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  1. I'd like to get a solution (option or automation solution) for using the source document (Word, Excel, PP, bitmap types) file name when the PDF is output. An enhancement would be particularly useful if the output PDF file path would be set to be the same as the source file's. About the purpose: I want to use PDFElement for archiving all files in a library (i.e. multiple folders and various Office files). In the current version I can add multiple files in the "Create PDF" feature, but - as programmed - the Save As prompts me for the location and file name of the output. That is what I want to see suppressed (pre-programmed).
  2. AnettL

    Outlook Add-ins?

    Hi Daphne, I'd like to join in wishing the Outlook add-in get developed. That is a feature I have used frequently before I switched to PDF element and now it is 'painful' not having it any more. Regards

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