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  1. Chris Stana

    Cancel Subscription

    I have been trying to cancel my subscription for a few days now and cannot seem to get anyone to communicate about my open ticket. Can someone please tell me how to cancle my account, this has not been easy and seems to be a big hassle.
  2. Chris Stana

    Cancel Subscription

    Dear Daphne, I have responded, can you please tell me what the next steps are for cancelation and refund? Thank you!
  3. Chris Stana

    Cancel Subscription

    I need to cancel my account due to lack of CC support and the inconsistency in your service. Please advise
  4. Chris Stana


    Hello? Can we have answers? This has been down awhile....
  5. Chris Stana

    Can't log in to Esign

    Servers must be down, I cant event get into the log-in area. Whats going on?
  6. Chris Stana

    Can I CC a Document?

    Ok, thank you.
  7. Chris Stana

    Can I CC a Document?

    Sorry yes, I use your ESign software and cant seem to send without having someone sign, nor can I cc someone on the document. Is there a way to do this that I am not seeing?
  8. Chris Stana

    Can I CC a Document?

    I cannot seem to find a way to CC other on the emails that are sent. It is really important I have a way to send people these documents any help please! -Chris

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