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  1. Brad T.

    Open old .pdf, Save with fonts embedded

    Pubit is complaining that my .PDF that I am uploading to them, does not have fonts embedded. Please refer to Daphne's response: http://pdfelement.io/index.php?/topic/991-embed-font/ How do we do this?
  2. Brad T.

    PDF Element: Gives You Power and Freedom

    What is the best practice to embed fonts?
  3. Since this forum is not searchable, can you summarize for me the current best practice to: Open an old .pdf file... Save with fonts embedded. I have a lot of books published on Barnes&Noble Pubit/Nook... all of a sudden, their automated system are "detecting" that .pdfs I created in TCPDF (https://tcpdf.org/) don't have fonts embedded! Of course the .pdfs are very readable, because I use basic Times fonts (plain, bold, italic). So I just want to Open, Save with fonts embedded. (I will review the code library for TCPDF for doing this at the source as well, but this will give me a full introduction to pdfelement.)
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