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  1. Hi all, I am trying to get this PDF viewable across all PDF readers. I think there is a "preview" function being toggled somewhere in the pdfelement field creation. I attached an example. Note that when viewing it only in pdfelement, there are no problems. But if you open it in adobe or chrome, the text appears and disappears. This is an issue as I do not know what program the recipient will be using to read the pdf. 1) On the 2nd page (where fields are) the fields all appear blank 2) I click into the input fields, and the text from my excel spreadsheet appears 3) I click off the input fields, it goes blank again 4) I click into the input field again, add text, click off the field, and the text sticks now I used the OCR function to generate these fields. Is there a setting I must toggle to change this? Again, PLEASE view this in adobe and chrome to see the issue I'm talking about. This is a critical cross-compatibility issue that must be resolved. On1 (1).pdf
  2. Hi Rebecca, I'm very sad to hear there is no option to specify this, particularly since the automated tool seems to have the ability to do it...
  3. Just curious if there is a way to specify "character spacing" in form fields, so that I can increase the distance between each letter that gets typed into a form field?
  4. In the "Proper Spacing" pdf I attached, the squares become generated with automatically proper character spacing for each form field, when I use the "form field recognition" tool. (Please use the "form field recognition" tool to see what I mean here) How does it do this? What attribute of the form field is it adjusting, so that I may optimize my other PDFs manually? Proper Spacing.pdf
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