windows update done last night. For now, it is not doing it.
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    buen dia, le envio el zip, con el mp4 y el log. saludos log_and_mp4.zip
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    Yes, I bought it by account. wrp_bd@hotmail.com But my account is now accessible. thanks.
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    It went back to Microsoft Edge on its own. I didn't make a change so Win10 must be the gremlin. I will try to remember the problem so on the next update I will check the settings and see how the update goes.
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    Thanks so much Rebecca - you guys are great. It's a pleasure beginning to work with PDFelement and PDF Creator! Steve
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    Issue resolved to my satisfaction. Thanks Peter
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    P.S. I bought PDF Element after buying Filmora knowing that Wondershare does things a bit, um, differently than other designers in terms of user interface, and sometimes that's easier, but sometimes it's harder. Sometimes standard industry terms are used for common operations, and sometimes they're not. Sometimes the action that I think (for whatever my opinion is worth) should be the most obvious choice to be the default action, or at least the most prominently shown action, is buried in the interface somewhere by Wondershare devs. But, even knowing all that, I found Filmora to be very powerful -- better than expected, and that it would do what I want without reading the primers -- and that was for video editing, something with which I had near zero experience. So I figured .pdf editing, which should be reasonably similar to other types of editing of documents with words and images and fields thereof, in essentially un-demarcated whitespace, would be something where I would find that Wondershare's PDF Element product would be even more intuitive to me since I have so much more experience with similar products, than what I experienced with Filmora, where I had almost no prior video-editing experience. But the reverse turned out to be true... Here, I'm beset with the inability to find the features I need/want, and seeking help. Maybe I need to un-learn some of my editing assumptions before I can re-learn with PDF Elements?
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    OK! Thank you very much. No it works fine without any problem. Regards, Nikolay
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    thanks very much for the guidance. It works very well :)
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    If I could do that, I would not have needed to buy the software!
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    I also have this problem with except stuck on download at 100% 68.83MB
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