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  1. Hi Cody, Namely there is no limit on file size. To help us better figure this out, could you please let us know the process ID for this document? How to get the process ID has been shown as below: Look forward to your getting back.
  2. Heidi Chan


    Hi Marcello, I am afraid that currently batch search multiple documents is not available in PDFelement. We will consider this feature in the near future. Thanks for proposing that!
  3. Heidi Chan

    Orange Triangle with Exclamation Point

    Hi Mark, Thanks for letting me know. Our side did the test and this is how it looks like on our side: Could you please send us all of the 8 files for our further analysis? I wonder whether the "we detect this is a scanned PDF..." will appear if there is the Orange Triangle/Exclamation Point when opening the scanned file. Thanks and best,
  4. I am afraid not. The excessive use of the license will lead to the invalidity. In most cases, we found that it is caused by the improper use as reinstalling the system will not be counted as a new register. Please help explain further of your case.
  5. Heidi Chan

    PDF Element fails to open document

    Hi Lanae, According to your email address, I found your purchase record of PDFelement 6 in our system. Since PDFelement 6 cannot open XFA files, so I wonder whether your PDFs are XFA files? And for this kind of file, it can be opened in PDFelement 6 Professional. Please let me know if you have any doubts.
  6. Heidi Chan

    Centering text

    Hi Mike, Please check the centering text option in the screenshot below: Hope this helps.
  7. Heidi Chan

    Optimize option not available

    Hi Ashish, For your information, PDFelement 6 for Mac does not support optimize feature while PDFelement 6 Professional supports this. Please check the guide here: http://support.wondershare.com/how-tos/i-want-to-reduce-file-size.html Best,
  8. Hi Cody, Is the file size very large since it is the only one file causing this issue? So this file actually can be downloadable on your tablet but not iPad? If so, it could be the iPad internet connection. Then you are advised to diagnose the internet such as connecting to a different Wi-Fi or try Safari to see if that works. Thanks for your cooperation.
  9. Heidi Chan

    Default program

    Hi Brett, Below are the screenshots to guide you through this issue: 1 Right click the PDF to choose the option of Open With>Choose another app. 2. Click More apps and mark the choice of Always use this app to open .pdf files. 3. Then click Look for another app on this PC and mark the choice of Always use this app to open .pdf files. 4. Then go to this destination: C:\Program Files (x86)\Wondershare\PDFelement 6 Professional to find PDFelement.exe setups. Hope this helps.
  10. Heidi Chan

    Execution trop longue

    Hi Yibbou, My apologies. It seems more like the capacity issue of our program instead of the storage issue. What we can do and will do is to keep improving the capacity of our program in the future. Thanks for your understanding and support.
  11. Heidi Chan

    Document collaboration

    Hi Brian, What kind of collaboration do you refer to? To synchronize files? We have a kind of license which enables administrators to manage license on the online license management portal. Anything you would like to know, feel free to ask. Best,
  12. Heidi Chan

    Co editing pdf

    Hey Brian, Yes, you can share the file with your co-worker via email or via Dropbox/Google Drive if your co-worker and you share the same account. Hope this helps. Best,
  13. Heidi Chan

    Grid Lines

    Hi Mike, I am afraid not, for now. I will forward this thread to the feature request pooling. Thanks for your suggestion!
  14. Heidi Chan

    (German) Kein Update möglich

    Hi Sascha76, After checking your account, it is found that you have upgraded to Professional version at the discounted price. I bet your issue shall be resolved already? Best,
  15. Heidi Chan

    Error message when trying to update

    Hi Mona, Either downloading from the link above and from our official website fail to work? Then could you please screenshot any error message/report so that we can further diagnose this issue? Thanks.
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