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  1. Heidi Chan

    Text flow to next page

    Hi Paul, I am afraid that our program does not support to get text flow to the next page. As far as we know, no program out there can do this. Hope this makes sense. Heidi
  2. Heidi Chan

    missing icons

    Hi TKL, For your information, the first screenshot is for Windows version and the second screenshot is for Mac version. The interface for these two programs are different. Hope this helps. Heidi
  3. Heidi Chan

    PDF Element Freezes after printing

    Hi Lin, I forwarded that to our programmers for further check. But I am afraid that we haven't figured out this issue from the log file. Can you follow the steps shown by the screenshots below to send us the dump file for our further analysis? Thanks for your cooperation in advance. Heidi
  4. Heidi Chan

    line spacing

    Hi Paul, I am sorry that currently our Mac version does not support to set line spacing manually. Our Windows version supports to set numbers for line spacing. Thanks for your suggestion. Heidi
  5. Heidi Chan

    Highlight in Comment Feature Wont' Work

    Hi Gail, I forwarded this case to our development team and we did more test on our side. However we didn't replicate this issue. I understand that you said that this issue occurs to all of documents you tried. Can you tell me your Mac OS operating system? The version of the program is the latest one 6.7.1? Is it possible for you to record a video to show us this issue and send it to pdfelement@wondershare.com? Also, could you please send us one sample PDF so that we can have a test on our side? Your cooperation is appreciated. Heidi
  6. Heidi Chan

    Add Watermark to first page only in Batch function

    Hey there, Thanks so much for your reporting! We replicated this issue on our side. Could you please share with us the scenario about your use of this function? To be honest, after I report this issue to our development team, they said that choosing pages for batch adding watermark might be prohibited in future updates because most of the uses might be selecting all pages for batch adding watermark. Thanks for your feedback and cooperation in helping us locate this issue. Heidi
  7. Heidi Chan

    Create dynamic Stamps

    Hey there, You are welcomed to join us in exploring the program together. And yes, our Mac version program can create new dynamic stamp (with today's date but cannot automatically updated). You may find the detailed instructions here: https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdfelement-mac/user-guide.html#stamps Hope this helps. Heidi
  8. Heidi Chan


    Hi Ebbe, Thanks for pointing it out. I think I get to understand what features you might need. For your case, it is advised to try this tool SignX that is specialized in creating electronic signature: https://signx.wondershare.com/ The signature you create will come with transparent background. And you can register it to have a full test. To be honest, the website link you shared is also about adding a signature with transparent background. And please pay attention to the texts that are marked in red: Hope you can find which option can help you best. Best, Heidi
  9. Heidi Chan

    Combine on Network Drive still doesn't work

    Hi StephieVm, I am afraid that currently our program does not support to select/open PDF from network drive to combine, which seems to be the same with Adobe Acrobat. Thanks for your feedback though. Heidi
  10. Hi Kelly, Sorry that we are still on the problem. I understand fonts are vital for editing use. But we are still working on to solve the compatibility issue between some fonts such as Century Gothic and our program. Please have my apology for the inconvenience. We will keep working on this issue. Thanks for your understanding. Heidi
  11. Heidi Chan

    Highlight in Comment Feature Wont' Work

    Hi Gail, Could you please let me know if this happens when you open a particular file or with all the files? If it occurs to one particular file , your assistance in sending us the PDF file would be helpful in locating this issue. Also, can you tell me which highlight tool it is that you found to be problematic on the file you tried? Looking forward to your further info. Heidi
  12. Heidi Chan

    problem at conversion from excel to PDF

    Hi Josep, Would you mind reinstalling the program to try again and let us know the result? Are you on Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10? I tested it on Windows 10. Best, Heidi
  13. Heidi Chan

    Product is slow

    Thanks for that, BillP. It is appreciated. Best, Heidi
  14. Heidi Chan


    Hi Ebbe, Here are the steps about how to create a picture signature: 1. click on "Create Stamp" button under the "Comment" Tab, then select "Create Custom Stamp" to bring up the popup menu. 2. Select the picture you wish to use for the company seal, then click OK to proceed. 3. Now the company stamp you created will be saved and available in the "Stamps" selection. 4. Simply select it and place it wherever you like in the document. You can do further customization on it by click on it after that. After the signature is added to your PDF file, you can see the option of Opacity on the right side of the program interface and you can set the opacity to make it transparent. Please let me know if this helps. Heidi
  15. Heidi Chan

    Add Watermark to first page only in Batch function

    Hey there, For your information, the latest version for PDFelement 6 Professional for Mac is v 6.7.1. Hope updating the version can help resolve the issue. Best, Heidi
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