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  1. colt12star

    Move license to new machine

    I realize there are some threads on this but they are not concise. My employer plans to replace my computer and I would like clear instructions on how to move my PDFelementPro license. There seems to be an implication that I can email to have the download available again from Passport, however I can not find ANYWHERE the exact email address for support, only redirects to the support FAQ. I've already spent too much time on this - I appreciate any help that's offered here.
  2. colt12star

    Opening from Outlook does not make PDFelement active window

    Update to 6.7 has not resolved the issue. I should clarify, however, this occurs when I already have PDFelement open, and I then try to view a pdf attachment in an email. The system doesn't not automatically switch focus to PDFelement. When I switch to it, however, the document is open - I believe in prior builds this focus switching was automatic.
  3. colt12star

    Opening from Outlook does not make PDFelement active window

    No, not previewing in Outlook - it should open in PDFelement and switch focus from Outlook. I will try the download link perhaps that will fix things - thanks very much.
  4. I am running Win 7 pro Outlook 2010 PDFelement When opening a pdf attachment from an Outlook email, the computer does not automatically make PDFelement the active window so that I can see the document. I believe it used to automatically switch the focus to PDFelement - anyone else experiencing this too? I don't see that this is a fix in the 6.7 update - I would find out but it is failing to completely download and install claiming I have no internet... although I am here on the internet writing this post.... Thanks in advance.
  5. colt12star

    Freezing after printing

    I am having this issue as well after the recent update. Specifically all selection options in the print screen are frozen after sending the document to the printer, including the back button to close the screen. I hit escape to return to the document. Also Win7 Pro.
  6. colt12star

    IRS form W-9

    When attempting to download or open this form it fails and suggests it's corrupt. Does anyone experience this? https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf Thanks in advance.
  7. colt12star

    upgrade to 6.3

    I have downloaded 6.3.2 and the issue with 'actual size' printing blanks has been resolved. Thank you. I am not having trouble opening a fillable form - a W9 from the IRS website gives an error https://www.irs.gov/forms-pubs/about-form-w9 I have not had this trouble previously using PDFElement, and this form opens fine in Adobe and Foxit readers. Thoughts?
  8. colt12star

    upgrade to 6.3

    I just upgraded to 6.3 and am not having trouble printing 'actual size'. When printing a one page, letter sized document, using 'actual size' results in a blank page, where 'fit' or 'scale to 100%' prints as desired. Anyone else have this trouble?
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