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  1. APM

    SignX Mails not being sent to clients

    Same here Humberto. We have already paid for the service and not a single client is getting the emails. Very frustrating. I've emailed XSign and Wondershare and of course no response.
  2. APM

    Clients not receiving emails

    We are new user and are experiencing problems that are preventing us from being able to use this service. When we send the emails for signatures they are not receiving the emails at all. Yesterday, I sent one to my personal Gmail account and still have not received the email from Wondershare. I clicked "remind" this morning and still nothing. I sent it to another email address of mine and nothing there either. This needs to get solved ASAP. Otherwise we are paying for something we cannot use. I don't care if it's Gmail or any other email provider, this needs to be fixed. We have emailed it to 3 of our clients that don't have a Gmail account and they aren't getting it either. Is there a way to either text a link or send an email as an attachment? Or is the only way to do it is through your website?
  3. APM

    SignX Mails not being sent to clients

    Did all the same things and having the same problems. This is ridiculous.
  4. APM

    Send to Client other than by Email

    Rebecca, Do you have the steps for doing it these 2 ways?
  5. Is there a way to send a document to a client other than via email? Can you text a link to them? Or include a link on a website?
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