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    Thank you Heidi for this advice. Nevertheless PDFElementPro still should have this feature. Your competition like Adobe Acrobat, Nuance PowerPDF etc do have this feature to legally sign a document with a digital timestamp.
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    Hello. I am on the road often and the Electronic or Digital Signature portion is important for me to return signed documents while on the road. The Mac app is pretty good but lags behind in one key element for me. The "signature module" of the app for creating or modifying electronic representations of your signature is very cumbersome and hard to use. I tried all the different options to try and get a good representation of my signature to keep on file but I was not able to achieve a credible one. Tried the photo and the file options but it just copies a photo that is very hard to place on a document. Used the mouse/keypad with a special stylus and after about 20 tries I gave up. I reference, I also have the PDFExpert app and although PDF Elements has more features, the "Signature Module" or feature of this app is far superior and I could achieve very good results and document placements for my electronic signature
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    Hello Heidi, Yes, it seems to have been a timing problem and now it works! Thanks for your help. Nick
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    Looking forward to the upgrade ASAP. Regards,
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    Thank you Heidi! It seems to work for me!
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    I must be losing it! Opening a file by double clicking didn't seem to work for almost a week, as well as the copy/paste function, but today as I was videoing what was happening they all worked fine. Sorry!
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