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  1. Hi Jerry, Sure. There is a way to keep using annotation tools without selecting again and again. Double click the annotation tool you want instead of clicking it once. Hope this helps. Heidi
  2. Heidi Chan

    Files not coming to the forefront when openned

    Hi Sarah, Yeah, that really is a problem! We have just found it! Our programmers have been working on this to get a solution. Hopefully we will fix it in next update. Your feedback is highly valued. Heidi
  3. Heidi Chan

    PDF file association is lost after software update

    Hi Sarah, Yes, thanks for letting us know. It seems that we have got couple feedback from some Windows 10 users who have been experiencing this problem. I have forwarded this feedback to our programmers and they will improve it in the future updates. Best, Heidi
  4. Hi Colt12star, I am afraid that this issue might have something to do with the default PDF program. If during installation, you mark the choice of our program as the default PDF program, then opening the PDF file from Outlook can make PDFelement active. If after installation, the default PDF program changes, I am afraid that you have to set it manually. Thanks, Heidi
  5. Heidi Chan

    Scanner not listed

    Hey there, Thanks for letting us know. It could be some compatibility issue out there. I have forwarded this case to our programmers for further analysis. Hopefully we can find a solution soon. Thanks for your feedback. Heidi
  6. Heidi Chan

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    Hi there, Thanks for your suggestion. I have forwarded your feedback to our product manager. Maybe we will add those shortcut in future updates. Best, Heidi
  7. Hi Aye, According to your current mail address, I found none of your purchase record. Can you provide me with your order receipt or mail address that you used to purchase our product so that I can locate your order and therefore to provide assistance accordingly? If you have registered the program before, combining files is not supposed to ask you to purchase again or add watermark on it. Can you take couple screenshots to show us this problem? In case it is emergent, you can share your files with us and we can help combine them and send it back to you. Thanks, Heidi
  8. Heidi Chan

    Random crashes (often)

    Hi Nick, Thanks for letting us know. However to help us figure this problem out, can you send me the crash report? You can go to the Console to get the crash report and share it here? Our programmers would definitely like to see that stuff to get more clue. Thanks for your cooperation in advance. Heidi
  9. Heidi Chan

    Problemi con il collegamento

    Hi there, Thanks for letting us know the problem. I wonder what is your computer operating system now, Mac OS 10.14 or Mac OS 10.13.5? For the document failing to be displayed correctly, I wonder whether this problem occurs to this file only or occurs to all PDF files you tried? Can you send me one sample file for our further test? Looking forward to hearing back. Heidi
  10. Heidi Chan

    Convert PPT to PDF with hyperlinks

    Hi there, I am sorry that the hyperlink get lost when using our program to create PDF from PPT. But there is a trick to allow you to keep the hyperlink by using PowerPoint. Open your PPT file in the PowerPoint and then click File>Save as, then choose a destination folder to save the file. Then in the save as type drop down list, choose PDF format. In this way, the hyperlink can get saved. Hope this helps. Heidi
  11. Heidi Chan

    support language

    Hi Majid, I am sorry that our program does not support to edit/convert Arabic PDF files since it is the language from right to left. Our program only supports the languages from left to right currently, however we will also keep improving the program to support more languages in the future. Thanks for understanding. Heidi
  12. Hi there, Thanks for your feedback. Currently our program does not support to copy text to multi-page at one time. It is advised to copy a part of them to one page and do it for several times. I will forward this thread to Product Feedback and Feature Request so our development team will consider this feature in the future Regards, Heidi
  13. Heidi Chan

    Freezing after printing

    Hey there, Sorry that if this problem occurs again. To help us have a further analysis on this, could you please provide more details about the situation this time? Your help would be appreciated. Heidi
  14. Heidi Chan

    PDFelements 6 Pro failure to install

    Hi Insight, Thanks for sharing your insight! It really helps a lot. Our programmers will depth into this problem and fix it as soon as possible. Thanks again! Heidi
  15. Hi Manuel, Our tech specialist had a further check on our back-end system and it seems that the license code you purchased has an exceeded use. For the case, can you please confirm the reason why do you have the exceeded use of registration code? Generally, once you register the program successfully, there is no need to register it again on the same computer when you reinstall the program. So please confirm more details about your situation. Thanks, Heidi
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