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    Extract Pages as Separate Pages failed - Mojave

    I have this exact same problem. "Extract Pages As Separate Files" generates copies of only the first page in the document. If the document has 3 different pages, it generates 3 files all of the first page only. This is ridiculous. Please fix this bug, Wondershare.
  2. Brad Storch

    Printing issues

    Hi Katie - Seems like they don't investigate or take it seriously unless you send them a screenshot, no matter how well you explain the problem. And I will not send the documents when they're of a confidential nature. That's insane.
  3. Brad Storch

    Printing issues

    1. Often, after merely editing a PDF with PDFelement 6 Pro, I am unable to print that same file in Acrobat Reader. In Acrobat, I get the error messages: "The document could not be printed." and then "There were no pages selected to print." even though the document is staring me right in the face. 2. Sometimes when I try to print from PDFelement, certain elements that look fine and as intended on the document are way out of proportion in the Print dialog preview and print that way. What's happening here? These are just the latest inconveniences caused by this program. I can't find any settings in PDFelement that would cause these results. Please help. Thank you.

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