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    document size too large

    I have a 10-page questionnaire for clients to fill out digitally. Long story short, after editing it numerous times to get finally get it exactly how I need it, the file is suddenly too large to send via email. Is it at all possible to reduce the file size? I keep going back and forth with the support center via email, but to be honest, the one sentence, half information replies are exhausting. We've been going back and forth since early December to fix this one document... I figured I'd post here in case someone could help with detailed information Last reply from the support center was: "Please go>"File">"Save as Other" to optimize the file." .......... save it as other what.............
  2. btea

    adding text fields to fillable forms

    Hmm. The issue, i think, is that I don't want it to scroll within the same line. I need a text box to flow from one field to the next, keeping the same size and font, without having to hit "tab" to get to the next line. I can't make the text field larger as it would cover the written question/text. See attached. (while I'm at it.. how do i make the fillable text the same size and font?) i appreciate your help so much!! :-) :-)
  3. btea

    adding text fields to fillable forms

    I've read several posts on this and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I apologize in advance if it's something simple that I'm not grasping. pdfelement pro 6. windows. I have a questionnaire in PDF, converting it to a fillable form. Some spaces for answers have a short line after the question, and longer lines to fill in underneath. I need to make a text box that allows people to type, and for the text to flow into the next line. (right now the text just gets smaller to fit on the same line and gets cut off if saved or printed) I have right clicked the text field to select "properties." and selected "multi-line" and "scroll long text". Can someone let me know what I'm doing wrong, please? is it supposed to be one or the other or both? Honestly I think I've tried every possible option, but my brain seems fried after spending so much time on this. pic for example
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