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    Deskew Crooked Type on PDF Page

    What I do is to convert the document to images (pdf, png, etc) and then open in GIMP. Straighten the text by rotation a few degrees and then save (.xcf file), and export to jpg. Then open the jpg in PDFElement. Make sure to have the dimensions exact in GIMP when you export. You could also do this with Photoshop but GIMP is free.
  2. PeterIngeniumPatents

    How to get started

    The user guide does not say how to add recipients to an email. Also when I upload a signature in a png file it does not show. The documentation sucks.
  3. PeterIngeniumPatents

    Invisible Highlight Cursor

    When I select area highlight the cross hair cursor is visible n my tiny notebook screen but totally invisible on my large external monitor. How do I adjust the appearance of the cursor so I can see it on my external monitor?
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