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  1. Yes, when capturing with the Camera function, there is only the copy choices, nothing that will "Cut" out that section being "extracted." In EDIT >> SELECT mode I can highlight sections and move the whole section as one piece on a page, but that's often not possible if the page got weirdly cut into strips of images when it came in as a .PDF ... But, if you play with it for a while and click back and forth between LINE and PARAGRAPH treatment of the editing (a difference I still can't understand the reasoning behind, nor can I see any changes when using one or the other, but it's useful to click back and forth and "wake up" the software to finally let me use SELECT to choose groups of elements on the page. Screenshots wouldn't help -- would just show you the strips of images that compose the page (instead of one image) and a MOVE style cursor 4-directional arrow hovering above, even though SELECT (not EDIT, not HAND) is chosen in the upper left. You can duplicate that easily enough. Try a few year-end statements or just PDF monthly statements from banks. First view them in Google Chrome's viewer on Windows 7, then "SAVE" that .pdf file to your hard drive using the Chrome command to do so, or a right-click and save of the whole file from the context menu. You'll see that sometimes these pages import in strips of images, and often when it seems like it would be least likely to do so because they're just blocks of text with no real lines in them on which Chrome's saving, or PDF Element's opening, should cause either to think there is anything other than one big image for that page. But yes, sometimes it takes playing with settings - changing, then changing back - for the software to allow me to do this. Sometimes it even takes closing and saving the file then re-opening it. Should be easily duplicable, but I'd be willing to privately send you such a page or two so you can maybe see what's happening on it. Thanks!
  2. P.S. I bought PDF Element after buying Filmora knowing that Wondershare does things a bit, um, differently than other designers in terms of user interface, and sometimes that's easier, but sometimes it's harder. Sometimes standard industry terms are used for common operations, and sometimes they're not. Sometimes the action that I think (for whatever my opinion is worth) should be the most obvious choice to be the default action, or at least the most prominently shown action, is buried in the interface somewhere by Wondershare devs. But, even knowing all that, I found Filmora to be very powerful -- better than expected, and that it would do what I want without reading the primers -- and that was for video editing, something with which I had near zero experience. So I figured .pdf editing, which should be reasonably similar to other types of editing of documents with words and images and fields thereof, in essentially un-demarcated whitespace, would be something where I would find that Wondershare's PDF Element product would be even more intuitive to me since I have so much more experience with similar products, than what I experienced with Filmora, where I had almost no prior video-editing experience. But the reverse turned out to be true... Here, I'm beset with the inability to find the features I need/want, and seeking help. Maybe I need to un-learn some of my editing assumptions before I can re-learn with PDF Elements?
  3. OK, there's still the problem of CUT in a cut & paste situation where I want whatever I capture removed . That doesn't happen here. And maybe is because it's unclear what would remain in a cut? Maybe that's why I don't have that option? Theoretically when doing a cut, whatever background would remain (typically whitespace, but maybe it's layered over something), I would either want that background to remain in place, or maybe be given a choice whether to remove a background piece along with the cut operation just leave whitespace, or if I wanted to cut out only the top layer above the background, or even select the number of layers deep I'm cutting. (This is all IF I were doing an actual CUT here, but I'm not, so this paragraph is maybe a feature request.) But either way would be more than I have now with the Camera feature in a scanned in pdf where each page just appears as one big image. Right now using the Camera feature I can't cut out what I capture (in your parlance: what I "extract"). And the easiest way I'm finding to CUT using this camera feature, and this is a really amateur method, is to capture ("extract") using Camera a chunk of white-space from a different part of the document and then paste it over the part I had wanted cut... ugh. and ugly. Since if I want to move something else into that space, I have now piled stuff 3 layers high. Any tool in PDF Element that will give me the CUT function when I'm selecting/capturing/"extracting" something? Any other totally different methods you can suggest, other than Optical Character Recognition, which totally demolishes the appearance of documents, and does a poor job of capturing text anyway, to handle this kind of a thing overall? I'm open to suggestions on any best practices for doing this sort of thing. Many thanks again.
  4. I GOT IT! :-) From CAMERA after highlighting I need to RIGHT-CLICK (this is not an obvious choice, ahem!), then choose Copy and Exit Screenshot. Then move to the page where I want it, right click, paste. I'm not yet sure if I can do this from a page in one open file to a page in another open file -- and I'm not sure (yet) if the portrait/landscape orientation will "stick" after I rotate everything back again (as will be needed with this document to get it to print correctly when compiled in with 50 other documents and I need them all to be portrait), but so far, this is FINE. Also figured out there is the choice of more than .BMP. Sorry for that whine. 😉 My bad. Thanks @Heidi Chan, very muchly. The cutting/pasting being hidden in a right click after selection: Yes. It's there, but not an obvious thing, and not intuitive to me, since copying and pasting within a document (or at least within PDF Element) should be the first and most prominent choice on such actions, based on how I tend to use this product. But now I found it and I will only add to this thread if there were other types of cut/copy & move/paste issues that I was also thinking were problematic.. Much appreciated! 😄 Nelson
  5. OK, tried camera feature on a downloaded .PDF of a year-end summary from a credit card company. I only need to submit a few of these pages, not all of them, and thus I want to remove the first few, at least. But I want to have some identification on the final .PDF identifying that it's my account, and shows my name and address on it. So I want to cut out those portions from the first page (which I will then delete) and place them neatly somewhere on the first page with information on it that I am keeping and submitting. Again, not subterfuge here, just abridgment and curation of a bigger file than needed and more pages than needed. The CAMERA feature: 1. It wants to save the image as a .BMP file. Wow. Yeah, bitmapped images are definitely lossless, but, um, keeping every one and zero in an image isn't required with formats like .jpg/.jpeg and .png which do offer lossLESS compression... (but this is a minor complaint, I guess -- just wondering why the unnecessary bulk here by the developers; or am I missing a way to save the capture from the Camera in a different format) 2. It wants to save the image to my drive. All I want to do is capture it and paste it elsewhere in this page (or another page) of my .pdf that's open in PDF Element, or maybe in another .pdf file that I would make sure was also open in PDF element... Why can't I just copy (or cut) and paste somewhere else in my document? Is there another tool besides Camera that lets me do this without laboriously saving a .bmp to my drive, and then inserting it from my drive onto the page that's right next to the page I'm working with in PDF Escape? Why the big work-around? Can you suggest a different, simpler cut & paste or copy & paste method? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the reply, Heidi, it's appreciated! I'm trying to do several things related to removing and/or moving. In one example, I would post the documents here but they're sensitive financial ones relating to providing evidence for my wife's immigration, so I can't post them. In this example I printed a web page from Chrome of 25 financial payments sent via a certain service to support my wife while she's waiting for her interview. But I need to remove the final 3 payments from that document since they are part of a prior document I already sent (and duplication can result in confusion). When printing (first creating that .pdf) from the webpage of the financial service, I can't choose to print only the most recent 22 payments -- the choices are last 10, 25, or 50. Choosing 25 is closest so now I just need to remove the last 3, and then move everything else up, including all or most of the footer of that page. But the problem is that every single thing, even every single character, seems to be its own separate image. So to do this, I ended up manually just selecting every single letter and number separately and deleting them -- from the payments I didn't want showing here -- then selecting (almost) every single element in the footer of the document, doing a COPY and moving it up to the empty space created on the page above it, then PASTING it, then trying to position it. At the end then I just deleted the final page I didn't need, and removed page numbering in footers (to further avoid confusion by the reader). There has to be a better way so now I'll try it soon using this CAMERA method, IF I can find the camera, and IF it will let me select a group of elements to CUT (or COPY) and then paste onto a different page, or maybe into a different file if that's the need. I'll advise how well it works and post here the solution found, or any further problems doing what you're suggesting. My system is Windows 7 Ultimate fully-updated and current running with ample resources in processor/RAM/SSD. (In case you needed that. You at least probably needed to know it was the Windows version) :-) Many thanks again, Nelson
  7. A dialog box opens and the only thing I can do is edit margins -- but, as this relates to another question I raised, this editing of margins seems to be a crop, and not a resize of everything on the page which is what I would want. I don't understand why resizing of .PDF pages seems to be the priority in this software. I think it's safe to say that most work I need to do on .pdfs is on pages that come in at a correct size, and it's the just the text and images on the page that I need to manipulate, OR, I need to add margins in a way that shrinks everything I haven't removed from that page (yet) and just gives me white-space around everything. That problem is here: Final note is that I am on the Windows Version, not Mac, using on a constantly-updated Windows 7 Ultimate, on a machine with very high processor, RAM, and SSD resources (not that resources have been an issue, just giving you the whole picture here). Thanks, this is much appreciated, because I'm not seeing all these tools you're showing me. Nelson
  8. Thanks for the reply, Rebecca. When I click on Page Menu >> Boxes, what I see isn't even remotely close to that. Here's what I see:
  9. Puhleeeese Help! ... Also see my other OBVIOUS questions about doing REALLY OBVIOUS STUFF....Thank you! :-) (I do want this to work, but I mostly want honesty and if I need a different .PDF Editor to do this, I'm find with buying a different one. instead.)
  10. Puhleeeese Help! ... Also see my other OBVIOUS questions about doing REALLY OBVIOUS STUFF....Thank you! :-) (I do want this to work, but I mostly want honesty and if I need a different .PDF Editor to do this, I'm find with buying a different one. instead.)
  11. Puhleeeese Help! ... Also see my other OBVIOUS questions about doing REALLY OBVIOUS STUFF....Thank you! :-) (I do want this to work, but I mostly want honesty and if I need a different .PDF Editor to do this, I'm find with buying a different one. instead.)
  12. Puhleeeese Help! ... Also see my other OBVIOUS questions about doing REALLY OBVIOUS STUFF....Thank you! :-) (I do want this to work, but I mostly want honesty and if I need a different .PDF Editor to do this, I'm find with buying a different one. instead.)
  13. More common issue than you think if you chop up a lot of long PDFs which are actually very common when capturing things like long web pages with 4 years of bank transactions in it, so you can print it into a PDF and send it to your banker who wants to see your income for a business loan or whatever... Why can't I take a .PDF file that's about half a page, and REVERSE-CROP on it -- often called MATTE, so that I add margins (white space of course) and make it BIGGER??? Or at least paste it on top of a blank full-size page? COMMON THING -- You've just chopped a big long 20 page pdf into 19 full size pages and one half-page stub, and you did it the hard way -- the PDF Element Way, where go into Page Boxes and use CROP to get rid of what you don't need, save that as a page, then open the original AGAIN, do the second page with another crop, SAVE IT separately, and try to tie them all back together at the end and add white-space around them (which is NOT automated but SHOULD BE). So what does your LAST PAGE look like of the 20. I'll bet it's a half-page or less, and because PDF Element made you CROP each page, now you're stuck with a page that is ACTUALLY sized about, say 7.5" wide and 5" high. It's a STUB. If you print the whole file of 19 pages plus stub at 8.5 x 11 you get 19 pages looking fine, especially if you planned ahead and resized 'em to add margins ahead of time, and you get that last STUB of half a page, and it CENTERS ITSELF in the middle of the 8.5x11 page you're printing on because PDF Element is TOO STUPID to just put it at the top of an 8.5 x 11 page... unless you can show me where it's smart enough, I'm gonna stand by "too stupid" as accurate here. WHY CAN'T I JUST REVERSE-CROP (add margins or MATTE MARGINS or call it whatever)? Usually it's called MATTE in cropping. Say my stub (last page of the 20 I chopped that long .PDF into laboriously using Page Boxes "Crop" and going back again and again for piece after piece...) say that stub final page is 7.5" wide (because I planned for side margins to add) and it's 5" high. I want to ADD MARGINS ... Grow the size of the file. It's just a REVERSE CROP... Why is this soooo hard to have? Using that example, my whole .pdf page size for that last page is 7.5 wide by 5 high, so, First I matte (add whitespace and grow the page on this side of it by this amount): half an inch above this page -- there's my top margin white space Then I matte (add whitespace and grow the page on this side of it by this amount): half an inch to each side of it (there are my side margins white space, and I've grown the width to a tidy 8.5) Then I matte (add whitespace growing the page size by the amount I add on the side I add it) 5.5" to the bottom of it -- making the whole page now 8.5" by 11 inches, PERFECTLY. And I have 0.5" margins sides and top, and the .pdf page information is at the TOP of this 8.5x11 (obviously portrait alignment) page, with empty white space below it WHY can't I do this? Stomp foot! Stomp foot! Stomp foot! I can do this with any image in any DECENT IMAGE EDITOR. I can do it BLINDFOLDED with the old MICROSOFT PHOTO EDITOR (I think it came with Office starting in '97... it's 32-bit, but only slightly buggy, and still does things A LOT BETTER THAN PDF ESCAPE. HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP!!!! Puhleeeese... Also see my other OBVIOUS questions about doing REALLY OBVIOUS STUFF.... Thank you!
  14. When 1 pdf is just a BIG, OVER-LONG .jpg, say a downloaded .HTML page with a big long account history on it, then: 1. How do I chop it into 8.5x11 or 8.5x14 size pages, and DO SO WHILE RESIZING so I have half-inch margins? I guess I can do the math before hand, and I did go into PAGE / PAGE BOXES and did use CROPPING to cut up one big long document into many pieces but then I have these problems: a.) I need to pre-figure all the sizes after shrinkage. No problem, I made it through calc and can factor polynomials in my head, so a bit of relational division won't kill me... BUT, then... b.) Since it requires CROPPING OUT unwanted portions of the big, long PDF file, INVARIABLY the last page is about half a page, soooo..... 2. When I have HALF A PAGE, and it's essentially a .PDF that's 7.5" wide and 5" high, HOW IN THE HECK TO I PLOP THAT DOWN ONTO A BLANK 7.5x11" PAGE, at the TOP of the page, so it doesn't STUPIDLY (automatically) print in the MIDDLE of an 8.5" page as the lonely final page of this big long PDF I just chopped up? WHY CAN'T I TAKE A .PDF FILE THAT'S ALL JUST 1 IMAGE ANYWAY, and do the REVERSE-CROP on it -- often called MATTE, and do so in such a way that, starting with my .PDF page at 7.5" wide and 5" high, I just REVERSE-CROP (add/matte/whatever): Half an inch above it (there's my top margin white space), Half an inch to each side of it (there are my side margins white space), and 6" to the bottom of it -- making the whole page now 8.5" by 16 inches, and I have .5" margins sides and top, and the .PDF page is at the TOP of this 8.5x11 (obviously portrait) page, with empty whitespace below it? WHY? I can do this with any image in any DECENT IMAGE EDITOR. I can do it BLINDFOLDED with the old MICROSOFT PHOTO EDITOR (think it came with Office starting in '97... it's 32-bit, but only slightly buggy, and still does things A LOT BETTER THAN PDF ESCAPE. HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP!!!! Thank you!
  15. How do I shrink a WHOLE PAGE full of objects all at once so as to add margins all around it, and do so WITHOUT PRINTING IT to a different .PDF and adding the margins/resize in the print dialog box -- doing it that way makes it FUZZY and locks in certain things I may want to edit later. The problem here is the OPPOSITE of the problem I have when all objects are just part of one image per page, which is what I usually get when I scan in and don't do OCR -- when they're like that I can go to Edit and grab the corners of the page, which is one BIG image and move each and the whole page shrinks proportionally and I can set the margins. But not here in such an instance: I can't do it that way if, say, I printed in a pdf LIKE A CAR RENTAL CONTRACT that I got from a car rental company -- something with lots of boxes, and let's say I printed it into a PDF using FoxIt PDF Reader's Printer -- extremely common. Well now that Car Rental Contract, which as you know they're a gridwork of boxes, is somehow seen as about 5 different PIECES (elements, some text, some images) by PDF Element (if I'm lucky only 5 and not 500 elements) so there is NO WAY TO treat the WHOLE PAGE as if it's -one- thing to RESIZE down and add white space all around it. (say 0.5in. or 12mm) NOPE, I am forced to shrink each an every one of those 8 or 10 or 200 BOXES that somehow got individually divided when all I did was PRINT that rental contract from a .JPG image into a .PDF file using FoxIt PDF Printer, about the most common one on the market that's not part of an OS or browser. I WANT TO RESIZE THE WHOLE PAGE AND ADD MARGINS. AND I WANT TO DO IT PAGE BY PAGE, especially on a large .PDF since some pages need it and some don't. And I do NOT NOT NOT want to print the .pdf file to another .pdf file and shrink it and center it -- it LOSES CRISPNESS, and then it locks in anything I have ADDED to it -- comments, highlights, etc. That's a horrible solution not even good enough to be called a "workaround." HELP!
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