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    Hi, I have several questions: OCR - when I do a OCR recognition the result (I choose the option 1 where you can edit the text afterwards) looks very good. The text is sharper, more black than the original scan. BUT, most of the text in the pictures is corrupted afterwards. - when I do an OCR-recognition the result (I choose the option 2 where you cannot edit, just search through the text afterwards) looks like the original scan. Poor colour, poor text sharpness and colour. ==> How can I get a good looking result, like my first try with option 1, by using option 2. Because I do not like corrupted text inside the pictures? OCR - when I do an OCR recognition only on some pages of a bigger document, these pages are always displayed in a much bigger zoom level. And there is no way to get them to the same zoom level like the pages without OCR. Any ideas? EDITING - I expected (in a pro version) to have a tool to get rid from scanning artefacts. I did not find one. In Adobe Acrobat Pro there is a tool were I can cover artefacts by white coloured rectangles. Any ideas? Regards, Peter
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