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  1. PDFelement enables you to easily edit PDF planner templates by inserting text and form field. Check more about the giveaway here: http://bit.ly/2BWzrWt
  2. Heidi Chan

    text deletes while resizing automatically

    Hi Tony, Please change the auto font in the font size column, then it shall be working fine. Font size 11 is recommended for your document. Thanks and best,
  3. Heidi Chan

    Bug after registration

    Hi Karine, I am sorry for the inconvenience that caused to you. For your case, please reinstall the program that has OCR embedded in it from the link below: http://download.wondershare.com/mac-pdfelement6-pro-ocr_full2992.dmg It shall help solve this issue. Best,
  4. Heidi Chan

    comments import\export

    Hi Anatoly, I am afraid that this feature is not enable in PDFelement yet. Thanks for your suggestion.
  5. Heidi Chan

    text deletes while resizing automatically

    Hi Tony, Do you refer to the text box under Edit or Comment or the text field? Any screenshots or documents will be appreciated. Best,
  6. Heidi Chan

    Converting Words in a Picture to an Excel Sheet

    Hi Keenan, Yes, you can use PDFelement 6 Professional to have a try. To import the data from a picture into Excel, it is advised to use the "data extraction" feature. Here is the detailed guide: https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdfelement-mac/user-guide.html#extract_data Hope this helps. Best,
  7. Heidi Chan

    Tables removed in PDF to Excel Conversion

    Hi Mary, I think you will get a clue if you check this thread: Please let me know if you need more assistance. Best,
  8. Heidi Chan

    Watermark problem

    Hi Rachael, that is done!
  9. Heidi Chan

    (German) Kein Update möglich

    Hi Sascha, Did you download the upgraded program PDFelement 6 Professional? It is more functional than PDFelement 6 standard. So you actually get a better product. Best,
  10. Hi Cody, We seem to fix it. Please try again. Thanks.
  11. Hi Cody, Namely there is no limit on file size. To help us better figure this out, could you please let us know the process ID for this document? How to get the process ID has been shown as below: Look forward to your getting back.
  12. Heidi Chan


    Hi Marcello, I am afraid that currently batch search multiple documents is not available in PDFelement. We will consider this feature in the near future. Thanks for proposing that!
  13. Heidi Chan

    PDF Element fails to open document

    Hi Lanae, According to your email address, I found your purchase record of PDFelement 6 in our system. Since PDFelement 6 cannot open XFA files, so I wonder whether your PDFs are XFA files? And for this kind of file, it can be opened in PDFelement 6 Professional. Please let me know if you have any doubts.
  14. Heidi Chan

    Centering text

    Hi Mike, Please check the centering text option in the screenshot below: Hope this helps.
  15. Heidi Chan

    Optimize option not available

    Hi Ashish, For your information, PDFelement 6 for Mac does not support optimize feature while PDFelement 6 Professional supports this. Please check the guide here: http://support.wondershare.com/how-tos/i-want-to-reduce-file-size.html Best,
  16. Hi Cody, Is the file size very large since it is the only one file causing this issue? So this file actually can be downloadable on your tablet but not iPad? If so, it could be the iPad internet connection. Then you are advised to diagnose the internet such as connecting to a different Wi-Fi or try Safari to see if that works. Thanks for your cooperation.
  17. Heidi Chan

    Grid Lines

    Hi Mike, I am afraid not, for now. I will forward this thread to the feature request pooling. Thanks for your suggestion!
  18. Heidi Chan

    (German) Kein Update möglich

    Hi Sascha76, After checking your account, it is found that you have upgraded to Professional version at the discounted price. I bet your issue shall be resolved already? Best,
  19. Heidi Chan

    Error message when trying to update

    Hi Mona, Either downloading from the link above and from our official website fail to work? Then could you please screenshot any error message/report so that we can further diagnose this issue? Thanks.
  20. Hi Joachim, Gladly that you are willing to try PDF Converter Pro as the solution temporarily. Could you please let me know your order number or licensed email for PDFelement 6 Professional? After verifying your order info, I will send the license code and download link of PDF Converter Pro to your email. Thanks for your cooperation in advance.
  21. Heidi Chan

    Font bug

    Hi Han, Could you please send that PDF to us for further test and analysis? Awaiting your update.
  22. Hi Cody, My apologies for the delayed response and for the ongoing issue. For any question for eSign+ (that has been renamed after SignX now), you are welcomed to leave message on this forum. For this issue you experienced, could you please disclose three piece of information as below: 1. What browser are you using right now? For what version? 2. Could you please screenshot the interface of how the download fail to work within SignX and send that to us? 3. Did you install any kind of software that might prevent this download from taking place? Awaiting your reply. Best,
  23. Heidi Chan


    Hi Leo, Could you please screenshot your purchase record from "bundlehunt" and send it and the licensed email to us? We will investigate further on this license. Thanks.
  24. Great attribute to NoHacksPlease. Our team find it helpful too. It is comforting to see so much talents attributing to the forum. And we will take the accuse for this and try to do better next time.
  25. Hi Joachim, The new update will arrive in April approximately. Thanks for staying tuned.

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