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    Default File Folder setting

    I see past suggestions that there should be a way to set "default file folder" settings, both for retrieving in a Combine, or for saving the document. It is beyond irritating that this functionality does not exist. I use Wondershare all day long, and having to re-find my folder -- 99.9% of the time it's the same one. Does anyone know the status of this enhancement request? I'm getting carpel tunnel!!!
  2. nlbuck

    Color of e-signature

    When I have a client sign a document on screen (vs going through an e-signature software program), the color of the signature is always red. How can that be changed? Financial institutions require black or blue, so red is not going to do it for me.
  3. nlbuck

    Color of Comments

    Trying to change the color of my 'pencil' when in comments. Properties is empty, so no place to change the color. Preferences doesn't have anything either. If this feature isn't available, it should be!
  4. nlbuck

    Printer connection

    I have been able to create pdfs and send them electronically, but I don't seem to be able to print. I've tried selecting both my printer and the Wondershare PDFelement printer choice (not sure why I would print to that, actually), and I just get a message that says "Printer Connection Error, Printing Failed!" Printer Properties won't open at all. I'm on Windows 10 Pro Version 1703.
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