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  1. Hello, How do I get in contact with someone for assistance with my Wondershare esign+ account? I have a signed document from a client and I cannot download it to print and save it. This has been going on since early January and I have reached out multiple times without getting any reply back. I have used the "contact us" button on my home page but it opens up my gmail. I have sent multiple emails. I have contacted support through their Facebook page and they sent me to this forum. I need help ASAP, as my client is waiting on their signed contract with us. This is affecting my business operations.
  2. Yes here’s what the address bar shows https://esignplus.wondershare.com/flow-index/0000-a314-1682-b589-793
  3. Is there a limit on file size? That shouldn’t matter, especially since it allowed me to upload it for signature. And no, I cannot download it on any device. I have tried on a desktop, phone, and iPad.
  4. Here, this should do. I scrolled down to screenshot so it wouldn’t get any personal info. The first one is when I click the link in email and the second one is when I click download in my account. I am currently on my iPad.
  5. Hello, I use Firefox and chrome on my windows desktop using the latest version. I have tried on my tablet and on my phone, both use safari with latest versions. I have got my other documents to finally download but just not this one. I have not installed any new software that would cause this. Two things to note, first, on my email notification that I received saying my client signed the document, when I click that link or copy and paste the given link, it says error on the page. Second thing to note, when I login to my account, it shows the document is signed and I can see all my clients information so I know everything was signed. But when I click download at the top of the document, all it does is give the round circle download symbol in the middle of my document. I have left it on that circle for a while thinking it was just taking a while to download, but it is just staying on the page. I’d rather not screenshot and share it here since it has my clients personal info on it.
  6. I would like to add that all of my documents are doing this now. I can't download any of them, even the ones I could previously download are not letting me download. This has been ongoing for over 4 weeks now.
  7. Cody Waters

    Can't log in to Esign

    I agree. I have tried messaging them on their facebook page as well but did not receive an answer. I have tried clearing my history, three different browsers, another computer all together, and nothing is working. Must be servers are down.
  8. Cody Waters

    Can't log in to Esign

    I am having the same issue. I have tried three different browsers, all of which give me the same blank white screen. I can see where I can sign in at the top, but every time I click it, it does nothing. I can click the support tab at the top, which led me to the help forum. I am needing to access my signed documents so please help!
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