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  1. Okay so, just to verify my understanding, if you had an array of 5 boxes the middle boxes would evenly distribute based on the interior edges of the outside boxes in the group?
  2. Something similar to the align/ distribute buttons. Select a group of boxes then click a drop down menu with an option for match box height and another option for match box width would be perfect!
  3. Glad I'm not the only one this bothers haha. I have to realign 167 text boxes because of this (x.X) and I know it's not going to be pretty. Also all your box heights have to be the same height in order for this to work, if you want to speed up the process by moving groups of boxes at the same time. **This could honestly be fixed by adding a guide line within the box where the bottom of text is suppose to actually appear. Though, it wouldn't fix the ugly factor of seeing highlight boxes off center on all in all your documents, but it's a start!
  4. I downloaded the trial version for MacOSX today and noticed that both distribute buttons look exactly the same and are unlabeled. A pretty huge problem, especially since there is no tool tip pop up when you hover over them. Needs to definitely be addressed. Also, distribute is not shown/explained in any of your tutorials. I couldn't find a definition for what it is/how it works anywhere. Does it distribute based on top most line and bottom most line? Are there other things that go into deciding how it distributes? A pretty big oversight in my opinion for such a powerful tool. Thanks!
  5. diusgh

    Saving a PDF file

    Something like this happened to me, it ended up that I had two instances of the application open somehow. Check your task manager and see if you have two open at the same time. Good Luck! (Maybe try to export it for safe keeping? Then you might be able to convert back from a docx, but this is just a guess! I only bring it up because chances are you're going to have to force close one instance of it, assuming you have two, and it'll be a 50/50 shot that you'll lose all your data)
  6. I've made a pdf form fillable by creating and lining up text boxes, but I have since realized that they need to be the same height (I have to realign them all vertically due to words being floated in vertical center, so none of them rest on the lines in the pdf). Is there a feature that does text box matching? Doing it by hand is maddening and I don't want to copy/paste boxes just to make them a uniform height (they're varying widths). I've searched to no avail on the internet and in this forum. I'd upload the file, but it's way too big. Thanks in advance!
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