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    Automate pdf filling with mailmerge

    Hi Guys ! I purchased pdfelement to automate part of my day to day work. I am a mac user. I am working as an ED physician and i have a ton of printed radiologic reports from patients i saw in the past weeks. I scan those reports and i am easily able extract data to a .csv file. The data i am extracting is pretty simple : Addresses, phone number, dates... My goal is to then mailmerge those data in a standardized pdf letter to the patient. I am having a lot of difficulty to import those data into a pdf form fields. I can "Import Data" in a form field but it must be a FDF file. I look a lot on the net and it seems that you need acrobat reader to create and manage FDF file... The only way i see is to scan the printed report, parse the data with PDFelement to .csv and then mail merge via template letter in microsoft word on mac. It's quite annoying because i would love to be able to use PDFelement to create my letter template. It would be SUPER useful if we could mailmerge directly in PDFelement.. it's a feature included in acrobat DC for quite a long time. It's there something i am missing ? Are you planning on adding this ? Thank you for your time Frederic
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