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  1. I'm having the same issue after running the PDF Element update in Windows 10. I rebooted Windows 10... attempted to set PDF Element as the default .pdf file association... and Win 10 does not list Wondershare PDF Element as an optional file association. BTW... I'm not using Adobe or any other PDF editor. The PDF Element update is version
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    Long time user...first-time caller. PLEASE add an Auto-Save feature!!! I recently upgraded to version Pro 6.6.03317. What a disappointment with the continual crashes...UGGH! On various edits, the system crashes and I lose all my previous work. I'm having to constantly click "Save" as I make edits to avoid losing work if the system crashes again. By the way, on the pop-up Crash window, it would be nice if the system recognized the crash occurrence like many apps do instead of me having to describe what just happened. Anyway, adding an Auto-Save function to the Pro version would be a notable feature. Thanks.
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