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  1. lklein

    Adding lots of words to custom dictionary

    Hello! I am a prospective customer, but only work on Mac. To make PDFelement worth buying, we need to be able to upload a long list of terms into the custom dictionary at once. I understand that this is a feature in the PC version of the software, but not in the Mac version. Is that something that you're planning to add to the Mac software? If so, what's the timeline for when it will become available?
  2. lklein

    Custom dictionary

    OK, this is useful info, since the whole company uses Macs, so it's a dealbreaker for the usefulness of PDFelement for our purposes. Will add this suggestion in the Mac area of the forum. Thanks for the quick reply!
  3. lklein

    Custom dictionary

    Is it possible to import an entire list of words into a custom dictionary (like from a Word or .txt file)? If not, is there any other way of adding a whole lot of words to a custom dictionary at once, rather than just adding them individually when running spell check on a specific PDF?
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