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  1. dmoss

    Support Pages Do Not Work

    Hi Heidi and Rebecca, I just want to say thank you for responding so quickly to my request for an exchange to a Mac version. The new code you sent worked. With regards to the support pages: I'm glad you're redesigning the support center. I like the way it's laid out and it would make exchanges such as mine easy if fully functional. The screenshot I sent doesn't show the subject line, but I did use various lengths of subject line (with less than 30 characters) on both the "Direct Assistance" page and "Return and Exchange" page and kept getting the same error message. I even cleared my cache and tried again. So, I think the problem may persist until the redesign is complete. That may affect other people who may not take the steps of trying the forum for a solution (I almost gave up before trying the forum). All the best and thanks again! Dick
  2. dmoss

    Support Pages Do Not Work

    Here, by the way, is screenshot of the error message. Dick
  3. dmoss

    Support Pages Do Not Work

    Hi Rebecca, I'm not sure if you've posted again on this thread. I keep receiving new "You have a new notification" pop-ups via Firefox, but nothing shows up via email, and I can't see anything on this forum thread. Maybe I get notifications when you post to any thread, not just this one? Thanks, Dick
  4. dmoss

    Support Pages Do Not Work

    Hi Rebecca: Thanks for getting back to me. There are two pages that haven't been working: 1. (None of the Above:, I Need Direct Assistance > Still Need Assistance?) http://support.wondershare.com/?fromid=74 2. Returns and Exchanges http://support.wondershare.com/return_exchange.html Is it possible to solve my problem while you're at it? I can email you my order number. Best regards, Dick
  5. dmoss

    Support Pages Do Not Work

    I've been trying for over a week to exchange my newly purchased PDFElement 6 from the PC Version to the Mac version. None of the support pages work. Initially, it wouldn't find my order number. Now, it says "Please enter no more than 30 characters." It says this when I have no characters entered or when i have 20. The same thing happens on both the exchange page and the ticket page. Extremely frustrating. Can someone help me with this?
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