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    No page numbers, and lost toolbar screen

    A major flaw emerged on day two of owning this product: scrolling through pages, no page number indicator. there is a temporary one on the bottom right, but it disappears, having to scroll up and down to find which page one is on. That is academic lost time en masse- with large documents, not all of which are academic, it is very difficult to quote actual pages. In other programs, such as ADOBE, the page # of the pdf is easily visible. Second major issue, the top blue toolbar on a mac wastes over 2 inches from Mac toolbar, PDfElements main toolbar and file name, well over 2". It is way too much. A minimalist toolbar is what is needed, this is not laptop-friendly. Note the comparison below: Preview has a narrower toolbar close to an INCH more viewing space.. Is there any fix for there? These quirks are enough as to prompt a refund request.
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