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    please support high resolution screen like 4k monitor. The current version of pdf element pro is blur in the 4k monitor.
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    Since the last update 2019/03/04, why can't I open more than 1 file at the time? Version
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    Very disappointing to find that there's no ruler available. This is basic functionality - table stakes - and something your users have been asking for for some time. Why has this not been prioritized? jeff
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    I made some changes to a fillable pdf form in the free trial of pdf element. It obviously was saved with the watermark. Thereafter i purchased pdf element 6 pro but the watermark cannot be removed. This is clearly a problem. I have emailed your support address (pdfelement@wondershare.com) with the problem (attaching the file) but have not received a response. Can you please help. I look forward to hearing from you. Rachael Luxton
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    I think the only feature I would like to see is the ability to insert a page directly from my scanner. Adobe offers this, but if you had this feature there would be no need to use Adobe at all... which would be fine by me. PDF Element is a great product.
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    When I updated to version my ability to double click to open PDF's isn't working. Additionally, opening from outlook isn't working either.
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    Same problem as well... The first PDF opens correctly. But once PDFelement is open, the only way to open a second PDF at the same time as the first, is to go through the File-->Open menu. This started happening with update to I run Window 10 (version 1089 build 17763.379) fully patched. Please fix ASAP, very annoying!
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    Hi Guys ! I purchased pdfelement to automate part of my day to day work. I am a mac user. I am working as an ED physician and i have a ton of printed radiologic reports from patients i saw in the past weeks. I scan those reports and i am easily able extract data to a .csv file. The data i am extracting is pretty simple : Addresses, phone number, dates... My goal is to then mailmerge those data in a standardized pdf letter to the patient. I am having a lot of difficulty to import those data into a pdf form fields. I can "Import Data" in a form field but it must be a FDF file. I look a lot on the net and it seems that you need acrobat reader to create and manage FDF file... The only way i see is to scan the printed report, parse the data with PDFelement to .csv and then mail merge via template letter in microsoft word on mac. It's quite annoying because i would love to be able to use PDFelement to create my letter template. It would be SUPER useful if we could mailmerge directly in PDFelement.. it's a feature included in acrobat DC for quite a long time. It's there something i am missing ? Are you planning on adding this ? Thank you for your time Frederic
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    A previewer for Outlook would make this program truly stand out! My company uses Outlook and it is very weird to have to use two different programs when PDF Element is perfect at everything else that I want to do. I hope that there is a release in the near future.
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    Hi Heidi, thank you for your help. I followed the linked you gave me and reinstalled the software and I still have the same error when i try to uninstall. I send you the content of my C:\Program Files (x86)\Wondershare\PDFPasswordRemove folder for you to check if everything is where it means to be. Program Files(x86)_Wondershare_PDFPasswordRemover.zip Have a good day.
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    now,update to the lastest ,the problem has been solved
  12. 1 point
    Download it (6.8.4) and it works fine now. No issue on both bugs! Youppi !!!
  13. 1 point
    At least you can reproduce it so, I'm not crazy I will make the update and post my tests here. Thanks.
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    Today my app updated from App Store and all work properly. The problem is resolved. Thanks
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    Second bug with printing: I can't reproduce it anymore. The only idea I have it is the Windows update done last night or the printer not being PDF Element by default. When this happens the PDF element wasn't my default printer. I have put PDF Element as my default printer and it is opening the Ctrl+P command on Chrome and open the PDF Element. Everything looks fine now. I have no idea how this has been fixed but now it's working fine.
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    First bug: It looks like it is fixed by itself. It can be my computer being very slow in some cases or just the Windows update done last night. For now, it is not doing it.
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    I had the same problem for months. I upgraded from 4 GB RAM to 8 GB RAM and PDF Element loads very fast now. Recommend 8 GB RAM minimum for this program.
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    I suggest adding a feature to the program that allows users to insert pages and additional pdf files into an open pdf by dragging and dropping the additional files into the open and active PDF file both in Page view and the sidebar Thumbnail view. The process of being limited to Inserting new files by having to use the Insert button in Page view and navigating back to the exact location on a computer to find the file is a lengthy, slow and difficult. It's much easier to drag and drop a file into the Page view and then reorder the pages etc. You can currently do this in the Preview app on MacOS. Thank you.
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    Interestingly, an export to image or attempting to print the document has the same issues. I will attempt to sanitize the document and send a copy along to you via email.
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    Hi - here is the requested file for today - am hopeful it will help. Thank you. PDFelement 6 Pro_6.8.0.3523.log
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    I have uninstalled and installed the version you sent me via URL. The same issue occurred so I undertook a number of tests on the PDF in question. After testing numerous file differences including re-downloading the file to a different folder and changing the PDF file name to one word I finally found the issue. The issue with the latest OCR version is that unlike the previous OCR version, this version does not like converting PDFs which contain Sticky Notes (I have only tested for Adobe Acrobat Reader Sticky Notes). I have Sticky Notes in all my PDFs so it would be good if the OCR development team could resolve this issue. For now, I can delete the Sticky Notes before using the OCR feature.
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    The PDF I am tying to edit shows boxes for the fields, but no text or images to edit. How do I get the text/images to show? I've opened other files and they work as expected. Should I submit a ticket on this?
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    I tend to discover rare issues --- :)
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    Hi, Few tips for document scanning are:- a. Know exactly how you want to be able to use your scanned documents. b. Always look into OCRing your documents. c. Research and analyze the cost of doing the scanning in-house versus outsourcing the job. d. Getting the file ready to be scanned, also known as prepping the file is something that should not be overlooked. It is very easy to miss a staple, sticky note and other hindrances. e. Find the correct software to manage the documents that will be most cost-effective while being able to function to one's needs. f. If you are scanning in-house, do not overlook the scanner. There are many out there, with multiple functions. g. Be as organized as you possibly can. It is very easy to lose one piece of paper if you are not being organized throughout the process. h. Always double check the work of your employees and/or yourself. Thanks
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    Sorry it took me a couple of days to respond to your question - things have been a little busy around our house! In answer to your question - yes, I uninstalled the program completely and then reinstalled it. Everything went quite smoothly and now it's all running well. I'm a little suspicious of the Malwarebytes program that I had installed the day before the Elements update came through - I deleted that program and everything's working fine. I checked the program folder and the program application is right where it belongs after the re-installation! I think I'd warn people about the Malware program - I don't know why it would have reason to interfere, but apparently it DID! Oh well, live and learn.

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