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    PDF to Excel Conversation

    How do I set PDFelement Professional 6 to a font that includes Unicode such as TimesNewRoman or Calibri?
  2. mbdick

    Product is slow

    I am having this too. We have a high speed RICOH laser printer, I have printed on both sides 200 pages in 15 minutes or less. Now if I print a 5-page paper PDFelement Professional 6 on the RICOH, it can take 15 minutes or more! Yesterday I tried printing my credit card usage for 2018 (tax time)! It would only print the first page no matter what I tried. And yes I set the printer to PRINT ALL PAGES. Today I had to install Adobe Reader so I could print my files. I want PDF Editor to work so bad, I can't afford Adobe PDF full program. I have a HP new laptop, Windows 10.
  3. mbdick

    OCR on a UNICODE PDF document

    I think I worded my inquiry poorly. Of course I do not want an OCR for a language dead for 2000 years! My problem I guess is that I have problems getting PDFelement to recognize UNICODE. As my example shows ša i-na bala-e Iiri-ba damar.utu ṭūḫḫeṣi; when PDFelement encounters a line like that in an article and creates a PDF, it seems to garble this line, even though it should be easily recognizable as UNICODE (Adobe PDF did), additionally it should be able to recognize superscripts and subscripts. I don't expect it to know what the line says (OCR), but it should be able to reproduce it in a PDF. Is there a tweak that takes PDFelement beyond ASCII with accents?
  4. mbdick

    OCR on a UNICODE PDF document

    I occasionally have to OCR a scanned PDF document which is in Unicode but not in one of the OCR languages. It's in 2500-years-old Akkadian. ša i-na bala-e (17) Iiri-ba damar.utu ṭūḫḫeṣi (BTW the last word does not exist but I made it up to indicate the type of letters I use) How do I tweak PDFElement 6 professional to just slavishly render the text as Unicode so I can search it?
  5. mbdick

    Cropping a long document

    I scanned a book size document into three files. I'm at a university so I had a student scan it for me; since they frequently leave out footnotes or page numbers, I set the scan size for 11x17 so nothing gets omitted. I joined the the three files together (209 pages). Then I tried to crop the now unified document so I don't have the huge black spaces to the left and bottom (because of the 11x17 scan setting). I cropped it and then said to crop all. The result is puzzling: pages 1--168 and 180--end are perfect; however, there is a gap where pages 169--180 should be there are about 5 blank pages of which one is a long series of straight lines across the page. Yikes what went wrong? I had done this regularly in Adobe Professional ver. 7, which I had to abandon when I moved to a Windows 10 PC and couldn't afford Adobe's yearly rental fee.
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