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  1. Folks, I have created 16 slides using "keynotes' in Mojave, and export this presentation into PDF using "export to PDF" in Keynote. i can open the PDF using Preview app or PDF Element Pro 6 app and see the data was completed, then i edit the last 3 pages using cropping feature to make those pages into 50% of the original PDF files and save the PDF. issue: However, when i tried to extract all the pages in this saved PDF into separate individual PDF for each extracted page, PDF Element Pro 6 generated 16 individual PDF files that contains only ( the same) 1st page of the original PDF file, and created 16 individual PDF files with each page in it. what i do: i pressed command+A keys in my Mac to select all pages, then hit "Extract' button after selecting "Extract pages as separate files" value in the dropdown menu above the button, which gave me this wrong results. questions: anyone have similar issue like this? is there any bugfix for this error, or share the trick to avoid this issue? Mojave 10.14.4 PDFelement 6 Pro Keynote 9.0.1 (6196) Macbook Retina 12 Early 2015 Dwg and Docs Compiled_Optimize_extract.zip Dwg and Docs Compiled_Optimize.pdf
  2. Zulfan Qasim

    page cropped after OCR

    Hi All, My name is Zulfan and i have used this tool since 2017. However, i now have some issue with OCR feature in this software, especially for table in landscape scanned PDF format (scanned by other apps in windows). Suddenly the page margin changed after OCR process, so the left margin was increase and the right margin was decreased, cause the table were not fully shown after OCR as they slide to the right, so some part of the rightmost column of the table were "cut" / out of page. Anyone else has this problem and understand how to fix this issue? MacBook Retina Early 2015 macOs High Sierra (version 10.13.6) Wondershare PDFelement 6 Pro -Version

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