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    please support high resolution screen like 4k monitor. The current version of pdf element pro is blur in the 4k monitor.
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    I had the same problem for months. I upgraded from 4 GB RAM to 8 GB RAM and PDF Element loads very fast now. Recommend 8 GB RAM minimum for this program.
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    Got that, problem solved. Many thanks Heidi
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    Heidi, it worked like a champ! Thank you very much. Fred
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    Heidi, thank you for this response. When I wrote the post, the printer was not showing up but now it is and I successfully made it the default. Thanks!!
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    thanks Heidi for this simple solution 😎
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    Thank you, Heidi. I look forward to purchasing the program when this option is available. Very good support...
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    Have you tried selecting between the two orientation buttons on the print dialog page? See attached image.
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    AntonisV: We are assuming (1) that the outlook is being used for regular emails by you. That it is already working. (2) The SEND button assumes that you have included the email of the return individual (whomever will receive the completed form from the client) within the SEND button properties screen. When the client clicks the button, it opens up the outlook 'compose an email" screen with the email address you input in the form in the "TO" line and the PDF attached to the email. If it doesn't do that, then the form is not correctly done. You can enter multiple emails for distributing the form. The SEND button doesn't send the form to a client --you need to send that separately as an attachment. It's purpose is for the client to send the completed form back to you (or whomever you designated in the SEND button properties screen).
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    Hi, Few tips for document scanning are:- a. Know exactly how you want to be able to use your scanned documents. b. Always look into OCRing your documents. c. Research and analyze the cost of doing the scanning in-house versus outsourcing the job. d. Getting the file ready to be scanned, also known as prepping the file is something that should not be overlooked. It is very easy to miss a staple, sticky note and other hindrances. e. Find the correct software to manage the documents that will be most cost-effective while being able to function to one's needs. f. If you are scanning in-house, do not overlook the scanner. There are many out there, with multiple functions. g. Be as organized as you possibly can. It is very easy to lose one piece of paper if you are not being organized throughout the process. h. Always double check the work of your employees and/or yourself. Thanks
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    P.S. I bought PDF Element after buying Filmora knowing that Wondershare does things a bit, um, differently than other designers in terms of user interface, and sometimes that's easier, but sometimes it's harder. Sometimes standard industry terms are used for common operations, and sometimes they're not. Sometimes the action that I think (for whatever my opinion is worth) should be the most obvious choice to be the default action, or at least the most prominently shown action, is buried in the interface somewhere by Wondershare devs. But, even knowing all that, I found Filmora to be very powerful -- better than expected, and that it would do what I want without reading the primers -- and that was for video editing, something with which I had near zero experience. So I figured .pdf editing, which should be reasonably similar to other types of editing of documents with words and images and fields thereof, in essentially un-demarcated whitespace, would be something where I would find that Wondershare's PDF Element product would be even more intuitive to me since I have so much more experience with similar products, than what I experienced with Filmora, where I had almost no prior video-editing experience. But the reverse turned out to be true... Here, I'm beset with the inability to find the features I need/want, and seeking help. Maybe I need to un-learn some of my editing assumptions before I can re-learn with PDF Elements?
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    thanks very much for the guidance. It works very well :)
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    Just PERFECT, Heide...nothing else to say...many, many thanks.
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    Hi Bill, I am afraid that currently our program does not support deskew feature. Thanks for your suggestion. It will be collected into our feature request pool. Best, Heidi
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    CodeDog: I have the paid version and used "mailto:" to update a directory, tested with browsers on computer and smart phone.
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    OK thanks, no need to use other product, wait until is available.
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    Ability to scan multiple pages from ah automatic document feeder (ADF) is lacking. I need to scan multiple page documents frequently and can only do it one page at a time.
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    I sincerely request that you add a new feature in the next version, which is a "inset photo" field on the form editing toolbar in line with the new version of Acrobat Pro 2017 or later. This is a feature somebody who create form for job application, and buy and sell services etc. for filling and submitting a form with photos. Now it can only create a field and put javescript on it. Please kindly let me know if this feature has been available and I missed it. Thanks,
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    I tend to discover rare issues --- :)
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    Hey Candice, I have tried the OCR again by setting it to French. I did the first ten pages to get an idea and I've email it to you. I see a few minor discrepancies; however, I am not well-versed in French so let me know if it's better than last time! I also find that OCR can be tricky with scanned files, since the technology may be confused by orientation, background colour of the pages, or other things. What are you hoping to achieve? Perhaps there are some workarounds. Are you just highlighting? Or do you need to edit the text? Best, Rebecca
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    Many tx Rebecca, this was not clear for me. I just download the program you mentioned. best regards Michael
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