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    No accented letters (Brazilian keyborad)

    OK, Heidi I have tried a lot of times with THIS keyboard in PDFelements ... All the keys combinations you could imagine. As I said several times, the keyboard is working fine with accented letters for any other windows program or text box ... Including the typing I am doing in this post. I am convinced that there is something incompatible between PDFDelements and this specific and unique Multilaser (Brazilian) brand keyboard. So I will try to change to another keyboard. Thanks for your help. I think you can close this thread.
  2. Amauri Brandalize

    No accented letters (Brazilian keyborad)

    Hi, Heidi I have a physical Brazilian keyboard as you can see at the photo attached. This keyboard has a "ç" key and a "~" and "^" key also as you can see at right of keyboard. Note that I am typing this post using this keyboard and I can have the letters "ã" and "â" easily. If I use any software (Notepad, Word, Excel and any other third-party software) the letters appears OK. Only when I use PDFelement to type the accented letters are not recognized. The sequence of keys to get the accented letters in this keyboard is: type the accent key (~ for example) an then type the letter (a for example), the result is ã ... Not sure if this keyboard keys are not recognized by PDFelement ... But it is recognized by any other software installed. Windows 10 is configured for Brazilian keyboard (see the image attached).
  3. Hi, I already had complained about this issue but nothing happened. I am trying to use accented letters like "ã" or "é" with my Brazilian keyboard and PDFelement is not recognizing giving me only "a" or "e". By the way, all the other software are working fine and giving me the correct accented letters. I have tried with several fonts including the basic ones like Arial, or Calibri. and ... nothing. Is there any settings parameter that I am missing ? Please take a look at image attached (PDFelemet typed and Notepad typed)
  4. Amauri Brandalize

    Accented letters

    I am trying to use accented letters (all the installed truetype fonts) with pdfelement but it doesn´t show any of them. For example: "á é í ó ú ã õ" appear at the document as "a e i o u a o" without accent. I am using a Brazilian layout keyboard and everything is normal with other software. What is happening?

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