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  1. @Heidi Chan,您好! 邮件已经收到,谢谢帮忙!
  2. @Heidi Chan,   您好!感谢您的解答,经过考虑我还是先等待一下吧!   因为我用的是中国区的授权码,激活不了英文版。   谢谢!
  3. Hello @Heidi Chan! Maybe I did not clarify what the version of pdfelement6 pro for mac I am using. Actually I am using the version is the one your company sold in the Mainland of China region by one of the reseller. The dmg file you offered to me does not suit me. I wonder when your company can offer the right version that I can use. Thank you very much!
  4. Hello, @Heidi Chan! I remember that you claimed your team had fixed the problem and planed to launch the update today! I checked the update just now. But there is not any new update. I wonder what the exactly time the update can be launched. Thank you very much!
  5. Hello, @Heidi Chan! Thank you for your help! The attachment file is the one for test. Thanks! t1.pdf
  6. Hello! I found out a problem when I extract data from a scanned pdf file. The thing is when I did what I want, the software perform abnormal as the attachment picture. I need help! Thanks!
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