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  1. My copy of PDFelement Pro became locked and I couldn't find any way to re-input the registration number. I finally had to download a new copy and re-install the program so I could input my registration number. But now, my list of recently edited files is gone. Does anyone know how to restore this? I have a backup version of my program that would still probably contain the list of recent files - if I could find out where it is stored. Thanks.
  2. rvmeush

    Setting Default Text Font and Size

    Is there some way to set the default properties for text? It's a pain to have to constantly set these parameters. Thanks.
  3. rvmeush

    Straight Line

    This tool will let you draw a straight line, but is there some way to ensure that it will be strictly horizontal or vertical? I was thinking there might be a keyboard modifier command to ensure that it would be horizontal or vertical.
  4. rvmeush

    Background image on ocr'd pdf

    I scanned an image of a government form and then did an ocr conversion in PDF Element for Mac. Most of the words on the form were converted to text boxes. However there are some lines on the form that were transferred to the OCR image, but they are not in text boxes, and I don't know how to select them or manipulate them. They almost seem to be a background image on the converted pdf document. Does anyone know how to edit or otherwise manipulate these lines? On another topic, does anyone know of a PDF version of the user guide for PDF Element for Mac? The online guide is fine but I'd like a .pdf version I can use also.
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