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  1. When I post a topic and someone replies I don't get a reply so I don't know if there is a reply unless I check. I found a setting for status updates in my profile that was off by default. I think it should be on by default, at least for topics I start. I've turned it on so hopefully I'm notified of replies to my posts. Thanks, John
  2. I submitted the online form 2 times and also emailed about getting a quote but no one has emailed me back or called.
  3. I need the ability to insert images of signed signatures in a PDF. The white portion of the signature needs to be transparent. The stamp tool would be a good place to add these images. There is a problem with the stamp tool however. When I add a scanned signature image and use it, the image is way too large. The stamp tool should have the ability to set the initial size of the stamp. It also needs the option to set it as a transparent image. I also need the ability to edit existing stamps. For example a stamp with the date is not in the correct format for the US. I need it to be in MM/DD/YYYY format. I see that built in stamps are transparent. Also it would be nice to be able to create my own text stamps. Without these abilities I cannot purchase the software. The software is nice but is still a work in progress, it's lacking too many features. It feels like a really good beta release at this point. Thanks, John Long

    Print to PDF.

    I am seriously considering purchasing this software. This is one feature that is a must have for us. It would also be nice to have options when printing to PDF, such as the ability to set the DPI and the ability to print to color or black and white. Thanks, John Long

    Print to PDF.

    Is there an option to have the PDF printer bring up a save as dialog when printing to it? Just wondering why the default is to open the program before saving what you printed to PDF. Not everything we print to PDF needs to be edited, in fact most things we print to PDF simply needs to be saved or emailed out. Thanks, John
  6. When inserting shapes on my computer with 3 monitors and the software is open on a non primary monitor and you click the the fill color or color drop down, the color picker shows up on the left side of the primary monitor, my center screen. With the software open on the right monitor the color picker shows up on the left side of my center monitor instead of the left side of my right monitor. It doesn't matter if the software is full screen or in a window. With the software open on the center monitor, primary desktop, it works as it should. On my left monitor if it's full screen the color picker will open where it should but it overlaps onto the left side of the center monitor. Also when trying to resize the software window when you mouse over the bottom right corner of the window you do not get the angular double arrow mouse cursor, meaning you can only resize the window vertically or horizontally but not both at the same time. It's annoying! Thanks, John Long
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