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  1. Julian Ertelt

    Failed to open multiple files with recent updates

    Please directly download the new version under the URL linked by Tia: http://download.wondershare.com/pdfelement6-pro_full2990.exe The issue is related to version 4186 only, but since version 4193 is not a true update but merely a hotfix, it cannot be found by clicking "Check for Updates". I apologize on behalf of our team for any inconvenience this caused.
  2. Julian Ertelt

    Measure distances

    Hi Willem, For the version available right now, there is no ruler feature to measure distances - however, I can share with you that it is on the roadmap for an updated version of PDFelement with release timeline before end of June.
  3. Julian Ertelt

    PDF Portfolio

    PDFelement does not yet support the creation and opening of PDF portfolios at this point - sorry!
  4. Julian Ertelt

    Only Specific Pages from PFD to Word

    Since you are looking for two processes (extraction and conversion), there is currently no option to do these processes at the same time. The best way to achieve the desired result is to extract the pages first ("Page" --> "Extract"), then convert the extracted pages ("Home" --> "To Word"). I hope this helps 🙂
  5. Julian Ertelt

    OCR Process Cancelled due to Unexpected Error

    Hi Mako, you are asking this question at a great moment in time - OCR in virtual environments will be supported by the end of this month via an update to the OCR plugin. I am sending you my contact information for future reference so I can provide you with further information to help you with the evaluation!
  6. Julian Ertelt


    Hi Davide, version 6.6.2 had a number of performance issues which were repaired under the most recent hotfix, 6.6.3. Please update and let me know if the problems persist, but it should resolve them!
  7. Julian Ertelt

    Insert a Page from Scanner Option

    Hi Judy, I believe you mean a feature to insert (a) separate page(s) into the documents, like in the menu shown below? We will bring this up to the developers to see if it would be an easy thing to implement next!
  8. Julian Ertelt

    How to "UnRegister" My Account

    Hi Paige, you can unregister the software by following the steps in the attached image below. Once you click "unregister", the software will be reset to the unregistered Trial version and you can enter another license key.
  9. Hi there, you can access updates from within the app.
  10. Julian Ertelt

    I requested a quote but no one has replied back.

    I sincerely apologize for the delay, as we are aiming to contact all inquiries within 24 hours. There was a form forwarding issue in the back-end, so your inquiries were submitted but not forwarded to the team. I will be in touch with more information shortly!
  11. Julian Ertelt

    Does PDF Element work with OS X High Sierra?

    Hi Steve, Please find the full *.dmg with OCR plugin for download under the following link: http://download.wondershare.com/mac-pdfelement6-pro-ocr_full2992.dmg The reason the OCR plugin is not included with most installation files is because the collection of supported languages in the OCR plugin increase the installer size substantially (from 30mb to 469mb). The majority of companies with OCR products therefore push the OCR plugin or parts thereof to be downloaded on demand within the app, in an effort to reduce file size and lower bandwidth usage (e.g. Adobe's installer is only 60MB, but with OCR almost 600). Hope I could answer your question & best regards, Julian
  12. Julian Ertelt

    Poor Print Quality with Post Script Driver

    Hi Sarah, thank you for sharing this problem with us! You mentioned that the C70 cannot be switched to a postscript print driver - to clarify, did you mean the 3655? I know the C70 requires a PS addon to work with PS. Would it be possible to check whether the C70 prints normally if you don't use the Global Print Driver with PS but a PCL6 (or alternative)? Also feel free to contact me directly via my email address and I will link Rebecca in the email loop to keep the files off the forums. Best regards, Julian
  13. Julian Ertelt

    Expandable form fields in PDFelement for Mac?

    Hi Miri, you can change the settings of any form field from to "Multi-line" or "Scroll long text" to change the way it is displayed. I added the same long sample text in the two fields on the right - the bottom form field is set to multi-line setting: []
  14. Julian Ertelt

    Product Licence Purchasing

    Hi Vincent, the purchase is a perpetual (permanent) license and not a subscription!
  15. Julian Ertelt

    Watermark removal impossible in PRO version

    I tested to detect the watermark again using Adobe Acrobat DC and Foxit PhantomPDF, and both softwares proceed like PDFelement (watermark is only detected as image and can only be edited/removed as such). According to Adobe the document, and thus likely the watermark as well, was created by an online PDF creator. You can still remove the watermark like you would remove an image in the document.
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