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  1. I am having some issues when I transfer and edited pdf from my laptop to my iPad . I am using PdfElement Pro to create and editable document - I use these forms to perform inspections and there are a number of comments that are commonly used and the drop down menus are perfect for my purposes. In PdfElement Pro there is the feature under options in the dropdown properties under options that "allows user to enter custom text" this is a terrific option that suits my purposes perfectly. Unfortunately the ability to enter custom text apparently disappears when I transfer the files to my iPad - for me this is a significant issue. Am I doing something wrong?? Secondly the forms I am using consist of roughly a dozen pages. I am going through digitizing all of my forms into a fill in format. What I want to do is create a basic template for my forms and when I go onto a site I want to use a "save as" feature to create a document specific to a client while retaining my original file. In PdfElement Pro I can simply use the Save as feature to accomplish this, however, I cannot seem to find a "save as" feature in the iOS version leaving me to edit my "template" version. Again am I missing something? Thanks
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    Is it possible to wrap text in a dropdown box - I can't seem to find anyway to accomplish this - Thanks
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