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  1. lucchese20

    Markup Tool: Highlight

    Only highlights text and not adjoining image. Also was able to modify highlight color once. Couldn’t get back to editing color—what’s the procedure?
  2. lucchese20

    OCR Plugin Window

    Takes over screen space—need to slide it over to left or right of screen to make visual space. Not a pleasant experience on a laptop.
  3. lucchese20

    Image Manipulation

    Couldn’t modify (i.e., move, rotate, crop) “image” within PDF – only import an image into another PDF. Is this the intent?
  4. lucchese20

    OCR Text Recognition

    Some fonts converted correctly whereas other did not. 😞
  5. lucchese20

    OCR Text Recognition

    After downloading OCR Plugin and editing text, I was required to download plugin again after moving to another part of the page. Seems odd to have to download plugin more than once.
  6. lucchese20

    Find Button and Resize Doc

    Would be great it a "Find" button (or something simpler than digging thru menus) was included in future updates. Also would be nice if I could re-size an open PDF. There is no way to re-size the window. On a laptop--space is limited. Thanks
  7. Just updated PDFelement Pro to version 6.6.1. I'm unable to "Find" or search text in a PDF doc. If I invoke "Find and Replace," my PDF searches are a little better but still not functioning all that well. Need to use other programs to "Find" or "Search" text. Appears to be a really basic function that may not be working that well. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thx.

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