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  1. Kaigan

    Registering after re-installation.

    Issue resolved to my satisfaction. Thanks Peter
  2. Back in May 2018 I started getting "You have exceeded the number of activations and to get a hold of support" when I tried to register the software after a reinstall and it appears to all be fine and then the error appears and goes back to it being unregistered. I contacted 'pdfelement@wondershare.com' after reading in this forum that to write to the email address to get the activations reset. In the email chain I explained I was using pdfelement only on my desktop and my laptop. I also told them that I had some hard drive problems on the laptop and eventually replaced the HD with a new SSD. As well, I was testing my workflow under Linux and occasionally PDFelement would get reinstalled when I do a clean install of Windows to clear up some issues after an update. So, the last time after doing a clean install of Windows 10 after experimenting with Linux. I reinstalled PDFelement on the same laptop it had been installed on before and the errors started. I was told there was nothing they could do and I would have to purchase another license because I had exceeded the five activation limit. So annoyed I deleted pdfelement and looked for a suitable replacement. I also decided to try my workflow under Linux again. Although I liked using Linux, it wasn't for me and have reinstalled Windows. Also not able to find anything I liked as much as pdfelement I am back to try again to see if I can get this issue resolved as others in the forum seem to have. Peter Kirk
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