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  1. Good morning Heidi 🙂 Thank you for the fast response. I have made a little video of loading the pdf file with PDFElement, MasterPDFEditor and Acrobat Pro X. As you can see in the video, MasterPDFEditor and Acrobat loads right away but PDFElement never does load. I am using an Asus laptop, CPU N4200@1.1 ghz, 8 gb ram, 64 bit OS, Win 10 home and an ssd drive. I would love to be able to use PDFElement if we could get it to work. Thank you for you time Heidi ian ian.young@live.ca 250-793-7953 View 3 pdf editors.mp4
  2. Ian again It appears PDFElement absolutely does not like a file with lots of form fields. Files with over 100 fields do not load. How do I get my money back? This is definetly NOT PROFESSIONAL GRADE SOFTWARE.
  3. Ian again. Followup. PDFelement will not load this file but acrobat pro does it instantly. ??????? 7-8D - Initial OTJ - Pumping Form-bu107.pdf
  4. I have been working on this pdf form for at least an hour. Then i saved the file and go to reload it. PDFElement is still loading file after 20 minutes. sometimes it loads and saves fast and then sometimes it is almost as it hangs. Maybe PDFElement can not handle more than a few fields?? I just downloaded and paid for this software a couple of hours ago and it does not seem to work. Ian Young ian.young@live.ca 250-793-7953 7-8D - Initial OTJ - Pumping Form-bu107.pdf
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