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  1. How are you using PDFs at school? What is your experience with documents as you’re doing your homework? Submit an original video with us and share your take on our topic: PDFs in Education. All participants will receive a free copy of PDFelement 6 Pro (valued at $99.95) and the winning student will be awarded with $1,000 USD. Check out this link for additional details! Eligibility: The 2018 PDFelement Scholarship is open to all students above 17 years of age who are enrolled in an accredited post-secondary institution in any location worldwide.
  2. Rebecca Chen

    Add Watermark to first page only in Batch function

    Hey PDFDino, I HAVE SOME GOOD NEWS! I realized that I misunderstood what you're saying (and I am very sorry): the water mark function works fine when you do it straight from Edit. But I get the same issue you do when I do it as a batch process. Now that we can replicate this, we can fix this. In the meantime, here are a few options: Using Preview, drag and drop the first page of all your documents into one document. Watermark that whole document, and drag them back into their individual files. Or, since you only need this one specific feature, you may be able to find an app to watermark documents. Thank you for your patience 🙂 Best, Rebecca
  3. Rebecca Chen

    Create dynamic Stamps

    Hi Gerald, Unfortunately, on the Mac software, you are not able to create a new stamp with automatic updates on today's date. Here are the options with the stamps: 1) You can create new stamps (text, images, hand-drawn) but those will not come with dates. 2) The pre-made stamps have dates that are locked in when stamped. If you have any other feature suggestions for this tool, feel free to post them here. Hope this helps! Best, Rebecca
  4. Rebecca Chen

    File size... odd thing

    That's not good...thanks for reporting this! We will look into it and see what's going on. Would you be able to send us the PDF? Either here or to rebeccac@wondershare.com. In the meantime, feel free to use the "Optimize" function to compress the files. On Mac, this can be found under File -> Save as Other -> Optimized PDF. Best, Rebecca
  5. Rebecca Chen

    PDF Pages appear blank

    Hey Nick, Thanks for reporting this! Can you please attach a few screenshots for me to pass to the development team? You can try re-downloading the program here: http://download.wondershare.com/pdfelementforbiz.exe. This is a different one from the site with the OCR included. Maybe it'll help. Best, Rebecca
  6. Rebecca Chen


    Hey Ebbe, Are you on Windows or Mac? Best, Rebecca
  7. Rebecca Chen

    Frequent Crashes

    "Save" works okay for me, but "Combine" also crashes on me. I'm on Windows 10 on a desktop. Would also love to see if other people are experiencing the same problems!
  8. Rebecca Chen

    Zoom to selected Area

    Ah, I see! Thanks for the screenshots. Unfortunately we don't have this feature right now. We've implemented a voting system for feature suggestions so feel free to post this in our forum. Best, Rebecca
  9. Rebecca Chen

    Add Watermark to first page only in Batch function

    Hello and welcome! Happy to see you here 🙂 You did everything correctly, and it works for me: If your software is on the most updated version, and this still doesn't work for you after you uninstall/re-install, there is a work around with our signature function. Is your watermark text or a file? I can provide a quick tutorial. Best, Rebecca
  10. Rebecca Chen

    Number Field

    Hey Andre, Thanks for reporting this. I have tested it and found the same on my end. I will notify the development team, hopefully they can get this fixed up ASAP! Best, Rebecca
  11. Rebecca Chen

    OCR Download

    Hey Scott, Thanks for reaching out. I have a few options for you here: 1) PDFelement with OCR, full package download. 2) Just the OCR component download. Let me know if these work for you! Best, Rebecca
  12. Hey Arminas. I hope you had a great weekend! My colleague @Heidi Chan is having an extended weekend and will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have a feature suggestion, feel free to post it in these forums, as we have implemented a new upvote system. If you wish to apply for a refund, you can go to this thread for further details; all refund requests need to go through the customer support centre. Best, Rebecca
  13. Rebecca Chen

    Cannot convert bank statements from PDF to CSV

    Hi Joseph, No worries! I'm sorry it didn't work out for you. All refund requests need to go through our customer support centre. I've attached a thread with additional information and a link to submit a ticket. Hope this helps 🙂 Best, Rebecca
  14. Rebecca Chen

    Need multiple signatures in one pdf document

    Hey Dot, I just realized that the Windows version is not like the Mac one in this respect. Sorry about that, should've asked you which one you were using first! Two Ways: 1) If you want a freehand signature, you'll need to create a signature in another app and save it as a file. If you just need initials/name then you can type it out directly into the properties field. The rest is outlined below: 2) If you saved your signature as an image, you can also just use it as a stamp. Go into Comment -> Create Stamp -> Create Custom Stamp Thank you for asking this question! It's definitely something that we should make into a tutorial video for easy learning 🙂 Best, Rebecca
  15. Rebecca Chen

    Table of Contents

    Hey! Yes, you can create a page with links in the document so that instead of scrolling 100 pages to get to chapter 30, you can access it from the Table of Contents. You can access this through Edit -> Link. There will be further instructions in the program when you get to this stage. Here is our new blog post tutorial - with visuals - on how to do this 🙂 Best, Rebecca
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