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    export to word only produce image

    Hello, It varies from file to file. However, I noticed that the result is correct if a pdf is exported to word BEFORE doing OCR. If OCR has been done already, the exported file will convert only a part of the text to real text or will produce a very poor layout. I attach some examples of the results but unfortunately, I get a "-200" error whenever I try to upload pdfs. non-OCR.docx OCRdone.docx
  2. Coleshvar

    cannot split window

    Thanks for the tip. Would be nice that the split (same file) function be included in the next version.
  3. Hello, I tried the solution given here http://support.wondershare.com/#/article?id=1689 But I still get only a word document containing images of the pdf but no real text. Thanks
  4. Coleshvar

    cannot split window

    Thanks for your response. However, what I'm looking for is a way to split the SAME file into two parts, in order to have for instance the contents on the top. This is a common feature in all pdf softwares. But PdfElement won't open the same file twice, so the button is never active.
  5. Coleshvar

    cannot split window

    Hello, The split window feature does not work with me. When I click on the button in the tool-bar, whether on "horizontal" or "vertical", nothing happens. Thank you
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