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    HELP pages loose a part everytime i save

    Can you give me the e-mail adres then i try to send it or share it as google drive document. I had it in another file also but there i asked at friends to adjust the pages with adobe (i don't have a back-up with the wrong pages of the other file, this was also a bigger file with +700 pages where i added extra pages from another file)
  2. Ok and should it be possible in the future to turn also the text? This should be very handy for a lot of the work i want to do this with this program. Best regards, Fif
  3. Fif

    HELP pages loose a part everytime i save

    I'm on Windows, i added pages in there from another file. (it are some of these pages that turns themself after saving and reopening the file). The complete file is also around 600 pages. Best regards, Fif
  4. When i select all on a page or text then i can't turn this? Is this for any reason, because this is not handy..
  5. Everytime i edit my file and add pages etc at the file and correct the pages that turned automaticly wihout any certain reason, next time i save and reopen the file the files are back in wrong format and i loose a big part of the page that i can not recover. This is really starting to ennoying me as i already put a lolt of time in this file again and again...
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