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  1. DanS

    Comparing Adobe Acrobat

    Heidi, thanks for your response. May I add a comment saying this feature is extremely important in the financial industry and most likely in the medical world as well. When we work with an editable PDF and request a signature from a client we use the "flatten pages" tool. The flatten tool locks the PDF doc, protecting the doc from any further changes following the signature. We cannot accept a signed PDF that is still editable. Hopefully, the leadership team will see the importance of this feature/tool and implement changes quickly. In the meantime, and I am sorry for saying this, but we will have to remain using Adobe.
  2. DanS

    Comparing Adobe Acrobat

    We are in the process of comparing Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 Extended and PDFElement. One important feature we use continuously is the "Flatten Pages" tool in Adobe Acrobat Pro. Is there a comparable tool/functionality in PDFElement? Thanks for your help.
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