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  1. Rebecca, Thanks...I have alignment options that appear to be for setting where text aligns...or maybe not. I would like text to align with the bottom of a text entry box but it does not...which, to me, doesn't make sense. Moving the text entry box to below a line where text it to be entered results in messy appearance in some PDF viewers (Acrobat Reader for example) as the entry boxes appear highlighted. This seems like a design flaw to me...or maybe (hopefully) I'm just missing a setting somewhere...? Regards Jason
  2. Hello, I tried to respond to an existing thread but received an error so I am attempting to post an inquiry here that may not be original. I would like to format text field input boxes such that the text entered into them is aligned at the bottom of the box instead of the top. Is there any way to do this. I've tried using the "align bottom" setting by right clicking on the field but that does not appear to change anything... I am using the Apple version of PDF Element Pro. Regards Jason
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