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  1. Heidi Chan

    PDF Forms: Add or Remove rows from Table

    Hi Wissam, I am afraid this function you need can only be achieved by an advanced XFA form, which is not supported by our program so far. We will mark this feature request and schedule it in future road map. Thanks for your suggestion.
  2. Heidi Chan

    SignX Server Is Down

    Hi Brett, It seems so. But the product manager confirmed that now the server is back to be stable again. Hope this issue is never going to occur.
  3. Heidi Chan

    Scanner Missing From Drop Down Box

    Hi Jamie, Here is way to troubleshoot this issue: First. start the program by right-clicking on the program's icon which will then display a context menu. Second, in the context menu, left-click on Run as administrator... see the image of the context menu (on my machine) I've attached. Third, after the program starts, go into the Home screen on PDFElement then click on the From Scanner to display the Create From Scanner window and under Scanner you should see a scanner already selected or click on the down-arrow to select your printer/scanner from the list to use. Good luck.
  4. Heidi Chan

    Application does not work

    Hi Annie, Is your operating Mac OS 10.10 or above? If the program quits automatically when launching, is there any error/crash report? Look forward to your further feedback.
  5. Heidi Chan

    issue on register

    I wonder whether you download our program from our official website or Apple Store? If you purchase our program from Apple Store, please go there to download our program so that the program will be unlocked automatically and you will be recognized as a paid user. If you download our program from our official website, there will be buy now and register icon on the top right so that you can use the license code to register in our program to use the full version. Hope this helps.
  6. Heidi Chan


    您好, 感谢您发来的dump文档,我们研发看了分析了下,找到了大概的解决方案,接下来会解决。 不确定卡死和网络环境是否有关,我邮箱发您一个标准版的授权码,您看看这个是否可以无卡死或少卡死的正常使用。谢谢。
  7. Heidi Chan

    outlook email

    Hi Edb, Generally speaking, this can be achieved by setting Outlook as your default email application. You can google about how to set Outlook as default email application instead of Apple Mail. Thanks.
  8. Heidi Chan

    I can't login

    Hi Zachary, It is fixed now. Please try again and it shall be working fine. Thanks for showing understanding on this.
  9. Heidi Chan

    SignX Server Is Down

    Hi Brett, Sorry for all inconvenience. It should have been fixed now. Please try again. Thanks for your understanding.
  10. Heidi Chan

    export PDF to Excel

    Hi Dan4648, It is advised to make a different settings when doing conversion. Please see screenshot below. Hope this helps.
  11. Heidi Chan

    File Has DOUBLE VIEW

    Hi Martinj, Sorry for any inconvenience. Then could you please upload your PDF file to this link: www.wetransfer.com and our email address is: customercenter.wonder@gmail.com. After you upload it successfully, please confirm back to me, I will download your file to have a test on our side.
  12. Heidi Chan


    Hi Nivrams, Honestly speaking, you are not missing something. The layer function is not available in our program at the moment. We will develop it in the future. Thanks for your suggestion.
  13. Heidi Chan

    Application does not work

    Hi OZZR, Can I know what version are you on? If possible, can you send me the crash report? Thanks in advance.
  14. Heidi Chan

    Password Remover - Not Working

    Hi Metheny, Are you on PDF Password Remover or PDF Converter Pro? According to your description, it seems that the program you used is PDF Converter Pro. PDF Password Remover can only help remove the permission password but cannot help converting files. Any question, feel free to get back.
  15. Heidi Chan

    How to make Interactive en dynamic PDF-forms

    Hi SB17, Our Mac version supports to make interactive forms: https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdfelement-mac/user-guide.html#create_interactive_forms_automatically https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdfelement-mac/user-guide.html#create_interactive_forms_manually But it cannot expand like dynamic forms, which can be achieved by a special XFA form. Hope this helps.
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